QQtube Review – Social Media Marketing Service Provider

QQtube Review

Rising above the crowd and making it big on the internet is a far fetched dream when your account isn’t getting the necessary care and attention. Getting noticed on social media platforms that have high saturation levels like YouTube, SoundCloud, TikTok, etc. is a strenuous task but not impossible.

All you need is a good social media marketing tool and that’s where QQtube steps in. Founded in the year 2013, in the small city of Chesterfield, QQtube is among the foremost social media marketing service providers working with YouTube.They claim to be the number one view YouTubeviews supplier available in the market.

Within 7 years of its establishment, it has become a game-changer in the social media marketing industry. The platform provides high-quality views, likes, comments, subscriptions, etc. to not only YouTube but also other social media services like Tiktok, Spotify, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Pinterest, etc.

The website’s interface is hassle-free and allows you to place an order within minutes. In addition, they also claim to be providing reasonable prices, super-fast delivery, and overall better services than their competitors.

Best Sites like QQtube:

Name of Site Rating Avg. Price Range
#1. Social Packages 4.8 $7 – $100
#2. Viralyft 4.7 $2 – $500
#3. Views Expert 4.5 $1.99 – $450
#4. Storm Likes 4.3 $1.39 – $250
#5. Likes.io 4.1 $1.25 – $300

Features of QQtube

To find your perfect social media marketing tool, you need to carefully look at all the features provided by the platform as this sets one company apart from the competitors.

The features should be useful as well as user friendly as working with an overcomplicated tool makes the task more cumbersome. QQtube offers some interesting and intuitive features that make it a novel tool.

  •  YouTube views

A higher number of views on your YouTube video further generates buzz among the audience and ups the engagement rate. In addition, YouTube views are one of the criteria for a high ranking video. QQtube claims to offer the best quality YouTubeviews in the market and delivers it efficiently.

  •  24/7 customer support

An efficient and reliable customer service draws the distinction between a good tool from a great tool. QQtube offers 24/7 customer support where customer service representatives are driven to solve every minute problem faced by you until you are completely satisfied.

  • Supports multiple platforms

In the past 7 years, QQtube has become proficient by providing a full range of promotional services for youtube. Nonetheless, this website also supports social media marketing on multiple platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Pinterest, etc.

  • Easy refund

Not satisfied by the services provided or if your views aren’t delivered on time, do not worry as QQtube has an easy and reliable refund policy. All you have to do is open a support ticket and your refund will be initiated within 24 hours of contact.

  • High retention views

We assure you that your investment in QQtube will not be a waste of your time or money. Apart from getting high-quality views and fast delivery, they also provide you high retention views. This way you never need to worry about a drop in your bought views.

Services provided by QQtube

The services provided by QQtube are mundane but a few of their features are eccentric and innovative. Here is an entire list of the services provided by the platform.

YouTube views

qqtube - buy youtube views

Views on YouTube are not only essential to hike up the ranking of your videos but it is also essential to bring in a further audience and generate engagement. The viewers on social media websites are naturally attracted to accounts and videos with higher numbers; be it followers or likes or views. QQtube has raised the bar as it not only provides one but four different types of YouTube views.

    •  Regular YouTube Views: These views are further divided on the basis of different price ranges into high retention views, real active YouTube views, instant views, and slow and natural-looking views.
    • Geo-Targeted YouTube Views: The platform offers a choice between two different ranges of packages giving a choice between real active YouTube views or standard geo-targeted YouTube views.
    • Live Stream Viewers: The entire order of viewers will come to the stream within a time period of 10 minutes. The minimum order placed can be of 1000 viewers and the maximum limit is 9,000. It is also necessary to note that the minimum time period of the stream has to be 1 hour and if streams end before that and the order is not completed, you won’t be refunded.
    • Premiere Waiting Views: The platform allows you to choose the number and the hours of waiting views but it should be made sure that the video is particularly in premiere status. The views will be gone once the video goes live.
    • 100% Real YouTube AdWord views: The website has this rather unique feature where it buys views for the users through Google AdWords via an ad campaign. These are legit views from real users as the advertisements that the users see before watching any youtube video is registered with Google AdWords.

YouTube likes

qqtube - buy youtube likes

The likes received on every video also decides its future engagement levels as people are more likely to be attracted to a video with a higher number of likes. In addition, it is also a major factor in video ranking on youtube. The platform offers a choice between instant and slow likes.

YouTube subscribers

qqtube - buy youtube subscribers

If you want to enhance your credibility and attract more people to your channel, buying additional subscribers is a good idea. The entire process all in all enhances your social media presence.

YouTube shares

qqtube - buy youtube shares

This feature just further glams up your channel and makes it look legit. Although, it doesn’t actually share your video but shows so in the YouTube analytics share report.

Custom comments and comments likes

comments likes services - buy qqtube services

Want to make sure people have a lasting impression of your channel and your videos? QQtube has your back as it lets you draft custom comments and boost likes on them as well.

Other services

As previously mentioned, the website dwells in social media profiles other than that of YouTube’s. It allows users to buy likes, followers, repins, views, upvotes, reposts, plays on various media sites like Pinterest, Reddit, Spotify, TikTok, Twitch, Vimeo and DailyMotion.

Pricing of various services

price list of qqtube services

QQtube offers a wide range of services at affordable prices. The following is a list of the various services along with their pricing.

Buying YouTube views

There are over five different packages to choose from while buying YouTube views.

  • For 1000 instant views, the price is $1.70.
  • For 500 slow views, the price is $2.20.
  • For 1000 high retention views, the price is $2.20.
  • For 1000 real active YouTube views, the price is $5.00.
  • For 1000 geo-target views, the price is $2.80.
  • For 1000 geo-target views with real active YouTube views, the price is $5.60.
  • For 10000 100% real AdWord views, the price is $2.00.
  • For 1000 Live stream viewers, the price is $8.00.
  • For 1000 Premiere waiting views, the price is $1.00.

Buying YouTube likes

There are two different packages to choose from while buying YouTube likes.

  • For 50 instant likes, the price is $20.40.
  • For 50 slow likes, the price is $26.0.

Buying YouTube subscribers

There is one package offered while buying YouTube subscribers and that is mentioned.

  • For 20 instant subscribers, the price is $29.0.

Buying YouTube shares

There are two different packages to choose from while buying YouTube shares.

  • For 500 instant shares, the price is $1.80.
  • For 50 geo-targeted shares, the price is $2.20.


Buying custom comments and likes on YouTube

There are two different packages to choose from while buying these.

  • For 20 custom comments, the price is $50.0.
  • For 10 instant comment likes, the price is $30.0.

Additional services

The price range for every website and service is different. The pricing ranges from $0.80 to $225.0. It’s affordable and far more reasonable than the competitive social media marketing tools.

Is QQtube safe?

One is faced with this question about cyber safety every single day as we are currently living in the digital age where cyber crime is arising by the day. The butter that churns in your stomach every time you come across a new website is justified but with a highly reliable and experienced tool like QQtube you need not worry.

Their privacy policy is intact as you are not asked for sensitive information while logging in. In addition, their refund policy also acts like a safety net if you are not satisfied with your services. QQtube acts like a one stop shop for all your YouTube marketing and promotional needs.

It provides one of the best and most reliable services in the market right now. We hope you found this in depth review of QQtube helpful. We would love to hear from you so please contact us with any queries or suggestions.

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