20 Best Instagram Pics Editing Apps in 2021

Best Instagram Pics Editing Apps

Instagram is undeniable, the leading social media platform of contemporary times where almost all Internet users post millions of photos each day. It is indeed, the prime outlet for sharing good and bad moments of your life with your social media family.

From celebrities to businesses to individuals, practically everyone is using Instagram, and putting up a great Instagram aesthetic and compelling content was never so significant! In the age of social media, when everyone is ‘online,’ creating compelling, eye-catching profiles can be useful especially if you are looking to make a living out of it, or if you simply want to explore your artistic side.

Now although there are pretty great filters offered by Instagram to make your posts catchy and attractive, sometimes they just do not turn out the way we like. And this is where apps for editing Instagram pics come to the rescue.

There are tremendously plenty of Instagram photo editing apps, but not all of them deliver fine results. How good a photo editing app is, depends on the range of filters, color variations, and other editing, design, and layout features and tools that it provides, to help you level up your Instagram posts and profile.

Out of the vast variety of apps available, we have compiled the best of the best apps for editing Instagram pics, which come with great features to add a dash of creative love to your Instagram posts.  

Here are the Best Apps for Editing Instagram Pics:

 A Color Story 

 Android or iOS 

This is one of the most sought after mobile apps for editing Instagram photos, which is created and designed by top photographers and influencers themselves! It offers over 400 filters, over 120 movable effects, batch editing, Instagram grid preview, touch tools for more precise editing, curves, and plenty of other free tools.

They also provide custom filters to achieve consistency across individual posts on your Instagram profile. This mobile app comes with an easy to use interface and you will be able to navigate around without much of a hassle.

With dreamy and aesthetically pleasing filters, the app is free to use, but with limited features. You can purchase premium plans to unlock advanced collections of filters and features.  

Adobe Photoshop Express 

Adobe Photoshop Express 

Android or iOS 

Tap into your creative and artistic side with this easy to use photo editor app from Adobe Inc. With this app, users can enhance, stylize, and share their photos conveniently.

It is a complete all in one digital photo studio that brings a spectrum of filters, effects, borders, texts, quick fixes, perspective corrections, applying blur, removing color noise and so much more, right at the convenience of a mobile app.

This app also facilitates making stunning photo collages. With an immense variety of customization and stylization features and tools, Adobe Photoshop Express is all set to deliver great, professional-quality photos that will instantly uplift your Instagram posts and pictures and give them an edge over the rest.  

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 

Android or iOS 

From simple photo editing tools to a professional camera, this is one of the most brilliant apps for editing Instagram pics. With Lightroom, users can apply easy presets, enhance colors, create stunning profiles, watch interactive photo editing tutorials, adjust perspective or even remove any unwanted object on the original photo.

The pro camera further contains inbuilt features such as exposure, timer, instant presets, raw and more to help your photography stand out. You can alter the hue and saturation of your Instagram photos with precision to bring them to life with the option of Local Hue Adjustments.

All in all, this app allows users to create photos with artistic finesse down to the minutest of details and share them on social media, with an added dash of perfection. 

Adobe Spark Post 

Android or iOS 

This is another masterpiece photo editing app from Adobe suite and is equally generous in terms of the features and tools it provides for enhancing and editing photos.

With this mobile app, you can combine your photos with Adobe’s inbuilt layouts and fonts, to create a professional-looking picture for uploading on Instagram. This app is so much more than simply being a photo editor app; it provides a complete digital studio for you to design and animate graphics for your photos, Instagram stories, and even videos.

From basic editing tools to exclusive professionally designed templates, filters, fonts, shapes, and icons, Adobe Spark Post is just what you need to take your Instagram to an all-new level of creativity.  


Android or iOS 

If you are someone who is passionate about perfection, then Afterlight is perhaps the best among the apps for editing Instagram pics. This very simple to use mobile app comes with high-quality filters, real film textures and precise editing tools to make you and your photos look brilliant.

Besides, it has plenty of other useful features such as Advanced Curves, Selective Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Overlays, Gradients, Grain and Glow adjusters, and many more. Users can also benefit from the Touch tools functionality to lighten, darken, blur, sharpen, saturate, or desaturate specific parts of a photo.

One of the unique qualities is that it features 120 + handpicked fonts and original designs created in-house. Using these, you can easily customize each layer of a photo with drop shadows, unlimited color options, masking, and non-destructive layer management.

The free version of the app has a great many styling and editing features. For complete access to premium features and future content, users can choose to opt for monthly or annual subscriptions.  



This app, which is available for use only on iPhone or iPad, is one of the best photo capturing and photo editing apps available. It comes with a powerful Photo Raw Editor including tools such as Curves and a White Balance picker.

The features also allow users to fine-tune the exposure, boost the shadows or sharpen their photos, besides dozens of built-in filters to give your Instagram photos that perfect look.

Its inbuilt sophisticated AI software conjures up the perfect colors and exposure for your pictures. Plus, depth capture, focus peaking, slow shutter, smile mode, Macro, zebra stripes, and other very handy features will help you take that perfect shot to go on your Instagram profile and instantly, attract followers your way.  


Android or iOS 

Although largely a graphic design and video app, Canva has some excellent photo editing tools such as a library of customizable templates. 

Whether you are posting a casual shot or trying to drive traffic to a website, you can use the Instagram Stories templates in Canva to create eye-catching designs using your brand’s characteristic colors and fonts.

The app is much more than a simple editing tool; with this, users can blog designs, logos, book covers, make photo collages, and create unique meme designs. You can use Canva to enhance regular Instagram posts with the ability to edit photos and easily overlay them with text, graphics, and other design elements.

With this app, you would be able to create eclectic and refreshing visual content that will truly resonate with your friends or followers on Instagram. For unlimited access to premium features, users can upgrade to paid Canva Pro subscription.  

Enlight Photofox 


Out of the many available apps for editing Instagram pics, Enlight Photofox is surely a most versatile one that users can look up to for editing Instagram pics. Unleash your creative side for Instagram with this app’s exciting features, combined with the latest technology, with which you can transform your photos into creative art. 

With the Enlight Photofox photo art maker, you will soon have a masterpiece out of your pics; whether you simply stick to Quick Arts or go beyond to perfect the details of photo editing with the advanced editor, Photofox comes jam-packed with a huge variety of elements – fonts, graphic elements, presets and more for you to infuse new artistic elements into images.

With cool effects, advanced editing, glitch art and beautiful double exposures, this app is sure to become your favorite once you start using it for editing Instagram pics.  


Android or iOS 

Just as its name suggests, this app is specifically designed to make your ‘face’ in selfies or portraits look good.

Specifically designed to edit and perfect facial aspects, this app comes with plenty of useful features oriented at making your face pop out in selfies or close-ups, such as refining your smile, create penetrating eyes, smooth out the skin surface, remove temporary imperfections like blemishes or darkened skin under the eyes, reshape facial structure, color over grey hair or fill bald patches, add vivid makeup and so much more.

Besides, it also offers basic editing tools, customizable filters, special effects and other photo enhancement tools. Indeed, this app with its professional photo editing tools, is sure to give you a complete digital makeover!  


Android or iOS 

Filmm is one of the favorite apps for editing Instagram pics, that comes with endless creative possibilities for users to produce incredible images and videos.

This app, primarily for editing videos, comes with some very cool flyers and effects, realistic and film-inspired frames, multiple clip editing with professional transitions, advanced adjustment tools, audio, and music control for videos besides basic editing tools. 

Filmm makes it simple to mix professional color grading filters with authentic film textures, light effects, and subtle distortions to give your Instagram photos and videos a classy, sophisticated appeal.

The specialty of this app is the on-trend vintage camcorder effects, which are truly a must for creating professional-quality videos. The app is free to download but to unlock more advanced features, users can join the monthly or annual subscriptions. Users can also purchase individual filter packs from within the app.  

Foodie: Camera for Life 

Android or iOS 

Are you a foodie who loves eating at a fancy restaurant and likes to share it with your social media family? If so, then this app is definitely for you. It comes with over 30 great, professional-quality live filters to capture your meals in the perfect possible way, such as Yum, BBQ, Tropical, Picnic, Crispy and many more.

The app also features a smart guide tool for taking top-down photos of food. Spice up bland scenes into delectable Instagram images, just like you spice up your food! But not just this, with Foodie, you can also capture cherishable selfies with diverse, warm filters and detailed edits. Its filters are ideally tailored to present the food you are eating at its best.

From bright colors for desserts to gritty tones for barbecue sessions, edit your images using Foodie and directly share on Instagram right from within the app. If you are a food blogger, then this is where you should immediately head to! 


Android or iOS 

Although primarily a scheduling app for Instagram posts, Later also boasts off some of the most amazing photo editing tools to make your Instagram channel look creative in no time. One of the important aspects of nailing your Instagram profiles is to make all your photos look good beside each other.

This is where this scheduling app comes in handy. The visual Instagram planner offered by Later, shows exactly how your Instagram feed would look like before actually posting the photos.

You can arrange the photos the way you like, preview the grid in totality before you post, and then simply schedule them for posting as per your liking. All you need to do is drag and drop the photos onto the Visual Instagram Planner and rearrange them until you find the perfect balance.  

Layout from Instagram 

Android or iOS 

Developed by Instagram for Instagram users, the app’s name says it all for itself. It is meant to provide a consistent aesthetic to your Instagram feed. It is a feature-rich and a super simple photo mixer that instantly “lays out” up to nine photos in various personalized combinations to form a collage.

Users can pick photos from their camera roll or capture them on the go, with the built-in photo booth. The functioning of the app is smooth and intuitive which gives you complete creative freedom; tap to create a mirror, flip or replace images, hold and drag to swap, and do absolutely whatever you want to create your unique Instagram aesthetic.

You can pair up your created designs with Instagram’s inbuilt filters and effects to accentuate your self-created styles. Also, the app allows you to save these designs to your camera roll. So, you do not have to worry about creating the exact same style over again for your next post. 

PicMonkey Photo Editor 

Android or iOS

Step up your social media game with stunning Instagram posts with this exclusive and a most favorite photo editing app. With this app, there is practically no end to how creative you can get.

Create stunning designs, edit your photos, add texts to the photos, touch up your selfies and portraits, make gorgeous collages, create banners, designs, stickers, custom ads, erase backgrounds and so much more with this incredible mobile app.

 PikMonkey features unique filters and effects such as ColorAmp, Tint, Ombre besides the usual classics like B&W, Soften, Vintage, InstaFilm, Light Leaks, etc.. Also, the app comes with a quick Presto automatic adjustment to fix blemishes, create dramatic contours, adjust complexions, brighten eyes and deliver results with absolute perfection.

The latest version of the app has stock photos from Unsplash available to use in your self-created designs. The app is free to use; however, it comes with in-app purchases and a Pro subscription with premium quality features.   



Android or iOS

Pixlr is among the best-rated photo editing apps of all time. Completely free to use, this app is primarily known for its collage maker and super cool effects.

Users can edit with over 2 million available combinations of absolutely free effects, overlays, and filters. For collages, they offer a plethora of preset styles, grid styles, customized ratios, backgrounds.

Use Auto Fix to instantly adjust color with a single touch, create an array of effects using double exposure, effortlessly remove blemishes and smoothen out the skin, amplify the tones, add surreal shades, add texts from a range of unique fonts and be as creative as you can be, with countless possibilities offered by this versatile photo editing app.  


Android or iOS 

Polarr is the ultimate photo editing app for everyone. From Instagram influencers and professional photographers to simply an avid Instagram user, Polarr is one of the favorite apps when it comes to editing photos in style.

This free to download mobile app comes with incredible, customizable filters, selective colors and overlays, batch editing options, global adjustments in light, color, toning, HSL and so much more. Polarr also allows users to create their own styles and then, you can share these styles with your connections conveniently via QR Codes.

If there’s an object on your photo that you do not want, Polarr allows you to replace them with custom designs or backdrops. Deep editing with pro tools, blend subtle or deep colors, apply natural skin tones, and explore endless aesthetics to design your Instagram feed like a pro! 



Priime offers powerful photo editing tools that are specifically built for professional photographers, who require high quality and fast performance editing for RAW and high-resolution photos.

With this mobile app, users get access to professional-grade photo filters, smart style recommendations, and other editing tools to fine-tune your pictures to detailed precision.

They continue to upgrade the app, equipping it with more colors than ever and blazing fast speeds. Also, Priime comes with a unique feature of live editing, which means that When you apply an edit to your live photos, Priime’s Live Photo editor can apply the same edit to the motion part of the live photo.

The app comes with a minimal subscription fee. If you are someone who requires the use of professional quality photos for social media, this is one of the best apps for editing Instagram pics that you can invest in.  


Android or iOS 

Developed by Google, this is one of the favorite apps for editing Instagram pics that influencers and professional photographers swear by. The app comes with countless features and tools to make your selfies, portraits or candid photos look amazing before you post them Instagram.

From basic editing tools such as crop, rotate, perspective, white balance to advanced editing options including tonal contrast, lens blur, double exposure, healing to remove unwanted objects, frames and some classy filters and effects, this photo editing app is all you need to create refined Instagram profiles with detailing of a professional.

With a simple and easy to use interface, Snapseed is popular for its high precision editing, custom filters and creative finesse that it gives to typically ordinary photos. To top it all, it is completely free to use! 

Square Sized 


Like its name suggests, this app helps users to post entire images or videos on Instagram by squaring them. With this app, you can add borders or backgrounds to your pics to make them Instagram ready.

Besides, it also offers numerous filters, fonts, and shapes to complement your pics. It comes with several creative combinations that you can add to your photos – select from their inbuilt range of patterns, backdrops or upload your own to go with your picture – the app has immense ground for artistry.

Further, you can also layer your images with overlays, typography, or shapes or even change color to give a consistent look to your Instagram feed. This mobile app, compatible with iOS, is free to use but comes with in-app purchases and paid premium features.  

VSCO: Photo and Video Editor 

VSCO: Photo and Video Editor 

Android or iOS 

One of the most versatile apps for editing Instagram pics, VSCO offers users numerous creative photo and video editing tools. The mobile app comes with a free photo editor, consisting of 10 free preset filters, editing tools like Contrast and Saturation, Crop and Skew.

Besides, it also provides the Grain and Fades feature, to add texture and mimic analog film effects. VSCO also offers basic video editing tools such as presets, white balance, HSL, etc..

One of the unique features of this photo editing app is VSCO Montage, using which you can tell a video story and make a moving collage by layering videos, images, and shapes. Celebrate moments, illustrate a mood, or experiment with photos and videos you already have with this amazing app for editing Instagram pics. To unlock advanced tools, users can join paid VSCO membership. 



Designing and editing Instagram photos was never easier, but thanks to these extremely versatile photo editing apps. Besides possessing some very sophisticated editing tools, these apps for editing Instagram pics come with features that are sure to make your Instagram look as if designed by a professional!

So, whether you are an emerging influencer or an individual who simply likes to be creative and perfect, then the above-listed apps are definitely for you. Wait for no further and spruce up your design game on Instagram, grow your followers, and keep posting amazing pictures! 

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