7 Best Ways to Use Snapchat For Business in 2021

Snapchat For Business

Ever since we were children the phrase, “A picture paints a thousand words” has been embedded in our minds. However, in the 21st century, the world is ever so transient and always on the move and hence a picture is required to paint a thousand words as the best way to express yourself.

One of the best platforms to shed some light upon yourself and your business is Snapchat. The platform is rather distinct from every other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram as it amplifies the facet of marketing of living in the moment and posting simultaneously.

The platform lives up to its end of the bargain as it has no feed which has a collection of your previous uploads, the stories last for 24 hours and you cannot upload an old picture on your story.

Additionally, way before Instagram launched its photo filters and video effects, Snapchat was already in the running. Finally, Snapchat is your golden ticket to connecting with the younger generation better as it is mainly used by millennials, making it the ideal location for businesses to promote themselves.

Snapchat is a rather unorthodox platform for business marketing but nevertheless it is used by globally renowned brands like TeenVogue, TacoBell, Cosmopolitan, People’s Magazine, HudaBeauty and so many more! You can show a more personalized and humane side of your brand using Snapchat.

As mentioned, it is a rather unorthodox platform, the competition among brands is relatively less here, making it easier for you to connect with your audiences. The fact that brands post pictures on Snapchat that are not of high quality, unedited and in the moment, makes them feel more authentic and people relate to them better.

There are several ways you can leverage the features provided by Snapchat to further build your business. We have taken upon ourselves this responsibility and handcrafted a list of ways you can use Snapchat for business.

Setup Snapchat business account 

The obvious first step here is to set up your Snapchat business account. If you don’t have a Snapchat account, register now and create an account, you will just be asked to fill out all the relevant information, including the name, phone number, and birthday.

Finally, you will be asked to select a username and you can select anything that defines you and your brand. If you have a Snapchat account or if you have created a new one, you are required to set up your Snapchat Business account by accessing Ads Manager.

You have to log in using your specific username and password that you set up for your regular Snapchat account. After that, you need to simply enter your business’s legal name, choose the country where you’ll be doing business in, and finally choose your currency.

That’s it! Whether you are a local business or a globally renowned one, it is recommended to set up a business account and there’s no harm in it as it’s free. The best part about having a business account is that you get access to Snapchat insights which gives a detailed stat of the views, demographics, and reach of your stories.

Get insights like views your stories get per week or per month, average view time, story view percentage, number of Snapchatters your content reaches, demographics like age, location, lifestyle or interest of your audience.

Promote or launch new products 

A certain level of exclusivity will make your followers feel more intimate with your brand as they will feel rather special and important. Posting about your already existing thing will boost your sales but to connect to your audiences’ giving them a teaser or a sneak peek of upcoming product launches.

By giving people a countdown or a particular time of the launch, will not only excessively increase your story views at the time of the launch but if you exclusively do this on Snapchat, people will be more likely to engage with your brands here than any other networking platforms.

Many times, your followers would end up promoting your upcoming products on their several networking platforms as a way of showing their affection and gratitude towards your brand. Additionally, this will build up a certain level of expectation, anticipation, and excitement for the product which can be fruitful in the future demand for these products.

Sponsored Geofilters or AR filters 

AR filters 

If you have used Snapchat in the past, you must have encountered event-specific geofilters like something related to a festival or some big event like a concert. Several known brands like Michael Kors or Cheerio’s have used geofilters to promote their events in the past. But what if I tell you that you can create your very own Sponsored geofilters.

As of June 2017, Snapchat has made it easier for every user to design their own custom geofilters. All you must do is go to settings and select “On-Demand Geofilters”. With dozens of templates and endless customizations you can make using colors and words, you will have an absolute field day while designing them.

However, this is a paid and yet an affordable marketing option for any small business as it’s starting price is $5.99. A more interactive way of promoting your brand or event is by using custom Sponsored lenses. Several brands use this to promote their events or new products like Gatorade used this campaign strategy during Super Bowl 50.

Basically, you can design your very own filter, whether you want butterflies around you or puke rainbow or look like a taco and add the finished result to your Snap story. You can create your own filter using the free software “Lens Studio” and furthermore reflect your brand’s vision in a more effective way.

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Promote your Snapchat account on other networking sites


Every social media marketing strategy depends on one very rudimentary and necessary thing and i.e. followers. The higher the list of your followers, the greater the reach of your brand. You cannot possibly conjure up new followers on Instagram, so use the help of your already existing business accounts on other platforms, like Instagram or Facebook.

Snapchat is different from other platforms as people won’t know about your existence till you tell them. Hence, make your existing followers on other platforms aware of your presence on Snapchat and they will be more likely to engage with you there.

You can do this by putting your Snapchat username in your bio or description or you can even upload stories or post pictures with the news that you are on Snapchat now. Another way of making sure people add your account is by creating a snapcode that is ideally a QR code that people can scan using their own Snapchat accounts. This will give users access to your brand’s unique filters, lenses, and content.

Feature User-Generated Content 

A very simple and effective way of effortlessly promoting your brand or products is by featuring User Generated Content on your stories. Encourage people to click more pictures or make videos while using your products or engaging in the services provided by your business and send them to you.

You can ask your followers to click pictures or make videos with a certain product or a hashtag or even a sponsored lens or filter. In addition, you can host contests or promotions and give people the added incentive of being featured on your story. This will make your brand more personalized and more and more people will try to engage with you just to get a chance to get featured on your Story.

Exclusive behind the scenes

Whether it’s fashion week or any other highly sought-after event, every follower loves a good behind the scenes series. Your followers may not be able to attend your event, or it may be a closed event, but they will feel much closer to you and your brand if you provide them with real life behind-the-scenes content.

The backstage action during an event is power-packed and messy. Engage with your followers through your stories and simultaneously make them feel as if they are getting VIP treatment. Even if there isn’t an event, take your followers through your office life and show them the work you do or interact with fellow co-workers.

This will create a more positive response from your followers as they will feel much connected to your brand and will somehow feel as if they already know you.

Influencer takeovers 

A great social media strategy used by well-known brands is letting celebrities and other influencers take over their account for a day. As they already have a steady and consistently increasing following on social media, more people who may not resonate with your brand may engage with it after seeing them.

Basically, the influencer takes followers through their day or an event using the specified brand’s account. Make sure that the influencer is somehow related to the line of products you are selling or else it may feel a little out of sync to the followers.

This is a paid endeavor as an influencer won’t be so charitable to do this for free or you can have a mutual agreement or common interest in whatever you’re promoting. This is a small price to pay in order to get your brand in front of a wider array of audience.

Drive traffic to your website

One of Snapchat’s recent additions to its stories is the “add links to your story” feature. There is nothing too complicated about it as all you must do is simply take a photo or video, use your Snapchat camera, and then click the paperclip icon and add your link.

You can add links to various websites or blogs or eBook downloads or shopping platforms or YouTube videos. Basically, the world is your limit. It is a very simple way of directing all the necessary traffic and your target audiences to engage with the content on your website or purchase your products much easier.

When you add a link to your story, a prompt “swipe up” feature appears at the bottom of the user’s story. The user can simply access your website with the swipe of a finger.

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