10 Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools in 2021 (Apps & Websites)

Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools

Social media has made practically everything go virtual. As individuals, startups and businesses are all going online, it becomes significant to create a space for yourself on social media and be recognized. In such a scenario, it is imperative for businesses to target the right audience and produce the right kind of content to keep them engaged throughout.

For doing so, building credibility and trust are the foremost prerequisites, because only then will the audience continue to take interest in what your brand or channel has to offer.

Usually, the popularity of a brand on social media is indicated by the numbers that it displays – Instagram followers, Facebook likes YouTube views, and so on. And if you are a startup, getting large numbers for your social media handles can be quite a daunting task, especially if you are depending on it for generating revenue.  

To the rescue come social media marketing tools that enable individuals and businesses to take their brand or craft to the next level. Instagram marketing is one such method of marketing that social media influencers swear by.

By posting great photos of what you do, you can gather a great following of people who share the same interests as you. However, in the vast ocean of pictures floating on Instagram, what will make you stand out, is the wonder called Instagram Hashtags!  

Hashtags on Instagram enable users to filter out relevant results that suit most appropriate to their search terms. For example, as a social media user, if someone is searching Instagram to browse the images of designer fashion, what will make your post rank prior in the great number of search results, are the matching hashtags.

Thankfully, there are several social media services that help you to tag your posts with the most searched and relevant hashtags to improve your post rankings when someone clicks on that particular hashtag. The following are some Instagram hashtag generator tools – websites and mobile apps that will help you to get organic recognition for your Instagram channel.  

Here are the Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools:

Influencer Marketing Hub 

This is one of the most sought and best hashtag generator tools for Instagram. It generates up to 20 relevant keywords whenever you upload an image. You can also see the popularity index of each of these keywords.

Out of these many keywords, users can pick up to 5, and based on the selection, it will further generate five hashtags most suitable to the keyword. This means that you get a total of 25 hashtag suggestions to go with your final post if you select five keywords.  

Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram hashtag generator tool is extremely easy to use and conveniently accessible through their website. They offer plenty of other social media services and tools to provide marketing for your channels. This includes live subscribers count, YouTube earnings calculator, and so on.  

All Hashtag

All Hashtag, right as its name suggests, is all about social media hashtags! With this hashtag generator website, you can create fast and easy hashtags that are most relevant for your posts. All Hashtag provides hashtag generator services for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The website enables you to rightly analyze the best hashtags to go with your social media content.

They provide mainly four Hashtag tools: 

 Hashtag Generator: 

  • This tool is for generating the most relevant hashtags for your posts. By entering your preferred keyword, they will display a list of 30 best relevant hashtags to go with your content.
  • Hashtag Creator:
    This tool saves you the hassle of typing hash (#) before every keyword that you want to write. Simply type in your preferred words and the Hashtag Creator tool from All Hashtag, will do the rest. Then, you can simply copy and paste these generated hashtags with your post. 
  • Hashtag Analytics:
    Hashtag analytics tool enables you to judge which hashtags are trending. By judging the rankings and popularity of the hashtags, users can generate some commercially viable information and accordingly plan their marketing strategy.
  • Top Hashtags:
    When you go to their website and browse the section named ‘Top Hashtags’, you will see a bunch of popular hashtags for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that are trending for the day or the week. In this way, you can select the best hashtags for your social media channels and eventually improve your reach.  

 This website also provides Random Hashtags and Live Hashtag generator options. Using this tool, you can see which hashtags others, with the same keywords as yours, are using for their posts.  


If you are someone who is venturing into the digital world, to make your living entirely by being online, Ritetag is your place to be at. With this website, users can get instant Hashtag suggestions for images and textual posts on various social media channels, based on real-time hashtag engagement. 

Ritetag is the constituent hashtag generator tool in the RiteKit social media package for influencers and digital marketing agencies. You can use RiteTag for any and every website or social media channels including Instagram and Pinterest.  

This hashtag generator tool is quite simple to use. You can add the RiteTag extension to Google Chrome. Now, whenever you visit a website and right click on any text or image, it will display the option of ‘Show Hashtag Suggestions’. It also color codes the generated hashtags that are then trending and most used. 

Ritetag is one of the most preferred hashtag generator tools, especially because of its feature called Tag Sets. Using this feature, users can see real time hashtag analytics and therefore, save time for doing research for the same. Although this tool is a paid one, you can opt for a free trial to check if it suits your requirement.  


This website is a complete Instagram marketing hub and has practically every tool you need to make your Instagram handle grow in reach. One of the services that Instavast provides is the Hashtag Generator tool for Instagram.

You can generate the most relevant hashtags based on your posts, photos or the entered keyword. They also have a section called ‘Banned Hashtags’ in which they allow users to see which hashtags are no longer supported by Instagram and which are temporarily unavailable.  

Besides they offer plenty of other services such as Post Scheduler, buying likes and views, Instagram Automation, Comments tracking, real time analytics and comparison reports and several others to boost your progress in the digital world. Plus, generating hashtags from this website is completely free and available for use for all.   


Photerloo is an Instagram Hashtag and Keyword Generator site for almost all social media platforms. They utilize specialized machine learning software to generate the most relevant and suitable hashtags or keywords based on your content.

With a simple user interface, this hashtag generator tool is very easy to use. Simply drag or upload an image in the box provided. Following this, you will be directed to choose from two options – Suggested Photo Keywords and Suggested Instagram Hashtags.  

Once you click on your preference, it will display up to 50 relevant keywords and up to 30 Instagram Hashtags for you to choose from. Also, you can sort these hashtags or keywords based on popularity and trending index. After this, simply copy your preferred hashtags or keywords onto the clipboard and paste them along with your post on any and every social media channel and that is it! 

HashMe App

This Hashtag Generator application is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It is available for iOS users and available only in Apple’s app store. Its features enable users to get more likes, generate hashtags and make the channel more trending and grow organically. Being very simple to use, this application allows you to enter any hashtag word that suits your content. Following this, they will display about 30 or more similar hashtags that are a close match to the entered keyword.  

If you want to upload a post instantly to Instagram, simply copy and paste the generated hashtags with your post, without any cost or login formalities. Although the app is completely free to use, you can buy a premium, monthly or annual subscription to avail additional premium features.  


Hashtagify is a Twitter and Instagram Hashtag generator website, that allows users to ‘find, analyze and amplify’ relevant hashtags and henceforth, improve search rankings.

With Hashtagify, you can organize social media marketing campaigns and manage hashtags for your channels on Instagram and Twitter. You can use it to search real time data and insights about any hashtag, including popularity ranking, related hashtags, trends, and more. This further enables you to engage with influencers and audiences who have the similar content as yours.  

If you navigate through their section named ‘Popular’, you can actually see the listed top 30 hashtags that are most popular in different languages, for today and the past week. Hashtagify gives you some of the best suggestions of hashtags to reach your target audience, amplify your social media presence and analyze which marketing campaigns are functioning best through analytic charts.  


Ingramer is one of the best hashtag generator tools that one can find online. It is available both as a website and as a mobile application. Just as its name suggests, it provides a variety of services for Instagram marketing, such as hashtag generator, hashtag trends, profile analyzer, stories viewer etc..

Ingramer is powered by an AI based searcher that automatically suggests most relevant hashtags for your social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). It is extremely user-friendly and you can generate numerous hashtags simply by uploading an image, entering a keyword or entering a URL.

It will display the best hashtags to use and eventually grow the engagement rate of your social media handle. You can enter up to 5 key phrases or words to speed up the search and make the traffic more target-oriented. Ingramer also allows you to optimize the results based on your location or language.  

This app and website periodically upgrades their database and generates real time results to display popular and trending hashtags. Their full-fledged hashtag analytics will level-up your digital strategy by showing which campaigns are bringing in more traffic than others. Indeed, you would not find a better hashtag generator tool than Ingramer. 


Sistrix is an all-in-one destination for all your social media marketing needs. Their free hashtag generator tool is worth using for all digital media savvies.

You can simply enter a hashtag that goes with your photo content and you will get the best hashtag results to go with your image. You can make up to 25 queries in a day or register to their website for more. Enter up to five key phrases or words and it will generate the best 30 hashtag suggestions to go with your post on Instagram.  

There is also a section on their website that displays the most popular hashtags for the day and by using them, you can organically improve your search rankings when someone searches for the same hashtag. You can also create a paid account for gaining access to premium features. And the good news is, you will not be charged at all for the first 14 days! 


This is another one among the hashtag generator tools for social media platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok. This site gives you instant hashtag suggestions by entering a keyword and organically growing your followers consequently.

It also allows users to enter the URL to their profile to generate an analytical report to track your Instagram profile and audience demographics. The Instagram Hashtag generator tool comes with many other beneficial features as well. These include live Instagram statistics, hashtag difficulty scoring and the option to curate, create and save sets.  

When it generates the best hashtags, you will find them grouped into categories like ‘popular’, ‘trending’, and ‘related’. This will give you a more nuanced understanding of which hashtags to use and when.

One of their unique features is that you can see the recently searched hashtags right below the search box on their website. Through this, you get to know the real-time picture of what people are searching for. Therefore, you get an edge over many others posting similar content.  


So, make the best use of these Instagram Hashtag generator tools to up your social media game and earn a fortune, simply by posting great content online. These hashtag generator tools will not only improve your search rankings but also help your channel gain popularity organically and with zero costs involved. There was never an easier way to become famous!

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