10 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools to Use in 2021

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

Social networking giant LinkedIn has been the chosen site for professional endeavors since its release into the world way back in 2013. Currently, it is home to over 660 million professional workers. What makes LinkedIn more lucrative than other job portals is that it has potential for job seekers, employers, and even business owners.

LinkedIn is the perfect place to go to if you want to scale your brand name and build an online presence for yourself. And while the exposure can take your business to new heights it comes at a price and a lot of time and effort. To climb up the ladder and grow your business, you’d need the assistance of LinkedIn automation tools.

Fortunately for you, we have curated and hand-picked the top 10 best LinkedIn automation tools that can prove to be very useful for your business.

Top 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools to Grow your Business:

1. Crystal

crystle - linkedin automation tool

Crystal is one of the most widely used automation tools in today’s time, it is one-of-a-kind and helps you in numerous ways to scale your business. It’s no wonder why it has made a place for itself in the best LinkedIn automation tools list. What makes Crystal so unique is that it can accurately identify and predict anyone’s personality on the LinkedIn forum.

When you know how your target consumers think, behave and participate when on their profile, it becomes all too easy for you to communicate accordingly. If you ask us, we’d say Crystal has managed to do something revolutionary here.

Don’t we all want to know our consumers a little better so we can make the necessary adjustments in our pitches? With the help of Crystals state of the art marketing feature, you can predict behavourial patterns, assess texts, analyze responses and even judge how best to interact with your audience. It simply couldn’t bet than this.

Cost: Users must $49 to avail of Crystal’s services. However, Crystal is also available for free but you only get to analyze 10 clients in a month.

2. SocialPilot

Social Pilot - linkedin automation tool

SocialPilot acts more like a personal social manager to your LinkedIn than an automation tool. The popular media company effectively manages your social engagement and takes your LinkedIn business brand name to new heights. From automating and scheduling posts to create engaging content, assessing post-performance to driving potential clients to your account, SocialPilot can do it all. A collaboration with this specific automation tool is sure to spell success for your business.

With SocialPilot you can also get a regular assessment of your company’s LinkedIn profile. The tool notifies you on your overall growth and helps you keep in touch with your goals and benchmarks. Other than tracking your performance you may also use SocialPilot’s LinkedIn publishing features to create more engaging posts in a jiffy.

Add relevant videos, gifs, and infographics to your post and create carousel copies to attract prospective clients. Additionally, you may also schedule posts so that you never miss out on advertising your brands in peak hours. Their “social inbox” feature also helps you keep yourself updated on all talks of your business and join in on these conversations. In all honesty, there is much more to SocialPilot than they let on, the possibilities are endless with this one.

Cost: As many as 3 users can share Social Pilot’s services for only $30.

3. MeetAlfred

meetalfred - linkedin automation tool

Previously called Leonard, MeetAlfred is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools out there that explicitly focuses on social selling. The art of social selling is a tough one and it takes a team to do it efficiently. Sending the right message to the right user at the right time is no child’s play after all. But MeetAlfred makes it seem all too simple. Their automated, personalized methods of communication help market your LinkedIn profile the right way.

The automation tool can also be used to request several relevant connections at one go, send bulk messages and notifications. Additionally, using MeetAlfred’s automation features you can also get insights on your campaign’s performance and choose to optimize it according to your needs and preferences. You also get a detailed report on the activities of your lead which helps you make important business decisions related to them.

Cost: MeetAlfred is a little expensive since only one account can avail their services for $40 a month.

4. Dux-Soup

dux-soup - linkedin automation tool

A more recent addition in the list of best LinkedIn automation tools Dux-Soup has created quite a buzz in the social marketing industry with its easy to use features and systematic results. This lead generating automation tool helps you find potential leads, advises you on ways to nurture them and then successfully convert them into clients.

There are too many automation tools out there that sound extremely robot-like immediately putting off clients. But with Dux-Soup you can send personalized messages in bulk and even attach images and videos to them to add a human touch to the whole experience.

Dux-Soup is simple to use even if you are just getting into the whole LinkedIn automation zone so we would recommend it as the perfect tool to start out with. Team Dux-Soup is also extremely eager to help you whenever need be. They are only one message away.

Cost: One may avail Dux-Soup amazing functionalities for $55 a month.

5. Zopto

zopto - linkedin automation tool

One of the premium tools in this list of top LinkedIn automation tools, Zopto is the way to go if you’re new into the world of LinkedIn and want to jumpstart your social media presence and lure leads into your sales funnels. The cloud-based software, Zopto is all about simple interface, increased efficiency and intelligent automation.

However, it is important to mention that to create an account on Zopto you would need a premium LinkedIn or Sales Navigator account. The sign-up process at Zopto takes all but 5 minutes within which you will be set with an exclusive dashboard that will help you keep track with lead generation and also provide insights on your advertisement campaigns.

Additionally, Zopto can also help you gain in on leads and capture markets outside your arena. Zopto also gives you full authority and flexibility to run your own campaign. With Zopto’s amazing features you can target clients based on locations, industries, titles, technological prowess and so on. You may also tweak the engagement settings according to your preference.

Cost: Zopto is more appropriate for big businesses so the plans and packages are on the heftier side. Two LinkedIn accounts can be run by Zopto for the price of $395.

Final Thoughts:

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is a great place to market your brand. That’s where the business world is and that is the forum that could help skyrocket your business to success. But there is so much more to marketing on LinkedIn than meets the eye.

Not only do you have market the right way at the right time but your campaigns must also be directed at the right audience. And the algorithms at LinkedIn are ever-changing. The best way to make it big into the world of LinkedIn is by employing an automation tool to do the hard work.

Each of the aforementioned automation tools is the best in the market and will do your job for you at pocket-friendly prices (most of them). Decide which service will suit your business the best and let it work wonders.

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