15 Best Sites Like Pixabay and Pexels for Stock Photos (2021)

Best Sites Like Pixabay and Pexels

If a picture is worth a thousand words then it is important for every digital marketer to have a decent stock photo website on hand. That’s because portfolio photos are an ideal way to:

  • Increase Engagement
  • Live a blog post or a social media post
  • Develop the brand for your company

This is why we have put together a list of apps like Pixabay and Pexels that you can make use of.

The reality is that good-quality stock pictures do not come hand-in-hand with a headache or heavy price tag. We’ve compiled a list of 20 great resources for free, high-quality stock images for websites, blogs,

and similar online properties to prove this. From enviable office spaces to stunning scenery, we are sure that with the help of this roundup, you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

Yet advertisers should be careful not to violate anybody’s copyright. The creative works and rights of others are always respected. If not, you risk severe consequences, such as large fines and even having your site down.

One perfect way to prevent this is by using a free stock picture platform. Stock photo sites collect images of artists and photographers who gave anybody permission to use them.

Here are the Best Apps Like Pixabay and Pexels for Stock Photos:

Negative Space

Negative Space

Every week Negative Space offers new free stock pictures. Both of the images are published without limitations on ownership, which means you are free to use them as you want. From art to electronics, the ever-increasing set of photographs from Negative Space is something you will find yourself digging into again and again. Better part? Filtering through the photo gallery, which is sortable by type, copy space location, and colour, is easy.

Death to Stock

Death to Stock

As creators and photographers Allie and David discovered how difficult it was for companies, bloggers and creative people to find open, high-quality photographs that matched their “vibe and tribe,” they stepped in. Which resulted in the birth of Death to Stock. Only send your email and enjoy a fresh batch of images sent monthly to your inbox.

Death to Stock also offers a Premium membership for $15 / month or $180 / year if you do have some extra budget to spend. The best thing about paying membership is that to keep the company going forward, a portion of the income is used to finance photographic trips and other artistic ventures.



The organisation’s use of HubSpot in many capacities. We used it to monitor contact details, using it for any contacts with prospects and/or consumers we have. We use it to track pipeline sales. Leadership uses this to track our revenue from the pipeline and from production. We ‘re using it for updates and follow-up activities. We use it to store documents that we have forwarded to the prospect and/or client.

The organisation’s use of HubSpot in many capacities. We used it to monitor contact details, using it for any contacts with prospects and/or consumers we have. We use it to track pipeline sales. Leadership uses this to track our revenue from the pipeline and from production. We ‘re using it for updates and follow-up activities. We use it to store documents that we have forwarded to the prospect and/or client.



PicJumbo is far better than other free and even most paid photo sites. The photos are of unbelievable quality. In reality, many of them are better than the ones I saw on pages that charge a lot of money. Some of the pictures were obviously taken by photographers on this site.

Want free photos to create your next blog post or website? See as pic jumbo back. There is a large range of high-quality photographs with new pictures added regularly to match a number of different topics. The photographer, Vicktor, is now selling exclusive paying packages for authors, artists, and agencies (starting at $10 / month), as well as a convenient Photoshop and Sketch plug-in for just $7.99.



Photographer Ed Gregory generously dishes 10 new photos every two weeks that you can use as part of a template on your website, in an ad and … Well, just about anywhere. Here you can print out his latest 100 pictures, or browse through categories such as environments, people and technology.

For whatever reason Stockpic provides fantastic pictures. Their images come free for commercial use, high res and free. They will ask you to allocate the photograph but it’s not a deal-breaker. What we like about this site is that the photographer shows you clicking on a pic.

Ed Gregory has been a photographer for about 10 years and he likes to just get out and shoot, although working with clients is great. Www.stokpic.com is his little baby where every day he adds new hi-res photos and is happy to share the pictures for free. When you study the website you can find that he is always making an attempt to explain the images. He’s an artist with a mission, check it out.



Karolina, a Polish web designer, is the creative eye behind this superb resource for high-quality photography. Her photographs cover a range of various situations from fashion to health, to landscapes. Yet consumers have the right to use them for anything they want-commercial or not.

While there are no formal requirements for attribution, Karolina does ask you to include photo credit where possible with a link back to the site. This proposal would help her to expand the website and have many more cool pictures for us to use in exchange.



AVOPIX offers free pictures & vectors of stocks. Under Creative Commons CC0 all images and videos on AVOPIX are released free of copyrights. You can import, change, distribute and use them royalty-free, including in commercial applications, for anything you want. No attribution is required.

AVOPiX offers more than 19,000 free images and regular adding of new images. AVOPIX can be updated on Facebook.

Beyond the many free photos and vectors, you can sign up for a PRO account which gets you premium services. No advertisement Much faster loading – Enjoy super-fast instant downloads without waiting for Bulk downloads (you can download up to 50 images at once) Premium images and freebies every month only for PRO’s If you are wary of stock photos, you will want to check out AVOPIX. There is plenty of unique inventory available.

Burst – Free Photos


Burst is a free stock photo site operated by Shopify. Both pictures on the website are available under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, meaning you are allowed to use the pictures for some reason. They designed this platform to inspire artists, engineers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to create innovative marketing campaigns and websites.

These pictures can be used for absolutely anything — hero images in your blog or online store, backgrounds for school projects, social media campaign shots, client work, and beyond. You are welcome to add text and filters or change the stock pictures as you see fit.

However you see fit, you are welcome to edit, crop or otherwise modify these images. Our library’s goal is to support as many people as possible, and all of our pictures are royalty-free, with no need for attribution. That means you can use them on and above your school assignments, business jobs, print ads, menus, on websites. You may also sell t-shirts or mugs since they are safe for personal use.


Scopio’s mission is to find the best rising creators of content from every corner of the world and get you inspiring images. In getting your photo packaged and ready to go, they do all the heavy lifting, tagged, titled, and ready to be found and used. Each of them are real men, who have no models in them.

The world is moving towards more authentic storytelling, no matter what your business is about. People take such beautiful and varied photos in different places, at different settings, showing us things that we never had access to before! They are inspired by “awe” every day, and interested in the images they see captured by regular people and shared on social media.

Worldwide, Instagram employs over 25 million company accounts, and you’re definitely one of them. And if you’re a web maker, you ‘re among the billions who end up getting a voice for spreading their experience and imagination around the globe. With Scop.io, diverse images can be downloaded for use in powerpoints, websites, social media, templates, ads and more.



Despite of the eccentric style of photographer Ryan McGuire who photographs everything from people making funny faces to flying animals, Gratisography is one of the most popular free stock photo-sites. Gratisography provides free, high-resolution photographs that you can use on your personal and commercial projects. Many photographs appear each week, and are free of any limitations on copyright.

All the photos are high-resolution and royalty-free — ready for use anywhere you like. The photographs are organized according to categories — animals, nature, objects , people, urban and whimsical. And each week, new ones are added which are shared by McGuire on Twitter and Facebook. In fact , when it comes to the images which they publish in their collection, they are pretty choosy.



Shutterstock is one of the biggest stock websites, and one of the best stock photography websites and one that has been around for longer than anyone. A microstock firm is known for launching the groundbreaking stock photo subscription platform – now market-wide – and recognized for hosting the biggest stock photo archive on the internet, with over 190 million files and counting.

They have stringent quality standards and an almost infinite range of materials. The site also has a very useful search feature that makes it easier to browse through the millions of pictures to find the right one you want to use in social media, blog posts to advertising. You can purchase royalty-free stock pictures on request with picture packs of 5 pictures for $49 or $229.



iStock (formerly known as iStockphoto) was the pioneer of distributing stock images digitally under a royalty-free license using a micro-payment system – the first microstock service, hence. This is the pattern adopted today by most stock photography websites which populate the web. Essentials are the collection that hosts budget-friendly, high-resolution quality images that you can use for marketing campaigns.

With 18 years in the industry and backed by the prestigious Getty Images, which we’ll be talking about as a son, the iStock stock site sells on-demand photos with credit packs (the bigger the pack, the lower the unit price) and subscriptions. The agency is now renowned for its highly curated library which hosts hundreds of millions of photographs in two main collections.

Adobe Stock

adobe stock

Adobe Stock is a stock picture company operated by Adobe – the massive computer program – that is developed on the foundation of Fotolia ‘s photo archive (a well-known stock photo firm that Adobe acquires). This best stock photography website is completely embedded into the Innovative Cloud network, providing access to more than 80 million stock pictures right within your mobile applications, streamlining the design process, and saving effort and time.

It is ideal for designers to use cloud applications from Adobe but it also works independently from its own website. All photos are permitted for commercial use and for non-commercial use. You may wonder: “Can I use these images to sell campaigns offline? “Needless to say!



Photocase is a top-notch Berlin-based photography website and its content collection definitely represents that. This company has excelled in a style that has become uber-popular recently for more than a decade: the best authentic stock photos. Their super tight cure and strict standards of review make their collection small, and of very high quality.

Photocase sells all of its images on request, and they are priced from small to big according to scale. Purchasing unit pictures – charging as you ride – would cost you $14 to $42 each. But if you want to shop in bulk, they’ve got a credit pack scheme to save you from ten to thousands of dollars: they ‘re selling photographs from five to fifteen points.



Morguefile was founded in 1996 and is probably one of the oldest free stock photo pages on this list. The website demands that photo owners be identified because the photos are free to use. It is a fantastic tool for free photographs from social media which can be used as backgrounds for text-based graphics.

You are allowed to copy, print, transfer, and customize pictures. No attribution is required. Unlike other free photo sites, Morguefile forbids the use of any photo in a stand-alone way. Like some other places, though, you ‘re free to use photos for promotional reasons ( e.g. the book cover).


Whether you’re blogging, writing articles, or designing a cover for your book, there’s nothing more appealing than a fetching image to readers.

Not only do eye-catching images draw the attention of the reader, but they also create a mood, set a tone, and express what you can not say in words. Also, a great image will inspire a reader to linger and want to learn more about you and what you’ve been writing

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