KingdomLikes Review – How it Help To Increase Social Presence?

KingdomLikes review 

We are currently going head forth into an age where all interactions would be done on the internet. What a glorious place the internet is as not only does it provide essential information about practically everything in the world but it is also a place for various forms of social interactions.

Social media websites are now a hub for upcoming businesses. Words like likes, followers, subscribers are synonymous with credibility, popularity, and quality.

The society’s paradigm of an ideal market is the one with a higher number of customers and good feedbacks. On the internet, that is deduced by the high engagement rate, whether the page exceeds a certain number of followers, number of likes, etc.

Although new businesses initially face difficulty in attracting an audience to their page with the right social exchange application, even that issue can be easily solved.

KingdomLikes is based in North America and is one of the most popular social exchange sites. A social exchange site naturally works on a points and Cost Per Click basis i.e. if you set it to 20 points, each like you get will cost you 20 points but furthermore, give 20 points to another user of KingdomLikes.

Hence the higher CPC you set the faster likes you will get. You can buy points on the website, collect daily bonuses, or get free points. The platform also provides a number of social media handles to choose from like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Ask. Fm etc.

The interface may seem a little complicated for a newbie but it is one of the fastest and the most reliable ways to aggravate your social media presence.

Features of KingdomLikes 

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient social exchange website? We have an answer for you. After only 2 years in the market, KingdomLikes offers some remarkable features that undermine all the competitors in the market. Check out the list with its various features.

  • Low prices

Upcoming businesses that don’t have the initial budget to spend on social media marketing can easily engage in KingdomLikes and experience the same at extraordinarily low prices.

The platform does not sell likes or followers; you have to rather buy points. These points can also be collected through the daily bonuses i.e. receive 200 bonus points for free every day after doing a total of 100 clicks (liking others pictures, following pages etc.).

In addition, you can simply increase points by engaging in the previously mentioned clicks.

  • Genuine audience 

The whole system is based on true social media action and the entire purpose of this website is to provide a genuine audience to its members.

There are over 10,000 active KingdomLikes users that will become your audience and give you the required likes, follows retweets, subscriptions etc. Hence, this will naturally increase your engagement rate on social media profile and you wouldn’t have to worry about bots.

  • Customer support

A lousy customer care team is the biggest turn off however the team at KingdomLikes recognises people’s needs and henceforth provide 24/7 customer support.

There are numerous channels through which users can contact them. There’s a query form on the page, an email address, a blog and an extensive FAQ page.

In addition, there is an unorthodox but efficient way to contact them and that is through their official account. This option attracts a rather large number of clients as they share news, answer questions, and read and respond to said suggestions.

  • Supports multiple platforms

In the past 2 years, KingdomLikes has developed itself to provide a large range of promotional services for multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Henceforth, it allows you to promote your videos or pictures from all these accounts on their website and improve your social media presence.

Service provided 

KingdomLikes supports several platforms hence it provides several lists worth of services. We have narrowed it down, so check it out.

  • Buying points for followers or subscribers 

Users on websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter revolve around society’s paradigm of an ideal market. Therefore, from a psychological point of view, the user is highly likely to be more attracted to websites with a higher number of followers or subscribers because they would deem to be a more reliable option.

  • Buying points for likes

These websites pry on the minds of the user. A profile’s popularity and quality can be easily measured and derived through the number of likes.

Therefore, a higher number of likes would indicate that the respective post is appreciated by a larger audience and it would become somewhat a social obligation to like the content.

  • Buying points for views 

This service is solely for the use of YouTube creators. Again, a higher number of likes not only show that the video is liked and appreciated by a larger audience but also increases the ranking of the video.

In addition, the analytics on YouTube would show higher engagement rates. Furthermore, the creator would in turn earn more money because of the higher number of likes.

  • Buying points for a share

This service is only viable to Facebook pages. This service allows you to share your posts on Facebook through a chain of networks. Not only will multiple people share your post on Facebook but the chain would move further and show your post to the followers of those people. This would build an audience for you.

  • Buying points for retweets

This service can only be used for twitter accounts. Again, the chain reaction of retweeting would work on your tweet and further increase your audience by exposing them to your content. This is again an efficient way to build your audience naturally.

  • Buying points for repins 

This service is applicable to Pinterest accounts only. A repin is basically when another person saves your content on their board. The number of repins a pin has given an adequate gauge to its popularity. Although, repins can also come from outside of Pinterest but that is highly unlikely.

Pricing of services 

KingdomLikes is unlike other services available in the market as it doesn’t sell likes or followers or views but rather sells points. Following is a detailed list of pricing of various packages provided by the website.

  • Basic package 

You have to pay $10 for 1500/30 days points that will offer them services like receiving followers, subscribers, shares, views, retweets and likes for a Cost Per Click of 5-10.

  • Premium package

You have to pay $50 for 12.000/30 days points that will offer them services like receiving followers, subscribers, shares, views, retweets and likes for a Cost Per Click of 4-15.

  • Unlimited package

You have to pay $200 for 70.000/30 days points that will offer them services like receiving followers, subscribers, shares, views, retweets & likes    or a Cost Per Click of 4-15.

Is KingdomLikes Safe or a Scam?

Several customer reviews indicate that the website isn’t the best option for your promotional needs. As it is a social exchange website, it lacks general suave and sophistication.

Not only have people received dislikes on their posts but also the website lacks a strong refund policy. Although, on the bright side the website has a strong and effective privacy policy as they confirm your email address at the time of login and also don’t require any sensitive information about you.

In conclusion, it is safe to use for a new business but for a larger business, there are several alternatives available in the market that are better suited.

KingdomLikes doesn’t have many years of experience but in a short span, it has built an empire of its own. The website is unique and provides true traffic on different platforms.

Apart from a few glitches and bad reviews, it is a rather innovative and efficient website. We hope you found this review insightful and we are waiting to hear your suggestions and queries regarding it.

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