Popular Pays Review: Pros & Cons, How It Works in 2021

PopularPays Review

In the current times, the virtual world is as momentous as the real one, if not more. The Internet and digital media have opened profound opportunities for individuals and businesses to prosper personally as well as professionally through social networks and digital media. Millions of influencers have taken over the virtual world to create and share meaningful, innovative content and collaborate with people having similar interests.  

From food and fashion to travel and technology, the digital world offers a fair share of its space to influencers creating content in all nichés. In a way because of this, brands and people are closer more than ever – which is a potentially profitable model for increasing business reach and recognition.  

About Popular Pays 

Popular Pays is one of its kind marketing platforms that provides Influencer Marketing and Content Creation services. It brings together corporate organizations and individual content creators or influencers onto a single platform, where they can connect, collaborate and create some very meaningful, creative, and strategic content for personal branding or brand marketing. Whether you are an emerging enterprise or an established brand, Popular Pays is a complete branding and marketing destination for all.  

It offers strategic and scaled collaboration to streamline your influencer or content creation strategy. Also, on this platform, influencers and content creators can land great gigs, work with prominent brands, and get paid. The Popular Pays community is a creative social hub, which makes creating, managing, and analyzing marketing campaigns, all possible in one place. 

The Platform – Connect, Collaborate, and Track 

Popularpays The Platform - Connect, Collaborate, and Track 

During the entire lifecycle of your marketing campaign, the Popular Pays platform is to your aid. It allows businesses to define a strategy, search for perfect creator partnerships that suit your requirements, and track the performance of various campaigns. Read on below to know more about how Popular Pays works.  

  • Discover 

Popular Pays platform allows brands to find ideal influencers and creators who best match their requirements. You can search from a creative community and filter your search on the basis of social networks – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest – or based on skills, location, demographics, keywords, followers range, engagement, and so on. Also, you can review a creator’s portfolio on the Popular pays platform to see if their style and aesthetic works for your brand.

  •  Manage Relationships 

Here, you can build on and off-platform lists to aggregate your favorite creators or influencers and activate partnerships as and when needed. My Creators features allow you to curate lists of past collaborators and ambassadors who will eventually become the face of your brand and its biggest advocates on digital media.

You can also segment influencers or creators by tags or labels to develop curated lists for each of your specific strategies or target particular campaigns to creator groups of specific nichés. Moreover, you can bring on-board, your off-platform creators to streamline your influencer or creator relationship management.  

  • Threads 

Once you have selected a creator or influencer to collaborate with, you can use the Threads feature of the Popular Pays platform to connect with them one on one. Easily, quickly and efficiently chat with influencers and content creators to ideate creative briefs and concepts, develop a promotional strategy, and bring it to life.

You can also ask questions to ensure that selected collaborators are the right fit before striking a deal. Using the Threads feature, easily negotiate, discuss, and agree on pricing and availability before starting the concept development. 

  • Campaigns 

With Popular Pays, you can collaborate at scale with selected partners. Right from curating a brief for your campaign, selecting partners and receiving and revving deliverables to tracking the performance, this platform caters to all the processes in the lifecycle of a marketing or content campaign.

Also, Popular Pays handles all creator payouts, brand and creator contracts, and permissioning. They also offer a tool called Automatic Brief Builder which allows you to conveniently walk through each step of the brief creation process. 

  • Content Library 

Popular Pays allows you to create your personalized Content Library, powered by Google Vision to aggregate all your final assets in a single, searchable location that you can activate for paid media, product launches, or web development anytime. You can sort out these assets by image keywords and make them easily discoverable through Google Vision search. Also, you can directly export this content to Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest Ads Managers. 

  • Report and Analyze 

You can review your influencer marketing data and content performance all at one place on the Popular Pays platform. The actionable data allows you to quickly assess performance, get campaign insights, and evaluate top-performing influencers and content based on follower demographics, engagement, network presence, etc..

Through this data, you can make informed decisions in selecting a collaborator and deciding whether to assign a particular campaign to them or not.  

Services Offered 

Popular Pays has two basic services on offer – Influencer Marketing and Content Creation. Whether you are a brand looking for these services, or an individual offering these services, Popular Pays is to the aid of both. But what makes this marketing platform stand out is its inbuilt community of highly creative people who operate in almost all nichés – fashion, fitness, travel, photography, food, retail, beauty and several other domains.  

  • Influencer Marketing

Popular Pays boasts of a community of over 60000 qualitative influencers on almost every social media network – a community that is growing by the day. You can choose from among micro-influencers, macro-influencers, or mega influencers, depending on your budget, brand requirements, and demographic specifications, across all verticals and nichés. Influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and every other social network are available for collaborations on this platform.  

  • Content Creation

With the Popular Pays platform, you can create and scale studio-quality content or authentic, native assets for social media marketing. The marketing platform has a curated group of high profile content creators who are expertly skilled in super quality social media content production.

Also, the content creators on Popular Pays can work through multiple content formats such as Photography, Videography, Stop Motion, Gifs, Graphic Design, textual, and so on.  You can also request a free demo from the Popular Pays community to see if it works well for your brand.

Plans and Pricing 

Popular Pays offers two basic subscription plans for the services hitherto mentioned.

Plans and Pricing- Popularpays

These are as follows:

  • Lite

This plan includes Influencer discovery through filtered search, Relationship management, and collaboration using Threads. It basically assists you with onboarding of the right influencer or creator and managing the collaboration, but with this plan, you will not get any insights or campaign performance analytics. However, you can add-on certain such features for a minimal additional cost. 

  • Suite 

This plan from Popular pays comes with a robust suite of tools to streamline your content or marketing strategy and manage collaborations. Apart from the features offered in the former plan, the Suite package involves access to Campaigns, Reports and Analytics, Content Library, Contracts, and Legal payments.  

Besides the above-mentioned plans, you also have the option of Single Buy which basically includes the activation of a single campaign to execute your influencer or content strategy across various social media platforms.  


So, what are you waiting for? If you want to take your brand to a greater audience and make it popular via authentic means, then head on to this Influencer marketing and content creation agency, which is basically a complete resolution for brand marketing.

Popular Pays, give your business a digital boost and be assured that all your promotions are done by creative human labor. So whether you are a creator or a brand, collaborate and get paid at this one-stop content and influencer marketing destination.   

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