Klaviyo Review: Tool For SMS & Email Marketing in 2021

When you are involved only in sending bulk emails, the issue of selecting the best email marketing platform is straightforward. There are too many vendors for email marketing: you may really also select one depending on your preferred color. The bottom line is simple.

But while you’re a good marketer, you’re not just involved in sending out a ton of newsletters. For you, the real thing is a fantastic ROI and profits. Choosing a suitable strategy for sophisticated marketing strategies focused on action may be a particular challenge in that regard. This Klaviyo analysis would describe all the benefits and drawbacks of Klaviyo, and whether it is useful or not for the automation of eCommerce marketing.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an email-focused and eCommerce developed marketing automation tool. The free account contains 250 friends, and 500 emails released, including the newsletter. You can also get email builder software for A / B checking, segmentation, and flexible drag & drop. When you have 251 contacts you need to start paying $20 a month. The price is in proportion to the subscribers’ capacity.

Klaviyo Pros

Here we should be frank because we value our rivals. Klaviyo is a cutting-edge marketing automation platform with several valuable features:

  • Klaviyo lets you split your list based on numerous criteria, such as their website activity, venue, open rates.
  • Custom markets are aligned with Facebook. Connecting the two sites helps you to access your Facebook contacts.
  • The automation of the ads is complex. You may create flows or guidelines for each user scenario by using various requirements and behavior.
  • Fast Visual Constructors. You don’t need programming expertise to build the workflows for automation, email models or to add signup forms on the website.

The broad integration with Shopify. Klaviyo uses the Shopify store details and sends out discarded cart emails to the customers automatically. It also produces tailored product reviews and provides interaction strategies post-purchase.

Our opinion is that Klaviyo is a cutting-edge platform for automation in eCommerce marketing. They have close sales-boosting functionality to Omnisend’s.

Klaviyo Cons

  • Pricing-Pricing may be a little costly but the quality it provides is worth it.
  • Partner help-I filled out a questionnaire once, received an update and kept their team mute.
  • Any of the indicators that you need to know how to connect to the site to use (opens percentage changes, CTRs, etc.).


  • Maximize Revenue

For our eCommerce customers, our digital marketing team leverages Klaviyo to help them optimize their own channel sales by personalized, personalized, and automatic email marketing flows via the Klaviyo app. Klaviyo provides a comprehensive range of automation resources, including abandoned carts, search dropouts, and welcome sequence automation, which eCommerce marketers need.

  • Enterprise-level Software

Klaviyo is perfect for smaller to medium-sized eCommerce shops to provides flexibility and usability similar to business-level applications with prices comparable to entry-level rivals such as Mailchimp and AWeber. It is pricier, indeed, but the improvements are paying for themselves. Own email marketing for our agency is achieved by Klaviyo and it is our most frequently-recommended app.

  • Visual Flow Building

This helps us to simplify pieces of business for our consumer. For eg, build a chart of a sequence of emails that immediately follow up with people in our customer’s store leaving carts, showing how many emails, where they go out, who sees them, and breaking test emails in this format against one another.

  • Business Management

Klaviyo is an email marketing system focused in the cloud for e-commerce companies. We use it to handle leads / future buyers, incorporate automation of email marketing (sequences, patterns, and automatic responses) on consumer pages, and transmit email marketing (individual email campaigns) to potential and existing clients. Our digital marketing specialists use this program to build integration of digital (automating parts of the company of our clients) and promotions (individual emails)

  • Measurement

Klaviyo makes it easier for consumers to see ads that generate higher click-through, accessible pace, conversion dollars and more. You can also see with a monitor where people open the emails around the globe, or see the users have opened individual emails. Viewing consumer experiences through the whole method is so beneficial. You will see user accounts, and how much they have accessed a forum, opened an email, made a transaction, how much it was worth purchasing, etc.

  • Integration

Inside the framework, there are built-in templates and flows. Even a beginner may be able to incorporate something simple and see success in its company. (Better, more customized). The platform is very user-friendly with several places of business but perfect for Shopify. It also plays well with other applications.


For eCommerce pages, Klaviyo is perfect and suitable for Shopify. Klaviyo interacts with other channels, such as BigCommerce. It is better used by organizations that already have a task, vision, client base, a well-designed platform, pay by traffic (via FB / Google or any other source), and are able to incorporate best practice designs for their emails and flow.

They could see sales rise of 30-50 percent for these shops. For beginners, it’s a little pricey but it can be used for beginners because it’s too easy to use. If you understand where the email works with your company, you’ll see greater productivity and effectiveness. Not a perfect CRM for other sectors, such as coaching.

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