10 Best Real & Organic Instagram Growth Services in 2021

Best Instagram Growth Services

Do you ever find yourself wondering why some accounts are so popular while others not so much – even though they are essentially developing the same content? You probably do and there’s a chance you are facing a rather similar crisis.

Whether you are an influencer, businessman or musical group, Instagram is tough to make it big into. And what you may not be aware of is that most of these popular brands and influencers needed a boost from Instagram growth services.

There are so many organizations out there that promise to make you an Instagram celebrity by skyrocketing your follower count within days and go on to use twisted, illegal methods to accomplish such a feat. But don’t you worry, we have prepared just the list of Instagram growth providers you need to grow your profile the right way – into fame and success.

Here are the Best Instagram Growth Services:


With a cool, funny, and true to its original name, Kicksta does indeed kick-start your Instagram career. The system uses cutting edge technology to target relevant audiences for you and offers advice in order to increase engagement on your posts.

Only 5 years old, this powerful Instagram growth tool is widely used by over 10,000+ agencies and users and has been featured by Forbes, Huffpost, Social Media Today, Entrepreneur, and more. Kicksta promises quality over quantity and will only ever send genuine audiences your way. The automation helps you reach real users who have an active interest in your particular niche and influences them to follow you.

Kicksta understands that one may be skeptical about the entire process so they offer a 14 day money-back guarantee scheme. If you do not see any real growth and/or not satisfied with the result you may opt for cancellation and your money will be refunded to you.

Cost Plan: $49 for the standard plan and $99 for the premium plan – monthly.

Tree Frog

This organic Instagram growth provider is managed by social marketing geniuses. Whether you’re a musician, fashion blogger, influencer or comic artist, Tree Frog will help you grow into social media success and at a nominal price that too.

The sign-up takes less than 5 minutes. From then on you can trust TreeFrog to take full responsibility of your growth. From suggesting you the best target accounts, converting your fans into followers, and enhancing your social media presence, TreeFrog is there to take care of it all. They also have ties with high-profile organizations such as SonyMusic which they use to increase your exposure.

Cost Plan: A monthly plan of 29.99 only!


Frustrated with accounts filling up with bots and ghost follower, US-based owners gave birth to Ampfluence: a service which strived to provide its users the real deal – no spam, no gimmicks and no twisted methods to achieve them.

Rather than trying to force-feed your account to unsuspecting users, Ampfluence only targets an audience who’d genuinely love the content you’re putting out.

To ensure that happens, Ampfluence gets in touch with you and has in-depth conversations about your niche, future plans for your account, and your desired audience and works on the data provided. These discussions and insights go a long way into helping your account flourish.

Ampfluence uses various methods to keep your target audience in the loop. By leaving comments, following similar accounts, liking their photos, you can rest assured that users are bound to follow up on your profile.

Cost Plan:

  • Engagement– $129/monthly
  • Growth– $199/monthly
  • Growth x2– $299/monthly


Now this is an extensive list of Instagram growth services and they are all great but they do not exactly keep you as involved as SocialCaptain. This particular agency works with you rather than for you.

It helps you keep track of your followers, gives you an insight into the business, and provides instant organic results. And unlike most agencies, SocialCaptain does not demand payment upfront. You can settle in, watch their live demos, have a discussion with them, opt for a free trial, and then if impressed, proceed to pay for the subscription.

The agency ensures your growth is not just factual but also smart. Their system uses features such as powerful targeting, smart filter, language targeting, niche filtering, competitor tracking and more to derive the best results for your account. Not only does SocialCaptain offer a free trial but they have some of the best plans we have seen. Their annual plans are unequaled and will help you save some big bucks.

Cost Plan:

  • 7 days – $15/week
  • 30 days growth plan – $39/monthly or $349/annually
  • 30 days turbo plan– $99/monthly or $690/annually


Now Combin is a little different –instead of helping you gain followers, the agency helps you manage your existing followers while keep you abreast of your Instagram growth. Combin happens to be “The” social media manager you’re in search of.

The service helps you keep a track of every activity concerning your account. It notifies you of followers who have followed and unfollowed you, checks your audience quality, filters unnecessary comments, and prevents bots and more.

These small tasks can become quite a hassle if you have a big Instagram family. Combin helps you plan and schedule your posts beforehand which will be auto-published at the stipulated date and time.

This helps ensure that you never miss the best time for you to post and gain the most exposure. You may also automate your responses and comments. With the help of their services, you can keep a close watch on your growth, understand which posts garner the most attention, and understand your audience better.

Cost Plan:

  • Starter Plan- Free
  • Personal- $15/monthly
  • Business- $30/monthly


You sign up for a free trial, you answer a few questions regarding your account and wham! Upleap will assign you a new personal account manager who will be solely dedicated to grow your social presence and get you more impressions.

Right after you have signed in to your Upleap account you will be assigned an account manager who will be somewhat of a social media marketing guru. They will automatically take full responsibility for the organic growth of your account. From smart targeting to engagement boosting, your account manager will look after it all. Additionally, you will also have a support team for further help.

Upleap views Instagram stories and likes posts of not only your followers but your target audience as well in order to gain more exposure. You may opt for a free trial of up to 3 days to better understand how they work and how they could help in your social media growth.

Cost Plan:

  • Lite: $39/month or $349/annually
  • Standard: $69/monthly or $579/annually
  • Premium: $99/monthly or $709/annually


Some believe in taking things slow while others want quick results, if you fall into the latter category HypePlanner is just the Instagram growth provider for you. For those of you who want to build a global fanbase with minimal effort from your end and quickly too, this is the one for you.

HypePlanner has an entire team dedicated to your account. And no, they do not rely on and nor are restricted by any particular tool, the team puts in real work to expand your social media presence. They are constantly researching new methods that are Instagram compliant. Rest assure you will be in safe and expert hands.

Their team is also obsessed with making sure you get the best of your subscription. No matter the hour, you will receive an almost immediate response from their end. Also, they are continually keeping tabs with you over emails, texts, and phone calls.

Cost Plan:

A monthly plan of $149 with no hidden costs or contracts.

Firing Table

Firing Table helps you grow organically by taking full responsibility for your Instagram operations. But instead of keeping you in the dark about their process, they will share their tactics, ideas, and methods with you. No action from their end will be unsolicited and there’s no scope for surprises.

They work round the clock to boost your account and research your niche. Firing Table however takes it a notch further by providing content management package as well and that’s something we haven’t seen before and are mighty impressed by.

Cost Plan:

  • Personal: $29.95
  • Professional: $49.95
  • Business: $79.95
  • Content Management: $599/monthly


This agency has a more goal-oriented approach. Now that you are looking to expand your social media empire you would surely have a number of followers or likes you want to reach.

With ViralRace you can purchase the exact number of your dreams and they can vouch that your followers will be very real and quite active. ViralRace does not entertain bots or ghost followers. They have over 500,000 authentic Instagram users on their network and the agency employs their help to increase your follower count.

Growing your account organically is a great idea but if you want to see 10x growth and more engagements within a shorter span of time that will help you overtake your competitors, ViralRace is the way to go. And they are oh-so-fast with their deliveries that is almost a little unbelievable.

Cost Plan:

  • The purchase of 500 likes start from $7 dollars and escalates to $55 dollars for 10,000 likes.
  • 500 followers can be purchased for $7 and goes up to $100 dollars for 10,000 followers.


If you are looking for an Instagram service growth provider that will manage your account as well as ramp up your follower count – all legally – you need BigBangram in your life.

This particular agency uses automation that makes your journey to the top easy and hassle-free. With their auto follow bot you may follow all your target audiences at one go, you may also unfollow as many as 100 users at one go, auto like bot helps you keep in touch with your active followers at the same time attracting new ones. If you do this on your own it will take you hours but with BigBangram you won’t have to lift a finger.

BigBangram helps your account be in the loop by constantly sending prospective users with promotions, contests, and discounts. The agency also aids you in marketing your product via social media gurus.

Social Sensei

Social Sensei is arguably the biggest and most powerful Instagram growth provider as of today. There are many agencies that promise organic growth and they do of course deliver results but Social Sensei takes the game to a whole new level by collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry. Jake Paul, CardiB, Amanda Cerny – those are some of the biggest stars the agency works with and trust us when we say they bring staggering results.

Depending on which plan you choose, your follower count will soar drastically. The most expensive subscription promises 10,000 – 20,000 followers monthly. Now those are some numbers you cannot say no to. And no, they are not bots. Each follower you get is a real user who happens to find your account interesting.

The way Social Sensei attracts an audience is distinctive and very upscale. They collaborate with celebrities to hold promotional giveaways that direct bulks of new users to your profile. Social Sensei is only just looking to reduce your workload in the most efficient way possible. They do not ask for your password, read through your DMs or annoy your existing followers. Your Instagram handle is enough for them to work their magic.

Cost Plan:

  • Silver Plan – $299/monthly
  • Gold Plan – $499/ monthly
  • Platinum– $999/monthly


Krootez gives you a shortcut to success and fame. Followers, likes, views all are for your buying. Their assistance is just the thing you need to boost your Instagram profile quickly and naturally.

With Krootez you have to only pay for what you want. You get to call the shots. And whatever you want Krootez delivers, very fast that too. You don’t even need to make an account with this one. All you have to do is visit their website and choose and pay for your plan and you are good to go. Although highly unlikely if you are not satisfied with their service, they will give you a refund.

Cost Plan: Their cost plan is quite extensive and detailed, starting from $4 for 20 followers to $140 for 10,000. And $3 for 50 likes to $60 for 10,000 likes.


Crowdfire takes pride in being your trusty social manager and “super-smart marketing sidekick”. The key to more engagement is well, engaging content. Crowdfire researches your target audience, your competitors and your niche thoroughly to help you create the content that will lure in followers. The better you content is, the more your exposure – and nobody knows that better than Crowdfire.

Cost Plan:

  • Plus: $7.48/monthly
  • Premium: $37.48/monthly
  • VIP: $74.98/monthly


The internet is peppered with services that promise to give an instant lift to your social media presence. More often than not the ways to obtain such quick fame results in termination of your account – because they are never legal! Instazood does not have such preposterous claims. The service essentially is a bot but a legal once that can be used to further your media influence slowly and steadily. It only invites legit users who are genuinely interested in the content of your feed.

And even though all features are automated, you have control over everything not to mention 24/7 technical assistance. Instazood works as seamlessly on your mobile device as it does on your desktop browsers. The other facilities you may opt for are auto direct messaging, post scheduling, search tools, manual promotion, and comment tracker.

Cost Plan:

  • Direct messaging: $11.99/monthly
  • Post scheduling: $7.99/monthly
  • Search tools: $7.99/monthly
  • Manual promotion: $11.99/monthly
  • Comment tracker: $7.99/monthly


It’s no secret that everyone wants their account to shine through but anyone who really tries to make it big would know, it is no simple task. More often than not it takes a whole team to make it work, this is where Popmatic comes through.

They do in fact provide you with a whole team minus the exorbitant prices of course. This Instagram growth provider makes sure all their marketing strategies, methods and tools are in compliance with the Instagram terms and policies while simultaneously keeping up with their algorithm.

Popmatic goes to work on your target audience doing a marvelous work in capturing their attention and luring them to your account. The whole process is uber-simple, easy, and saves you a heck load of time. Oh and there’s a 7-day free trial as well.

Cost Plan:

$39 on a monthly basis if you decide to continue after your 7-day free trial.


One of the best Instagram growth providers in the game, Nitreo provides a plethora of features to increase your social footprint. From story views, follows, likes, research to hashtags, there’s little Nitreo does not help you with. And what’s better? They offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied by their services within the first two weeks of the subscription, but we doubt it will ever come to that.

Cost Plan:

  • Essential: $49/monthly
  • Speed: $79/monthly


Organic growth is all fun and good till it takes up considerable time in your daily routine. Whether you’re an influencer who advertises sponsored products, a brand selling goods or a make-up artist creating art, idealistically it should be your content that takes up most of your time. So it might become all too difficult to make it big in the world of Instagram. This is where Buzzoid comes in.

The agency has various packages of likes, followers and views you can purchase from them. You only need one of your posts to go viral to drive audience to your profile. Oh and Buzzoid only delivers authentic followers and likes, so before you know it your engagement will sky-rocket. Buzzoid also lets you customize your package – pay for exactly what you want!

Cost Plan:

  • $1.47 for 50 likes which escalates to $88.99 for 10,000 likes
  • $2.97 for 100 followers which escalates to $39.99 for 5,000 followers


Has it ever happened that sometimes you see too much of one account while you see almost no content on your Instagram homepage from someone whom you like and follow? I’m sure that has happened.

Why? That’s because Instagram’s algorithm works in strange ways and they are constantly altering their policies. So if you have a small account and less engagement, you will find it almost impossible to get out of the slump. But FanBump can help you out with ease here.

This Instagram growth provider agency has an excellent team of marketing savants who are devoted to increasing your account’s footprint. They have an all-round knowledge of Instagram’s policies and ever-changing algorithm so they know just how to increase your media presence.

In fact, they are so adept at their job that they promise an average of 1000 followers for your account monthly. Now that’s a deal you have to get behind.

Cost Plan:

  • FanBump’s services are available for $99/monthly.


Jarvee is probably going to be your new best friend. Not only will Jarvee support you every step of the way but it will literally do everything for you – the perfect manager cum best friend.

Wondering what it can do for you? The more precise question should be what can it not do? From follow-back, post-scheduling, auto-like, auto-follow, hashtag researches, unfollow sprees, user targeting to direct messaging, Jarvee has every feature imaginable and necessary to make you Instagram journey simpler. Can you imagine how much time you’ll be saving if you let Jarvee spring into action for you? Unsure of where to begin? Opt for their free trial.

Cost Plan:

  • Starter: $29.95/monthly
  • Regular: $49.95/monthly
  • Professional: $69.95/monthly


Instato is a choice you make if you have more than a few accounts to manage. Managing one account expertly is a tough job as it is and when you add a few more to the recipe, the whole ordeal becomes pretty much unmanageable.

Instato is the Instagram manager you knew you needed but didn’t chance upon before this. It is a bot that will do everything that any other Instagram growth provider will promise i.e. automatically like, follow, DM and post for you but the catch is Instato can do it with multiple accounts.

With your account so efficiently managed you can bet it’s only a time before you skyrocket to Instagram fame.

Cost Plan:

  • Personal: Manages 1 account for $29.95
  • Team: Manages 5 accounts for $49.95
  • Agency: Manages 15 accounts for $99.95


For those of you who are tired of waiting around for results, Skweezer is the way to go. Our current lifestyle has pretty everything to do with the online world – so it would be understandable if you want to make it big in a place where the world is.

But there’s no fun in having a thousand likes and followers if they are all bots right? Skweezer has numerous very real people working for them who will follow and increase your engagement once you subscribe to any of their packages. And trust us when we say the result is delivered with minutes.

Cost Plan:

  • Instagram followers: $4.99
  • Active followers: $17
  • Comments: $2.99
  • Likes: $15
  • Views: $1.19
  • Instagram verification: $179

Mr. Insta

This is a gold mine that is yet to be discovered by so many. All this while we have been talking about money but is there a way to gain followers and likes without paying some amount? What if we said it’s very much possible and its every bit free.

Mr. Insta makes it possible with their one of a kind package. You may upgrade to paid packages if you are happy with their services and want more followers and likes for you profile.

Cost Plan:

  • 25 followers: Free
  • 15 followers daily: $20
  • 30 followers daily: $40
  • 60 followers daily: $80

Social Buddy

Keeping harmony money with its brand name SocialBuddy is just that, your best social bud, at least as far as Instagram is concerned. Their team has some of the best minds in marketing who understand the popular app’s algorithms and policies like no other. This is why they can efficiently and effectively help in the organic growth of your follower and likes count without filling them with fake users and bots.

Social Buddy gives you real followers. Their service ensures you just get noticed by more people. They never hike up your follower count by a thousand or so in just a day. Such a sudden and exorbitant spike in your follower count only raises suspicions and could even enable Instagram to terminate your account.

SocialBuddy believes in a steady and organic growth of your account by arranging an inundation of 10-50 increase in your follower count on a daily basis. And if you break down the numbers you spend only $3.23 per day which is like only a couple cents for each new follower. And that’s a mighty good offer in our opinion.

Cost Plan:

  • Socialbuddy is available at $97 monthly.


Automation tool Gramista is easy, affordable and more than anything else useful as hell. It lays out its cards right at the beginning, the tool simply likes, comments and follows your target audience which invariably makes them follow you back. Interaction is the key and we bet you could do it too if you keep at it but really who has the time? Let Gramista take over for you.

Cost Plan:

  • 30 days: $39.99
  • 60 days: $64.99
  • 90 days: $89.99

Stellation Media

This automated tool has a very innovative and cutting-edge technology going for itself. Instead of simply messaging, following and liking your target audience’s post Stellation Media uses the story get you on the map. It views up to 40,000 stories daily and interacts with polls, quizzes, and questions to get your profile noticed. And trust us when we say that works wonders.

Cost Plan:

  • Light: $99
  • Standard: $149
  • Premium: $199


We know we have spoilt you’re for choice but we simply want you to come to sound judgment. If used skillfully Instagram can make you a sensation and very rich.

In a world where everyone is trying to climb their way to the top of the social ladder, these aforementioned 25 Instagram growth service providers will give you shortcut to the fame and success you deserve.

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