SlickSocials Review – Real Or Scam Social Media Services?


It would not be an overstatement to say that social media is ruling and running the world today. For, if it were not for social media, the consumer marketplace, the corporate world, the startup culture and the rise of influencers, all would have been only a parallel reality. Especially with the never-ending pandemic in place, when the entire world is going online, the virtual world is a vast and potential platform for influencers, business owners, etc.. to keep their small or large, businesses alive.  

The plenty of effective results that social media can reap is not hidden from at least, regular social media users. It has made ordinary people trending in hours and gave others the fame and recognition that they had aspired for. From sharing photos on Instagram to posting witty tweets on Twitter, from making friends on Facebook to building your professional network on LinkedIn, from creating videos on YouTube to creating exclusive music on SoundCloud, almost everyone is awed by the golden vase of opportunities offered by the digital world. 

Whether you are a social media influencer, a beginner looking to make your career entirely in the digital world or an already established business on the altars of going digital, social media is the go-to platform for creating your brand image. However, even if you have great content for the audiences, without proper marketing and without targeting the right audience, your brand will easily be shadowed over by others in the vast world of social media. This is where social media service providers come into play. 

Best Sites like SlickSocials:

Name of Site Rating Avg. Price Range
#1. Social Packages 4.8 $7 – $100
#2. Viralyft 4.7 $2 – $500
#3. Views Expert 4.5 $1.99 – $450
#4. Storm Likes 4.3 $1.39 – $250
#5. 4.1 $1.25 – $300

About SlickSocials 

SlickSocials is one such social media and PR service provider that exists to give your social media channels the necessary boost in order to get you the fame and recognition that you have long been looking for. With SlickSocials, users can increase their demonstration on social media with authentic and assured followers, likes and views.  

SlickSocials offers services mainly for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and SoundCloud. However, promotional services for lesser used social networks such as Pinterest and Vine, along with generating website traffic are also available.  

With this social media services provider, you can be sure to get high quality, engaging traffic coming your way through which you can significantly improve your influence online. Put across your content to millions of people, widen the marketplace for selling your products and services, increase sales and even earn a decent sum entirely through digital means – all this is truly possible when you sign up with SlickSocials.  

Features of SlickSocials 

features of slick social

There are many features of SlickSocials that make it a credible and trusted choice for buying social media promotion services. They are aimed to provide you with social media influence, demonstrate social proof, increase brand exposure, build your clientele, so that you can eventually increase your sales and revenue.

The best part is that you can avail all this without breaking your bank at all. The following are some of the features of SlickSocials which are also a reason on why you could choose SlickSocials as your social media marketing expert:  

  • Get the Services Like You Want Them: Whether you want your followers instantly, or want them slow and natural, SlickSocials has got you covered. Whenever you place an order from this social media services provider, you can start receiving them in as early as five minutes, or you can select the period over which you want your deliverables to reflect on your social media accounts.  
  •  Top Quality Profiles Only: Ensuring premium quality standards is one of the many features of SlickSocials that will convince you to avail their marketing and promotional services. All the traffic that they direct towards your accounts is only from real, authentic and active social media profiles. Profile Pictures? Check. Well-filled Bio Information? Check. Natural Posts? Check. SlickSocials makes it immensely difficult and in fact, almost impossible for anyone to tell apart the purchased followers and likes profiles.  
  •  Extensive Suite of Marketing Solutions: One of the reasons why SlickSocials enjoys that popularity that it does, is because of the comprehensive range of services offered by it. They have services for every network – be it Facebook Page Likes or Instagram Followers, Twitter Retweets or YouTube subscribers, SlickSocials offers it all. Besides, there are also services for social platforms such as Vine and Pinterest which businesses can avail at highly affordable prices. The marketing solutions offered over here are as versatile as they can be.  
  • Ultra Competitive Prices: Needless to say, the prices of marketing packages by SlickSocials are some of the most competent in the industry. It does not matter whether you are coming to SlickSocials with a big budget in your pocket or not, for they have services and plans to suit every kind of business – big or small. Whether you want to buy 10 likes or 10000 likes, SlickSocials’ extensive range of social media growth plans is surely not going to weigh down on your pocket.  
  • Customer Satisfaction is The Top Priority: Customer Support system is one of the most effective reflections of how a service functions. With SlickSocials, you can reach out to them about absolutely any inquiry or issue that you may have, however minor, and they would do everything they can to respond or resolve your query comprehensively and promptly. Moreover, all registered clients get completely free access to their live chat system. With the customer as their top priority, SlickSocials ensures that their customer support is available round the clock.  
  • No Compromise on Security: If you are a business then, privacy and security of your credentials and confidential information is no less than sacred to you. SlickSocials does not require users to share any valuable information and everything that you enter on the website is backed by safe and reliable in-house technologies.  

Services Offered by SlickSocials 

The comprehensive range of services offered by SlickSocials come with the promise of effective and visible results that will give your social media accounts the initial digital boost and kickstart, after which they would continue to grow organically. Read on below to read more about the social media marketing services offered by SlickSocials.  

Instagram Marketing 

instagram marketing - slick social

Instagram is the largest photo and video sharing social media platform and therefore, taking your business to Instagram can exponentially improve your brand reach and recognition. From SlickSocials, customers can buy Instagram followers, likes.

Auto Likes, and video views at minimal costs. More number of profile visitors means more expanded reach and better audience engagement, which is like the best medication for increasing your presence on this prominent social media giant. The packages start from as low as $0.39 for 100 Instagram followers and they do not require your account access. You can expect the delivery of your order in as early as 24 hours.  

 Facebook Marketing 

buy facebook - slick social

There is no counter to the popularity that Facebook has in today’s time. Especially with recent upgrades, Facebook offers a complete space for businesses to market and even sell their products directly. Facebook promotions from SlickSocials include buying Facebook likes, page likes, video views and Auto Likes.

It is a complete social media marketing package to enhance your Facebook page reach or ameliorate profile engagement. Moreover, the packages are quite cost effective with the prices starting from as low as $0.19 per link for 100 likes. The delivery times are instant, starting from as early as 24 hours.  

YouTube Marketing 

youtube marketing - slick social

This video streaming site and mobile app showcases tremendous diversity of visual content posted by and for audiences of all age groups. Whether you are a fashion blogger posting DIY outfit ideas or a tech YouTuber who posts latest gadget reviews, YouTube is surfed by literally everyone. Therefore, promoting your business on YouTube can give you a major competitive edge over similar businesses.  

SlickSocials offers a wide variety of YouTube marketing services. These include buying YouTube subscribers, views and likes. When you purchase these services from SlickSocials, you will not only increase organic traffic coming to your YouTube channel, but also improve its search engine rankings. The prices start from only $3.99 per link for 100 YouTube subscribers with an instant delivery within 24 hours.  

Twitter Marketing 

twitter marketing - slick social

Twitter is known for its brief and witty tweets that you never know, may go viral. This platform is ideal for influencers and bloggers to promote their website’s exclusive content in briefs. SlickSocials offers Twitter retweets, followers and favorites, which can significantly enhance your brand recognition and appeal.  

Also, with more followers already existing on your Twitter profiles, more people are intrigued to check out the products, services or content your brand offers. Therefore, when you buy Twitter followers, the chain builds up and your Twitter account continues to grow organically. Twitter marketing packages from SlickSocials start from just $0.19 per link for 100 Twitter followers. Delivery time starts from within 24 hours.  

SoundCloud Marketing 

sound cloud marketing - slick social

SoundCloud is a global community of musicians and therefore, this part of SlickSocials services is for budding music artists. You might be a social media influencer or simply looking to promote your craft online to land a great gig and SlickSocials has great and cost effective packages on offer to help you do the same. Packages from this marketing services provider will help improve the rankings of your tracks and organically encourage users to like, play and follow your songs.  

Here, you can purchase SoundCloud followers, likes and plays. So, whether you’re an individual artist or a band, increase your online presence with SlickSocials’ exclusive SoundCloud marketing services. Prices begin from only $0.99 per link for 1000 Plays. Delivery time starts from as early as 24 hours. 

Website Traffic 

buy web traffic - slick social

SlickSocials is one of the very few marketing services providers that helps customers with buying website traffic for their personal blog, or website. Investing to increase website traffic is a great way to improve sales if your website supports e-commerce or if you generate revenue from ads.

Not only does SlickSocials direct high quality, organic traffic to your website, but also they provide you with the option to target a specific audience as per your brand’s niche or to geo-target audience from a particular geographical location, such as visitors from USA, UK, India etc..  

Other Services 

other services - slick social

SlickSocials is literally a complete marketing hub. Besides the aforementioned services, users can also avail marketing solutions for other social media channels such as Pinterest, Vine, Reverbnation, Snapchat and even LinkedIn. Customers can buy LinkedIn connections, Pinterest followers, Vine likes, Snapchat followers and so much more – all of it at prices that are worth tempting for. Indeed, there is absolutely no dearth of marketing solutions to buy for your social media marketing campaigns from SlickSocials.  

 SlickSocials Services for Businesses 

The team of professional experts at SlickSocials carry out strategic social media promotions for generating high quality, organic following for your channel or brand’s social media pages, that is backed by years’ worth of experience. This, coupled with their pro-customer policies and features, make their services the most sought after, even in the corporate world. Listed below, are some of the services offered by the marketing service provider, exclusively for businesses: 

 Search Engine Optimization 

If your website ranks higher in the search engines, then half of your marketing job is considered done. This is because the higher your website appears in search results, the more traffic comes to it, which can significantly increase sales and brand recognition among Internet users from around the world.

While higher search rankings largely depend on the quality of the content, you can escalate the process by availing Search Engine Optimization services from SlickSocials. Backed by trusted technology, they direct quality organic visitors to your website and carry out strategic promotions to improve the rankings of your website in search results.  

 Targeted and Valuable Traffic 

SlickSocials boasts of a powerful network of over 1000 partners, which ensures the delivery of quality traffic to your website. They provide you with the option to purchase traffic from the target audience according to the requirements of the brand or geo-target the audience from a particular location such as users can buy targeted audiences from USA, UK, Turkey, India, and many other places. With SlickSocials, you can literally fire up your website engagement and reap the benefits of improved sales and more revenue generation.  

 Influencer Marketing Wave 

The Influencer wave on social media in the past decade says a lot about how social media marketing has evolved. Promoting your business or brand through the right influencers of your niche can generate valuable traffic through a collaborative effort. From SlickSocials, users can collaborate with the niche specific influencers to promote your business or brand social media at affordable costs.  

Steps to Buy a Package from SlickSocials 

steps to buy package - slick socail

Buying any marketing plan from SlickSocials is a secure and hassle free process. Follow the four simple steps given below to avail any of the packages mentioned above: 

Register –  

Sign up for free on SlickSocials and create your account to join a community of more than 25000 people.  

Place Funds –  

Make a deposit as per your decided budget or according to the plan that you wish to purchase. You can use convenient payment methods such as a credit card, PayPal or Skrill.  

Place your Order –  

Add the packages or plans you want to purchase to the cart and easily place your order, even for multiple plans, with the convenience of a click.  

Get Ready to Go Viral – 

With SlickSocials, going viral is literally just a click away. Not only will you see instant results reflected on your social media accounts, but also reach greater heights of success and recognition by purchasing quality promotions from here.  


Social media promotions are no piece of cake, given the immense competition among businesses, influencers and brands, who are all heading to social media to obtain and widen the market for their products and services. To help them get the best out of this platform, social media marketing services, such as those provided by SlickSocials can really come in handy.  

While this does not overlook the significance of the quality of the content delivered, social media growth service providers like SlickSocials simply become your helping hand to do the promotional process, a little faster. By delivering strategic, organic, targeted and high quality traffic to your social media channels, services from SlickSocials are sure to lead your way to becoming famous. So, wait no further and head to SlickSocials to make your social media profiles go trending and viral in literally, a couple of hours. 

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