10 Best Sites To Download Royalty Free Images(2021)

Best Royality Free Images

Whether you are looking for high-quality free background images for your website or blog or looking for royalty-free images to illustrate your article or content, finding free image resources online and that of good quality is quite a task. Free PNG images can be a lifesaver, especially for artists, designers, and creative writers, for it saves valuable time spent on illustrating or designing graphics by themselves.

But although free PNG image stocks are gaining online market, it may often so happen that the search results fail to meet the requirements of your blog, website, or you can simply not find the kind of illustration that you are looking for.

So, if you are a creative professional whose work involves a lot of use of graphics, images and illustrations, then check out the following collection of sites for free PNG images of high quality, which are completely royalty-free and will help you save you, your valuable hours and provide you with almost any kind of image that you are on the hunt for.  

Here are the Best Sites for Royalty-Free PNG Images:


One of the best websites for free images, Pixabay is perhaps the most sought after site for photographers as well as artists and designers, who are on the lookout for free, high-quality photos. Pixabay boasts off a tremendous stock of over 1.8 million stunning free images and royalty-free stock. They also have a sizeable collection of vectors, graphics, and videos and all of it for free.  

Pixabay offers copyright-free images and videos that you can use anywhere, for personal and commercial purposes, without crediting the artist. Here, users can find a wide range of high-resolution photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos that are easily downloadable. In this vast community of creatives, there is almost no image that you would not find.   

Unsplash: Photos for Everyone 

This is one of the best websites for royalty-free PNG images of good quality and high resolution that users can use for free. The images available on Unsplash are free for personal use as well as commercial purposes. Unsplash has an excellent collection of high definition images on various themes such as Nature, Travel, Wallpapers, Textures and Patterns, People, Animals, Spirituality, Fashion, Health and wellness, and many more.  

These photos are contributions of the world’s most amazing photographers who want their work to reach a greater audience. They have a huge database of more than 1 billion freely usable and downloadable photos and a sizeable community of photographers from all over the world. Plus, if you are a photographer, you are more than welcome to share your work on Unsplash and reach across to millions of viewers.


This website provides users with free transparent PNG images. They boast off a massive database of more than 16 million free PNG images on almost every possible topic and theme.

On this website, you can browse images on the basis of color, category or trending images. You can also find popular and trending image searches, to know what other people are looking for.

All the images available for use on FavPNG are of high resolution and good quality. These PNG images are, however, only meant for personal use unless mentioned otherwise. To gain access, you can simply sign up with your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account for free. Users can also upload their illustrations or self-created graphics to make them available for use.  


One of the best options for royalty-free PNG images and graphic resources, FreePik offers a wide variety of free vectors, stock photos, PSD and icons, available for personal use by everyone.

This website offers great quality visual content including illustrations, photos, icons, mockups, and presentations templates and much more. Users can download free PNG backgrounds etc.. and put them to personal use, but with attribution to the owner of the image.  

FreePik is an ideal platform for designers, who can find free graphic resources to bring their ideas to life, all for free. They also offer a premium plan, in which you get access to ad-free, exclusive content, and full license to the images that you purchase.

 At FreePik, you can make up to 10 downloads per day, which gets increased to 100 with a Premium membership. The site boasts more than 100 million monthly downloads and therefore, it is a great platform for artists to showcase their artwork and make money out of it.  


On this website, users can download anything from free PNG images, icons, clip arts to free transparent backgrounds and frames for illustration or website designing. They have a database of more than 50000 free PNG images in various sizes and resolutions and much more. From this website, you can download as many free images you want as they offer unlimited downloads.  

Also, the users here can convert available PNG images to icons, add suitable frames to their images, and search for trending tags and categories.

It has a highly user-friendly interface; you can simply type the category of the image that you are looking for and they will display the most relevant results for your search. You can also submit your self-created PNG images to this website.  

Free PNGs 

Check out this amazing website for some really good quality free PNG images on a wide range of themes such as food and drinks, logos, animals, furniture, clothing, and many more.

All the images on this website are available for use for free. They have a massive database of 1 million-plus PNG images which are increasing in number each day. All the images available on this website are of high resolution and are premium quality cut photos. 

One of the unique features of this website is that it offers the feature of bulk downloads of their curated collections such as Assorted Icon Collection, Clip Art Collection, Stock Photography Collection, and so on. These bulk downloads, however, come under the premium category and are therefore paid. Users can upload their self-designed PNG images or graphics to make them available for use.  

Pixel Squid 

Pixel Squid

It is one of the most useful sites that designers can turn to if they are looking for a library of high-quality free PNG images with perfect transparency, which are created inhouse with Photo Real 3D objects.

Pixel Squid offers ready to use graphics and images, which can be downloaded as PNG files with a transparent background. With several thousands of images, illustrations, and graphics in stock, this website also provides bulk Photo Real 3D PNG collections, categorized according to the theme.  

You can download images for free using the starter plan, but these downloads are free watermarked PNGs. So, if you are looking for bulk transparent and watermark-free downloads or other premium features, Pixel Squid has monthly and annual paid plans using which you can download unlimited unwatermarked images from the website.  

PNG All 

Go no further than this website to download some high-quality PNG images for free. All the images come with a transparent background and are completely free to download. They have a tremendous catalog of photos and illustrations that are available in high definition resolutions. 

As compared to other sites for free PNG images, PNG All has limited photo collections. However, it has immense variety in terms of themes and categories such as lifestyle, spirituality, travel, animals, nature, people, technology and food among others. It is therefore ideal for designers and creatives who want to supplement their work with best quality PNG images with transparent backgrounds.  


This website is your one-stop catalog for almost every category of PNG images that you need for your next design project. They provide free to use images, clip arts, web design templates and so on on a mammoth of themes such as Nature, Animals, People, Food, Cars, Objects, Beauty and Fashion and so on. 

These graphics, illustrations, or images, however, are not copyright free. This means that while they are free of cost, you must attribute the owner wherever you use these images. You can download free PNG images with alpha transparency background on their website without registration. With the best resolution and quality, these images are available only for non-commercial or personal use.  

PNG Mart 


Use this amazing website for royalty-free PNG images that are available for download for free. They provide users with high-quality latest PNG images with transparent backgrounds for free, which you can put to personal use only. With high quality, great resolution, and immense diversity, these images can be used for any type of artwork or creative project.  

Also, you can find web design buttons and social media icons for use on this website. The images, illustrations, and graphics available on PNG Mart are copyrighted and therefore, only available for personal use, with due credit to the owner. If you are an artist, they also provide the option to upload your own artworks or graphics in PNG format and make them available for use. 

PNG Pix 

PNGPix is the perfect destination for free transparent PNG images for everyone. This website boasts off a vast variety of images on different categories such as Nature, Animals, People, Travel, Lifestyle and many more.

They are available in a variety of sizes and resolutions, so you can tailor download the images according to your preference. One of the unique features of this website is that it displays popular search tags right below the search box. This helps the creators know what other people are looking for and trending topics, themes etc..  

Users can also upload their self-created artwork and illustrations to make them available for use in the vast database of images. Most of the graphics available are licensed free for personal, educational and non-commercial uses. However, you can seek requisite permission from the owner if you want to use them for commercial purposes.  

PNG Play

PNG Play

Download free collections of thousands of PNG images with transparent backgrounds from this unique website. This is one of the rare destinations on the Internet where users can find free realistic and vector PNG images. Their collections include photos, clip art, PNG backgrounds, photo images, icons and much more.  

This PNG images website boasts off a wide variety of categories including Alphabets, Animals, Beauty, Fashion, Fiction, Food, Love, Holidays and so many others that you are sure to find one to suit your creative project. All the images available here are a completely royalty-free stock that you can use anywhere for personal and commercial use with no attribution required. Also, it is completely free of cost, even if you want to put the images to commercial use.  

PNG Tree 

PNG Tree

This is another among the sites for free PNG images that are royalty free and available for free download. Here, users can find several types of illustrations, text effects, templates, backgrounds and much more in PNG formats and in PSD or vector form as well.

They have various styles, sizes and high resolutions PNG images for free use. It is indeed, one of the world’s largest free PNG resources platforms that has a massive database of over 1 million free transparent PNG images, besides other graphic resources.  

What’s more, they also have business card backgrounds for you to use for your business card design, if you have not designed yours as yet. PNG Tree allows a minimum of two free downloads a day.

For more downloads, you have to upgrade your account to the premium version. PNG Tree makes for a great platform for professional creative designers who wish to gain wider reach and recognition for their designs or artwork. Here, creative professionals can upload their body of work and even make a living out of it.  



Shutterstock is perhaps the go-to platform for photographers, artists, designers and other creative professionals who are forever on the lookout for images, graphics and other visual resources.

It boasts a library of over 316 million images, vectors, illustrations etc.. which are available for free use on a 30 days Free Trial program. With this free trial, users get access to up to 10 free downloads per month. You can always upgrade to a paid plan or cancel your free subscription any time.  

Shutterstock has professional, royalty-free stock images that are renewed almost every day with trending categories like Black Lives Matter, Protest, Coronavirus Pandemic, etc.. It also offers royalty-free stock assets in the form of curated collections of PNG images, which can be downloaded for free. Their high quality, high definition of free content is what makes this one of the best sites for free PNG images.  


StickPNG is a vibrant virtual community of creative professionals and individual artists, for sharing transparent PNG images which users all over the world can download for free and use in their personal, non-commercial or educational projects. Browse from among a diverse range of categories on their site to find clip arts with no background or curated cut out photos, illustrations, graphics, vectors.  

Although they have a limited database of downloadable photos which has a little over 30000 free transparent PNG images, the high quality visual content speaks for itself.

Stick PNG also features a curated section called Latest PNG Galleries, where you can find photos arranged thematically. Users have the option to upload their own designs as well. Plus, if you want to receive free PNG images right in the convenience of your Inbox, you can subscribe to their weekly newsletter.  


So, if you are a designer or creative professional and your work requires you to source images for your blog, website or social media accounts, then this curated library of web sites for free PNG images – royalty-free and good quality – is sure to come in handy for you to create stunning and professional illustrations and graphics. Download free images, graphics, icons, presentation templates, frames, HD wallpapers, and whatnot!

These free sites offer everything for personal or commercial use. However, users must take due diligence before using any of the resources available on these sites, depending upon their varying copyrights.  

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