25 Best Social Media Marketing Tools to Use in 2021(Reviewed)

Best Social Media Marketing Tools

So you’re thinking about starting a Marketing business and want to know what you’ll need to know what exactly you must have in order to set your brand apart? Well, you’re in the right place, in this article you’ll learn about all the tools that’ll make your marketing smoother.

But before that let’s understand social media and marketing first. Long gone are the days when one had to visit door to door in scalding heat to market their products and make a sale… with social media, you can practically market your brand across the globe without moving an inch.

Social media made Marketing more efficient but it also made it more competitive; there are about 2 million marketers on each of the major social media platforms but the majority of these never attain fame, why? Because they forget about the competition or they don’t use tools that’ll give them an advantage.

Considering you’re reading this, you are the smart one and are serious about making your brand shine brightly across the globe. Let’s take a look at what tool you can use to attain success.

Here are the Best Social Media Marketing tools to Use in 2021:

Security Tools


zero fox - tools for social media marketing

Many social media marketers fail to realize the importance of having tight security for their social media marketing accounts; they only realize that they should’ve added tighter security when they lose their accounts and their hard-earned money.

To avoid that you need the best Cybersecurity and our suggestion is “ZeroFox”. ZeroFox is based in Baltimore and provides Cloud-based software services to firms that help in detecting risks such as phishing, malware, scams, piracy, counterfeit, and much more. It works well with all popular social media platforms, it also works with Slack, Google Play, Apple store.

To avoid unnecessary troubles, get ZeroFox today.

Mail Control (Massage Control)

massage control - tools for media marketing

Many firms related to marketing/sales and lawyers depend on mail tracking solutions to improve sales and for better engagement. But, we live in an advanced era and this era casts long shadows so you can be sure that hackers might be keeping a track on your mails and might be waiting to deal a major blow to you.

But you can easily keep them away with “Mail Control” as it’s an efficient tool that can nullify targeted phishing attacks from ruining your business. Mail Control uses an AI that can reveal potential risks and make it easier for your employees to get rid of those threats.

Crypto stopper

Crypto stopper - tools for media marketing

Ransomware is one of the most preferred methods of hacking by hackers. And on average around 4000+ businesses are affected by it each day.

You must already know what Ransomware is but I think you’d like to know how you get affected by it, right? Ransomware often infiltrates through your mails or by unsecured drive-by downloads.

This can lead to permanent,  temporary loss of sensitive data or potential harm to your business reputation. But by using Crypto Stopper you can easily avoid such consequences.

Crypto Stopper deploys watcher files and whenever a Ransomware tries to encrypt your files, these watcher files detect and thwart them. And the best thing about Crypto Stopper is that it can’t be avoided.

Last Pass

last pass - tools for media marketing

Now that we’ve taken a look at the deeper security solutions, let’s talk about the Elephant in the room that is called Password. People are so lazy and so obvious with Passwords that the Hackers almost die of laughter. I am proud to say that I take cybersecurity seriously, but I’m blessed with people who often use “Password” for a password or “12345..” frankly that is embarrassing.

Whenever you create a password, you shouldn’t ever use your Pet’s name, Your or your spouse’s birthdate, your contact number, or other obvious things because they are easy to find out. If you can’t come with a decent password or wish to use a strong password (multiple passwords), then get “Last Pass” right way.

It’ll help you create a strong password, let you check your existing password strength, and also help you securely save your passwords. Last Pass is also available on Android Playstore and iOS AppStore, so just have to download the app and select the longest possible password.

Lead Generation Tools


optin monster - tools for media marketing

Adequate Lead Generation might be the biggest challenge every social media marketer must be facing. On second thought, maybe not “every marketer” as there are few smart marketers who know how to generate leads in plenty, of course, these marketers use lead generation tools.

These are many tools that can help you generate new leads and our top pick would be OptinMonster. OptinMonster helps you convert your visitors into subscribers and customers; it is a standalone application that incorporates various web platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, Big Commerce, and Drupal.

As it uses various email marketing and CRM platforms, it is quite easy to gain fresh leads and to manage them. The best thing about OptinMonster is that you can target new leads based on location, activity/ inactivity, device, and other things.


audiense - tools for media marketing

Audiense was founded in 2011 and is on par (and maybe above) with other Lead Generation tools. Audiense is probably more important than OptinMonster for new Social Media Marketing as it helps in understanding your audience and in engaging with them. Of course, it also helps you find an audience befitting your niche.

Audiense finds your leads first by thoroughly understanding your services and products, then after it provides you the leads, it helps you engage with them based on what they (your audience) say, think, and most importantly who they are. As you might’ve guessed, Audiense is a tool that helps you gain loyal followers by providing you with appropriate leads and data-driven tactics on both online and offline channels.


typeform - tools for media marketing

Typeform is perhaps the most interesting lead generation tool around, why? Because it engages your audience via conversational forums and surveys to generate data.

Use Typeform to create interactive quizzes, surveys, forums, and simple apps with a beautiful interface that makes things fun for your visitors. Doing this will result in more completed quizzes and surveys; this in turn will give you more leads and a good understanding of what your clients want.

TypeForm is used by many professionals due to its reliability and its ability to generate more leads than any other apps. TypeForm provides 3 packs starting $35/month (essentials pack), $70/month (premium pack).

Graphics and Images Tools

Visual Content is the king of social media marketing, that’s why it’s important to post eye-catching content. But not all social media managers are graphic designers and that’s where Canva comes in, to make your life easier. Canva is very popular among social media managers because of its simple to use format which provides professional-looking designs.

They offer a huge variety of sample templates, fonts, and elements so you can get your design ready in minutes. Their membership version is worth the cost. Don’t need to worry if you have a low budget, because it’s free version offers all the basic graphics tools that you’ll need.

You can design posts, logos, posters, thumbnail, videos, stories, flyers, and whatnot. Use their templates or create your own branded design to impress your audience.

And here comes the baby brother of Photoshop. Lightroom is a photo management tool that can help you edit (saturation, contrast, exposure, etc) and manage your images.

Do note that, it’s not for designing.

It might seem a bit overwhelming in starting but once you get the hang of it, you can convert your dull photos into a masterpiece pretty quickly. This software is designed purposefully for the needs of the photographer.

It is available for mobile as well as desktop, it’s desktop version is paid but its mobile version is FREE. As mentioned before, it will take some time to learn, that’s why there are presets which act as the filters, you can use them until you know everything about the lightroom.

Video editing, doesn’t it sound complex to you? Personally speaking, I always found video editing unnerving until I found Animoto. Animoto is a simple tool that can help you in creating compelling videos within minutes, it’s very much similar to Canva. But unlike Canva, Animoto can be used just for making videos, presentations, and slideshows.

And the great thing is, You don’t need to have any prior experience in video editing, all you need to do is drag and drop. They offer pre-loaded templates, millions of stock images, different fonts, thousands of music tracks, and much more. But of course, you can start from scratch too if you don’t want to use their templates. You should use their trial to check it out but sadly Animoto isn’t free.

Visage is very much similar to Canva in terms of editing but Visage also focuses on branding and collaboration. It is built for making the process of brand graphics simple. This simple design tool can help you in creating beautiful visual content in minutes.

A marketing team can easily work together, as it allows designers to share their templates with their other members for approval or collaboration.

Other than templates, they offer 1,50,000 icons and thousands of images as they are integrated with Unsplash and The Noun Project. You can use it for your reports, infographics, and presentation.

Content Creation Tools



Another great graphics tool for social media is Visme, an all-in-one visual content creation platform that empowers users to create anything.

Not just beautiful social media graphics like animated GIFs, quote graphics, promotional blog graphics and more, but also infographics, reports, presentations, ebooks and any other type of visual you could think of.


meetedgar - media marketing.png

Are you a one-man-army looking for a content creator and manager although you’re solely responsible for content creation, design, and tech support? Then you need to Meet Edgar.

Meet Edgar is a tool that helps in keeping your social media site full of hype and content even if you don’t create a lot of it as Meet Edgar reshares the content and optimizes the traffic.

With Meet Edgar you can choose to create a One-time-only post or let Edgar post your content repeatedly with small twerks until you think it’s not relevant anymore.

Meet Edgar works with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter via web plugin and thus keeps your channels crowded; Meet Edgar also makes it quite easy to check your account from anywhere (including your smartphone). If you set up Meet Edgar with RSS feed and content Curation Tools, you’ll see mixed content being sent out to your feeds.

MeetEdgar comes with a click tracker which makes it easy to follow your clicks. Meet Edgar costs about $49/month.

Buzz Sumo

buzz sumo - tools for media marketing

Buzz sumo is one of the best digital tools you can have for discovering new and popular content on the internet. But finding new content online can take hours and hours, Buzz sumo knows this and hence it makes your search easier by incorporating a selection of keywords or even a topic. After you pick your keywords/topic, you’ll receive a list of the most trending posts in that category.

Apart from discovering new content, Buzz sumo also provides features like Content research, finding Influencers, monitoring, and APIs. BuzzSumo also offers something called “Use Cases” which houses Competitor intelligence, content strategy, crisis alerting, Digital PR, Influencer marketing, and Video Marketing.

Buzzsumo offers 4 packs starting at $99 a month (Pro Pack) and ending at $499+ (Enterprise pack).

Content Curation Tools


buffer - tools for media marketing

Buffer is a great tool for managing and automating your social media accounts. If you are having trouble with multiple networks or you are posting your content manually, Buffer is something that can make your work so much easier.

It can help you share content on different social media networks, all at once. You can add as many posts as you want to in a queue, or you can schedule them for bulk upload. And they have an inbuilt tool for analyzing optimal time for posting, by comparing the engagement that you received from your previous posts.

But it works only for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It also allows you to coordinate with your team members. You can try their free account and then move on to a premium account.


flipboard - tools for media marketing

Flipboard is an oddball here because it is considered as a social app in itself. This news and story reading tool can help you gather all the content from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,  and YouTube at one single place.

Then it displays that content in the format of a magazine. You can follow things that you like, they can be topics, publications, or social media. And you can collect the content that you find interesting in your Flipboard magazines.

You can share the articles or your magazines on various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Every Post

every post - tools for media marketing

Every post is another great curation tool, just like other curative tools they also help in scheduling, customizing, and posting content. It’s simple to use interface makes it easy to manage and take control over the social media accounts. You can pull engaging content from different platforms and can easily share it with your audience.

Every post lets us connect to various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even e-mail. They offer five different pricing plans (one of them is a free plan), which you can choose as per your requirements.

Google Trends

google trends - tools for media marketing

Google Trends is a free tool launched by Google, that shows trending searches across the world. It’s mostly underestimated, but it’s a great tool if we unleash its full potential.

Through the help of Google Trends, you can see what’s trending and what people are searching about. Plus it shows you a map that represents which part of the country is more interested in a topic. You can easily compare the popularity or interest of people in different products, sites, and competitors, You can compare 5 keywords at the most.

The interesting insights that you’ll get from Google Trends can help you create content that is trendy or you can use the keywords that are most searched at that particular time.

Analytical Tools



Analisa.io - tools for media marketing

Analisa is a free to use analytical tool that provides analytics for Instagram and Tiktok. You must be wondering what’s so special about it? It’s an AI-based analytical tool, which can provide insights for hashtags, any public profile, and followers.

You can also stalk your competitors, all you need to do is type any Tiktok or Instagram profile to know about their engagement, top hashtags, and top captions.

But for in-depth analytics, you’ll need to buy their premium, plus, or pro plans.

Crowd Booster

If you are looking for in-depth analytics for Facebook and Twitter, Crowd Booster is your go-to tool. Their various key metrics will let you monitor your social media performance and help you know whether the strategies on which you are putting your efforts and money are working or not. It can also help you track your audience, performance of your marketing campaign, retweets, replies, comments, most engaged fans, and much more.

Other than analyzing they help in scheduling, optimizing, and reporting. You can schedule your post on the optimal time which they recommend. You can also extract data, charts, and statistics for reporting too.

Scheduling Tools


semrush - tools for media marketing

SEMrush is easily the most beloved tool of every content writer and social media marketers out there as it is a one-man-army of a digital marketing platform. Considering it as an “only” scheduling tool definitely doesn’t do it justice but I had a hard time placing it anywhere else (because of its All-in-one).

SEMrush is widely known for its SEO and PPC toolkits, it also provides a social media toolkit which includes Social media poster tools. This tool lets you draft and schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram;  although you can only schedule for Instagram, no posting…

SEMrush has an interactive calendar that enables you to set date/ time, create drafts, and create a queue; you can even edit images while you’re creating content. One of the best parts of SEMrush scheduling would be it’s “Bulk Scheduler* that helps you make your campaign easier to manage.

SEMrush is slightly more costly unlike other tools but it’s totally worth every penny you pay. If you want to save your bucks, opt for a yearly pack.


sendible - tools for media marketing

Sendible is yet another all-in-one social media management tool that can help anyone from solopreneurs to big agencies manage their brands and gain a positive reputation. While many all-in-one type tools don’t offer much in the scheduling function but sensible is different, it lets you schedule your posts individually, through queues, and in bulk (sounds like SEMrush, right? But it’s better than that).

Sendible provides you a “Smart posts” option through which you can attune your posts with the latest captions, hashtags, and emojis before posting them on your chosen social media sites.

If you’re running or planning a campaign, with Sendible you can simply create the content and schedule offline and then upload it in bulk; as everything is stored is Sendibles’ interactive calendar, you can easily move the content around. And also if you discover any well-performing content, you can refurbish it with repeating schedules (kind of like reviving old posts).

The biggest Pros of Sendible is its pricing, which starts at $29/month.


agropulse - tools for medi amarketing

Agorapulse does a lot from publishing and scheduling, managing your communication with your audience to measuring your performance. So if you can invest some money, you should. You can use it for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+.

With Agorapulse you can schedule your post, publish it right away or add to the queue. While their inbox feature will let you consolidate all the conversation that is going on different social media platforms at one single place (So you won’t miss any tweet or comment). If you are working with a team, you can assign the conversation to your teammates.

Their analytics helps in tracking the performance of your social media account in multiple aspects you can see Growth, Engagement, top hashtags, what your engagement is at different times of the day, and much more. And you can see who is actually engaged with you.


later - tools for media marketing

“Later”  sounds like something a chronic procrastinator would use on a constant basis but for a social media marketer, “Later” is one of the easiest and friendliest scheduling tools out there.

At first glance, “later” might seem like an Instagram orientated tool but it also provides its scheduling services for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Later lets you plan and schedule for all the apps/sites mentioned above in 1 place and with 1 account. This comes handy when you want to schedule the same content for different social media sites, tailor captions, and other customizations.

Later also makes it quite easy to share schedules and collaborate with your team. Later is free to use, but if you want more features, then you can purchase any of their 4 yearly packs that Are slightly cheaper than SEMrush. Apart from Scheduling, Later also provides services related to Instagram Analytics, User-generated content, and Instagram stories.

Inbox Tools

Hubspot’s social inbox tool

hubspot - tools for media marketing

You must’ve heard “Communication is the Key” and in Social media marketing, you won’t get anywhere without communication with your customers. This is why Inbox tools are quite important for Social media marketing as they are what enable you to get acquainted and earn loyal followers.

I know many Inbox tools, but there’s only 1 inbox tool that puts all others to shame; it’s called “Hubspot’s social inbox tool”. This tool will save your time by helping you schedule your posts, integrating your social media networks, your blogs, and of course it’ll also monitor your messages. As this tool comes with CRM, it’s easy to understand your leads and customers.

The only con of Hubspot’s Social Inbox tool might be its price, which is quite high. Psst! It’s $800/month for a professional package, while it’s $3,200/ month for an Enterprise package… and this doesn’t include add-ons; for add-ons, you’ll have to shell out more bucks.

Other tools


bitly - tools for media marketing

Bitly may not sound big but it sure does help you big time. Bitly was founded in 2008 and since then it has grown big enough to be known across the globe.

With Bitly you can create, shorten, and also share links for business purposes and casual purposes. Bitly might be the most important tool for business professionals as it lets you track clicks, see site referrals, and locate which geographical area the most clicks are coming from.

The best feature about Bitly? It’s completely FREE! Bitly is the best URL shortener that processes nearly billions of links each month and it is free! Okay, Completely free might be an exaggeration as there are packs for social media marketing professionals; although they’re pretty cheap.


influential - tools for media marketing

Influential is one of the best tools if you wish to boost your brand and gain more followers. Influential is the leading platform that helps your business to connect with influencers on various social media platforms (basically matchmaking).

Influential uses AI to thoroughly research your profile and with the help of transparent data and Machine learning, it learns about you and your followers. The main goal of Influential’s research AI is to learn about your targeted audience and then pair you with the best influencers that coordinate well with your brand.

The most interesting and impressive things about Influential might be it’s AI, which is named Watson and is IBM’s most powerful AI.

Author’s note.

And we’ve finally reached the end! Hallelujah! Sadly I wanted to write more (GASPS!) as I was aiming to give you something thoroughly detailed and there were many other sites (above 50) worth mentioning. Hope you find the sites mentioned above useful and do leave us a comment if you have questions or need us to correct something.

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