Instazood Review: Platform For Buying Automation Tools

Instazood Review

These days, there are loads of Instagram bots promising quick growth of followers and sky-high interaction numbers. While all of these methods pledge commercial performance for Instagram immediately, Instazood is adopting a more conservative approach. By utilizing bots and false accounts, Instazood aims to offer stable organic development and actual performance. 

If you’re interested in knowing whether Instazood is a secure and successful resource to expand your Instagram fans, keep reading! We’ll go through the main features of Instazood, as well as some of the pros and cons that come with using this device. Lastly, we will send you our final thoughts on whether or not you can use Instazood to expand your Instagram.

What is Instazood

Instazood is your standard web-based Instagram bot-its functionality included automated like, posting, and following, with an added function of automatically direct messaging people who have expressed interest in your profile, making it quite simple to attract new followers. The program is run by evaluating the hashtags you have selected to make it easy for them to focus on the target audience.

One downside of Instazood bringing it well ahead of other rivals is that it has a good network of assistance. It helps you to get professional assistance from their department within a couple of hours of every question.

They do have a web-based support center that helps you to check yourself for any unanswered questions if the matter is urgent. Their key asset is to provide a robust electronic development network which is mainly operated by a third party.

Key features of Instazood:

Instazood - Services

Instazood provides a variety of fascinating apps that aim to make things simpler and quicker to handle and expand your account.

Here are some of the main features of the Instazood:

  • 100% automated: 

    Instazood enables your Instagram page to be completely automated. This Instagram bot will like stories, leave feedback, and follow up on your behalf on other profiles. Instagram stories can also be shared by people who use hashtags and geolocations specific to your page.
    Instazood also lets you uninstall users who are unfollowing. You will optimize your experiences with 100 percent automation, and increasing the number of views your Instagram profile gets.

  • Auto messaging: 

    Auto-direct communication service from Instazood enables you to deliver messages to supporters as well as to non-followers. Using this app, you can submit messages of welcome to your new followers to give them a little more details about your brand, or guide them to your website.
    Using this tool, you can attach pictures to your messages too. Auto-direct message features of Instazood enables you to send up to 120 messages a day.

  • Scheduling the posts:

    Post planning and maintenance is another main function that Instazood provides. This app helps you to upload photos, add captions, and schedule different times for your posts to go live.
    Instazood will upload to your Instagram page directly, meaning you don’t have to think about keeping up with the updates. This is a perfect option for busy company owners and advertisers who do not have the opportunity to write every single day.
    The post scheduling function of Instazood helps you to arrange an infinite amount of posts and you can prepare your calendar on social media ahead for weeks.
  • Managing comments:

    Instazood ‘s comment manager allows you to register your feedback and have them in one easy spot. This function helps you to mark relevant feedback so you won’t fail to respond to them later. This method even lets you remove and address comments, and mark them as read. 
  • Location targeting: 

    You may opt to only communicate with accounts close to you, or in different cities and countries with the location targeting feature. This functionality is perfect for brick and mortar companies wanting to connect with visitors who may access their place physically. 

  • Hashtag targeting: 

    Instazood utilizes tailored hashtags to recognize users most likely to associate and connect with your profile. This interface helps you to interact with people who are already involved in your niche. Those are the safest users in which to connect, as they would be most inclined to communicate in your profile. 

  • Guaranteed customer support: 

    Users of Instazood benefit from connections to customer service and assist with technological issues. While their customer service department is not accessible 24/7 when you call them they get back to you within 24 hours.

Sleek UI

Instazood has a streamlined dashboard that helps you to keep track of one location of your experiences and analytics. Up to 100 Instagram profiles will be linked to the Dashboard.

What is the Cost of Instazood?

The numerous advertisement methods give varying costs. The bot costs $9.99 a month, and automatically allows jobs. It’s possible to locate and track pages, or like their messages. This would unfollow users, and consumers do not do that themselves. It will report on pictures and leave comments so more people can connect. This maintains track of this operation and is viewable at any time.

The feedback tracker costs $9.99 a month and all comments are marked. The labels indicate whether the messages are relevant, or if they have already been read. This tool will automatically uninstall them, or react to them.

It’s simple because you can see all that it does in one location. The manager of the dashboard works like the message server. This can erase pictures or add them to a client’s website. It costs $9.99 a month, so there’s no cap to how many updates the calendar will carry. Save them later, or print them forthwith.

Services Price
Automatic Followers $9.99 per month
Automatic Likes $9.99 per month
Automatic Comments $9.99 per month
Automatic Unfollowing $9.99 per month
Automatic Messages $14.99 per month
100 Likes $1 per day
100 Video Views $0.5 per day

Instazood has a messaging feature that is free. It charges $14.99 a month and delivers updates to customers that want to participate. It sends them hello and welcomes them to the website.

Since the company would check it, consumers don’t have to worry about what others try. There’s the possibility of inserting photos to the messages and submitting up to 120 a day. Individuals, including those who don’t obey their page, can contact anybody.

Another alternative is to purchase likes and views. Customers should seek them instantly or save them later. The same refers to the viewings of images. 100 Views cost 50 cents. These are real-life experiences, which can be included or stored for later.


Instazood can help with an Instagram post having more coverage. It doesn’t work on other social networking platforms but makes plenty of Instagram administration. It’s perfect for multiple-account users too.

Businesses will do that to communicate with their customers to appreciate their desires deeper. The boss regularly monitors views, feedback, and followers. It’s as though you had a specific social networking unit. This may help individuals even by handling relationships with others.

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