Instant Famous Review: Tool For Growing Social Media Presence(2021)

With the coming of social media, the face of businesses has never been the same. From marketing to advertising to sales to customer interaction, social media forms a significant part of any organization’s business model. Today’s generation is simply not interested in seeing the faceless, corporate version of any business.

Instead, they look for a more socialized interaction with the company and its brand. Due to the evolving popularity of social networks, millions of businesses around the world have taken to the digital media to promote their brand, engage with customers, sell products, and even earn digital revenue.

While only great content can guarantee a substantial presence on social media, it may often be the case that your brand might get lost amidst the massive competition that exists on social media already – especially if yours is a startup, or you are an emerging influencer.

Popular social media marketing services like Instant Famous can become your helping hand for increasing your presence on the virtual media.  

About Instant Famous 


Instant Famous is a specialist provider of social media marketing services and one of the most sought after names in the industry. It offers a comprehensive range of social media growth services for every budget and for every social network.

From Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and TikTok and to LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok – you name the social media platform and Instant Famous has a tremendous range of marketing services to offer for your business. With unmatched quality, marketing services from Instant Famous are totally worth the money.

They have exclusive, social media marketing strategies to help your business reach the target audience who will genuinely be interested in the products or services that you offer; thereby, leading your brand to organically rise on the social web.  


If you are looking for gaining real exposure for your brand and developing organic visibility or if you are simply looking to increase your social influence online, then Instant Famous is a promising go-to destination.

This social media marketing service is customer-centric and therefore, plenty of features of Instant Famous are also designed to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. 

  • Biggest Audience Opportunities 

Instant Famous guarantees to take your brand across to the largest audience possible and the ones who would genuinely be interested in your content at that. Several billions of people are using social media today and Instant Famous simply ensures to take your content to the ones who would potentially be fascinated in what your social media account offers.  

  • Recommendations 

Once your social media channel has built an initial following, it is more likely to get recommendations from users. This is how Instant Famous develops the initial chain of followers and audience for your brand, which then keeps expanding exponentially on its own. When social media users see that other (and real) people have had a positive experience with your brand, they are more likely to follow you and even buy your products.  

  • Competitive Markets 

As stated above, millions of businesses across the globe are using social media today and there can be no better testimony to why you should promote your brand here. Instant Famous understands the importance of social media as a potential marketplace. Therefore, its services are aimed to give you a competitive spot in that popularity contest.  

  • Available Across All Platforms 

One of the reasons why Instant Famous enjoys the popularity that it does, is because of the versatile range of services offered by it. They have services for every network – be it Facebook Page Likes or Instagram Followers, Twitter Retweets or YouTube subscribers, Instant Famous offers it all. Besides, there are also services for social platforms such as Vine, Pinterest and Periscope, which businesses can avail at highly affordable prices. The marketing solutions offered over here are as comprehensive and versatile as they can be.  

Services Offered:

Instant Famous has a wide variety of packages of social media marketing on offer, that you can choose from. While curating these packages, they keep in mind the requirements of budget, so their services are broadly tailored for every kind of business – individual to startup to an established business.

Quick, efficient, and qualitative, services offered by this social media agency are singularly aimed to level up your social media influence at affordable prices.

The following are the major services offered by Instant Famous: 

Facebook Marketing 

Facebook Marketing 

Instant Famous is a complete marketing solution for Facebook for here, there is not one service for Facebook that you would not find. Starting Facebook likes, followers, reactions, comments, video views, post or photo likes to reviews and ratings for your business page and to a complete packaged deal, Instant Famous offers it all.

The Facebook package deal starts from $35.48. Ensuring complete customer satisfaction, Facebook marketing from Instant Famous is literally all you need to boost your online presence.  

Instagram Marketing 

From Instant Famous, customers can purchase Instagram followers, likes, comments, power likes, video views, IGTV likes, etc.. at minimal costs. It is one of the very few social media marketing agencies that offer viral video packages, Automatic likes subscriptions, and even targeted followers from worldwide locations for your Instagram channel.

More number of profile visitors means more expanded reach and better audience engagement, which is like the best medication for increasing your presence on this prominent social media giant.  

YouTube Marketing

Whether you are a fashion blogger posting DIY outfit ideas or a tech YouTuber who posts the latest gadget reviews, YouTube is surfed by all. Therefore, promoting your business on YouTube can give you a major competitive edge over similar businesses.

YouTube marketing services from Instant Famous consists of packages for buying YouTube subscribers, likes, views, favorites, shares, comments, and even viral methods. This marketing provider recently rolled out a new all-packaged deal including a powerful combo of services, starting only at $11.83 – which sounds like a deal to strike.  

Spotify and SoundCloud Marketing

Spotify Marketing 

Several celebrities have been born out of curating and sharing music on SoundCloud and Spotify, and there is no better reason why music artists and professionals should take to these global music communities to grow their personal brands or music channels.

From Instant Famous, users can buy plays, followers, monthly listeners, reposts, likes, downloads and so much more for Spotify and SoundCloud. Also, they have exclusive packages including a combination of these services and which are tailored for a wide variety of budgets.  

Pinterest Marketing 

Pinterest Marketing 

Pinterest is one of the most influential social platforms that have generated proven results in the form of converting leads, driving traffic to the website, and increasing brand awareness and popular reach.

Instant Famous offers Pinterest marketing solutions such as buying Pinterest followers and repins for better post engagement. With this marketing site, be sure to get quick and guaranteed results at extremely user-friendly costs beginning from only $11.  

LinkedIn Marketing 

LinkedIn marketing services from Instant Famous have a number of packages on offer for buying LinkedIn Profile followers. Meaningful LinkedIn connections are often the key for professional success and finding relevant opportunities and Instant Famous caters to this requirement.

Here, you can buy anything from 100 to 5000 LinkedIn followers starting at only $11. Indeed, buying LinkedIn marketing packages from Instant famous is going to prove a long term investment for your brand.  

Website Traffic 

Instant Famous is one of the very few marketing services providers that helps customers with buying AdSense safe website traffic for their personal blog, or website. Investing to increase website visitors is a great way to improve sales if your website supports e-commerce or if you generate revenue from ads.

Not only does Instant Famous direct high quality, organic traffic to your website, but also they provide you with the complete money-back guarantee, should they fail to deliver the promised results. This traffic can be tracked through Google Analytics.  

Other Services 

Services offered by Instant Famous simply seem not to end – it is literally a complete marketing hub. Besides the services mentioned above, Instant Famous also offers marketing solutions for lesser-used social platforms such as Twitch, Periscope, Vimeo and even TikTok.

You can buy followers for TikTok, views for Vimeo and likes for Periscope and so much more at Instant Famous – and all this at prices that you would not be able to resist.   


When it comes to social media, there is only one thing that matters – and that is great content. Because, only when you offer social media users with something unique that gets them curious or excited, will they become your regular audience or followers. But even when your content is extraordinary, what if the audience does not even know that you exist in the vast ocean that social media is?

Social media marketing services, like those offered by Instant Famous, ensure just this – to get your brand to thousands of social media users. Once you have a considerable following to demonstrate on your social accounts, it will naturally keep attracting more and more followers and those that take interest in your brand, its products or services, or simply its content.

So, what are you waiting for? Embark upon the path to fame and recognition with unbeatable marketing offered by Instant Famous. 

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