How to Set-up a Facebook Business Page in 2021

Facebook Business Page

Facebook is one of the biggest Social media sites and also one of the most popular sites anywhere in the world. Not surprising considering around 1.62 billion people use it daily. As it is one of the biggest, it also generates large amounts of revenue and homes thousands of small businesses throughout the world.

If you want to sell your products or provide any type of services, the first place where you think you can do it is most definitely Facebook. But to do so first you need a proper Business Page. And in this article, we’ll share with you the basics of setting up a Business Page properly.

Here are Some Following Steps to Set-up Facebook Page:

Step 1 – Login/Set-up

The first thing you need to do is log into your personal account. It’s just because Facebook wants to know who owns that page and no information will be publicly visible from your personal account but don’t ever mistake your personal profile for your business page as personal profile doesn’t provide additional perks that Business Page does.

To create a business page you need to search in the blue toolbar you’ll come across the “Create” button. A drop-down list will appear after clicking on the “Create” button, select page. It will give you two options Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure.” Go for Business and Brand as you are creating a page for your business. Right after that, they will show you a form asking for :

  • Page Name
  • Categories
  • Address
  • Phone number

I suggest you add your brand name as your page name as it will give you more recognition. For categories they have various options, choose the closest one to your brand. Fill the details in and before clicking continue to double-check the information, as you can’t change the page name later.

Step 2 – Uploading profile and cover picture

Next, upload a profile and cover picture (or even better if you can upload a cover video). Do make sure that it’s relevant and align with your business. I assume that you are creating a page for broader reach so it’s better to create a good first impression. I recommend you design your profile picture in case you don’t find any relevant image or use your logo. You can also use Canva, a free tool for designing templates.

But it’s important that people can identify your business through your page immediately.

Step 3 – Unpublish

So ta-da, your page is almost ready but not ready for publishing because it’s bare right now. Let’s unpublish it first, you won’t want your customers to see a bare page. Follow these steps:

Settings >> General >> Page visibility >> Page unpublished.

You can officially publish it when you’re done making edits and have at least 6-7 posts on it.

Step 4 – Adding details

Now you need to add details about your business. Make it easy for your customer to get all the information in one place by adding all the important information there.

You can add buttons to make it even more clear, by clicking “Add a button” Option. You’ll get a lot of options there for booking, e-commerce, contacting, etc. I suggest you add your website (if you have one), your contact number and your email address. Those buttons will appear below your cover photo. Don’t forget to add a short but compelling description too.

Step 5 – Set up

Set up your username, of course, you’ll want your own URL which is more clear and easy to remember. Use your brand name or something that your business is known for, by doing so it’ll become quite easy for others to find you. Now, all set up is done just post some gripping content. And just Publish your page and invite people to like your page. That’s it. Just stay active and add valuable content to your page.

Authors’ Note and Additional notes:

Once you set up a Business Page, that isn’t the end of the story. You’ll have to struggle, but if you make use of all the tools that come with the business page, it might become slightly easier for you.

Also, be careful of hackers. There are over 4,000 businesses on Facebook that are targeted by hackers each day. So if you want to keep your business safe, then install security tools like mail checker and crypto stopper. Also, hire a reliable content writer who is well versed in SEO and SEM as it’ll boost your business fivefold.

Now if you have any suggestions or questions, drop us a comment.

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