Soiclapilot Review – Tool For Social Media Marketing & Analytics

Soiclapilot Review

Hootsuite has been driving the social network marketing field for quite some time now. This hasn’t controlled the browsing like business as Google would, but they’ve been around for a long time — since 2008 – and have gained a fairly decent reputation ever since.

When an upstart would be dealing with Hootsuite, they would have to equal them in functionality and challenge them on quality. However, the software will be at least as user-friendly overall. This is the prism we see Social Pilot from, which was created in 2014.

Where will they measure up in this room against — not just Hootsuite — but all the prominent players? They are not just outsiders, but they also haven’t made a major impact. So though you may not have learned of the web, there are businesses like Alibaba, Gartner, Samsung, and Vodafone.

With strong traction built up in 2018, Social Pilot has placed its eyes on its competition — and it’s not a risk to believe that Hootsuite is in the crosshairs. In virtually every aspect, Social Pilot matches them, nails the interface, and their pricing is purpose-built to be viewed as a side-by-side comparison — with Social Pilot coming out as the stronger value in the paper. Having that in mind, let’s dig into the deal deeper and have a maximum picture.

How to use Socialpilot?

The first thing you need to do after signing in to your SocialPilot account is to add your social profiles. To do so, under Social Accounts, click on “Link Address” in the left window.

Below you can attach unrestricted accounts to Facebook (profile or account) and LinkedIn (profile, category, or group) for Instagram, Google + (Account, Profile & Collection).


Let’s get to the crucial bit now. A good interface is a great thing to provide, but where there is no good interface for apps, it is useless in the end. Therefore, as we study sites like this, the problem we have to pose is: Will this make it better for social networking professionals? And here’s the answer: Yes. 

Account management is achieved cleanly and effectively, as you can organize each account into different categories (by site, by the user, by whatever). When you share the same material through several platforms, choosing any of these as part of the method is simple enough.

So if you’ve already put them together it’s much easier — just pick the community and the post goes where you want it to. Social Pilot also allows quick task arranging, queuing, uploading, and posting all of the content.

There’s also a content curation function nestled within the posting module — just scan through keywords and you can upload, queue, or schedule it right there when you’ve discovered something suitable.

The one shortcoming in this area is a major one, though: there is no clear content publishing for Instagram. It will be par for the course before 2018; Instagram did not require uploading from any third-party devices.

Although as of a year ago, they began encouraging company users to do so, to make interacting with their social network marketing channels simpler for them. By then, there are loads of app choices for companies to plan and upload directly via the Instagram API. Social Pilot hasn’t leaped on that for any reason, to get it done.

It’s in the works, so as of now you’ll need to use their own ios device to finish the job if you’re making a post on Social Pilot. It is a three-step procedure that is more than a little tedious, a technique that was popular twelve months ago but is now mostly out of date.

And it’s not just the opportunity to post directly the Social Pilot lacks: there’s just no practical interaction with Instagram, no interaction with the APIs. You can’t get statistics, or even show post stories (unless you’ve decided to launch them on the platform).

That’s a shame because the rest of the analytics module are fantastic things. It integrates for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn which offers insights into post success. You ‘re going to be able to have a birds-eye perspective of what happens, and then dig further in to see why and how.

You will figure out when and when the leaders of the community are most involved, and which hashtags echo the best. You can know the profiles of the crowd, as well as the hours and days they are most involved. When you can’t use such tools to create a good social networking profile, you can’t fault the Social Pilot.

It is particularly valid because the majority of the social networking strategy is utilizing Facebook. Although Social Pilot does several different stuff for many different platforms, it does everything for Facebook. One of the best features of the app is the Social Inbox which helps you to manage all your FB comments and messages from all accounts and pages and respond to them.

To companies coping with this aspect of the heavy lifting of their consumers, the simplicity at which they can keep on top of all their contact will be worth the monthly expense alone.

Ease of Use

We noted earlier in this article that any business trying to content with Hootsuite would be smart to concentrate on the two weak points of the software: price and design. Looking at the below prices, it’s clear that Social Pilot had this in mind while planning their pricing ranges. How about the user interface, though?

Okay, there’s nothing innovative or creative about it and it fits well for them. It is easy, it is clean and it is very organized. We have just considered the Hootsuite code too much, honestly.

It’s fluid and versatile, of course, but it can also become a confusing and cluttered mess quite quickly. It’s really quick to get lost in it, trying to find out which stream is your Facebook account and which is your Insta; which one reveals your fans and which one reveals who you’re following; it can all transform into a waterfall that makes it impossible to keep focused.

With Virtual Pilot, it’s far more conventional style and navigation — there’s no getting lost. Even better, the app can walk you through the initial configuration on the first visit, show you when and how to link the different accounts, and build an initial schedule for posting.

The remainder of the interface is simple enough to find out only by clicking on the navigation bar across each tab, and the page you are dealing with still has an icon for getting support.


This might be because of their fairly obscure standing, but Social Pilot has nothing in the way of third-party integrations or software. It is one field that affects the odds of outlets of bigger corporations and is expected to provide broader networks in technology — not only linked to social networking.

There are loads of applications that link project management, eCommerce, CRM, and several other pieces of marketing pie for SMM platforms — there are over 150 collaborating for Hootsuite.

It does not impact the customers of Social Pilot on the small side of things (Professional and Small Group plans), because such integrations with applications are not required to create a good social network profile, although other bigger customers that want to do their homework to make sure they should (or can) communicate with their other tech solutions.

Nonetheless, Social Pilot provides a kind of solution for the moment by promoting the collaboration of Zapier — a third-party cloud application that manages the incorporation of other mobile applications.

Once you link your Social Pilot account to your Zapier account, you can then attach back to Social Pilot either of the more than 1,000 applications, exchanging data between them to simplify workflow.

This is not free of course, and so would pay you another monthly bill, charged to another business. On the other hand, you’re always losing money over Hootsuite with Social Pilot.

Many notable incorporations include:

  • Project Manager, who is doing just as that job means.
  • Shorting the URL providers such as Facebook, Bitly, Sniply, Rebrandly, and Feedly. On any of these apps, you can add Social Pilot to your account, make it the default for any or all of your accounts and you can automatically shorten long links when you build a message.
  • Web browser plugins for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox allowing you to save and schedule every website you may want to access. When you mess at work and others capture you — hit the extension button and bam, it’s handy too! 

Soiclapilot Pricing

Social Pilot is targeted at a wide demographic, with promotional choices that include anything from small companies to large businesses. What’s nice is that there are no limits on features — nearly everything you can do at the lowest stage will be achieved, too. You are actually doing things on a smaller scale.

  • Professional ($30/mo, or $25/mo paid annually) — At the lowest rates subscription for Social Pilot, you can handle 50 social media, produce 200 updates a day, and up to 2,500 messages in your list.
  • Small squad ($50/mo, $41.33/mo annually billed) — 100 twitter media, 500 updates a day, 5,000 messages in the queue.
  • Agency — 200 media networks, 1,000 messages, 10,000 inline ($100/mo, $83.33/mo billed annually)
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing) — To consumers who choose to do more than the other products authorize.

Of the three functions you are unable to use with the Technical package, only one is useful at this level: the Social Mailbox, which helps you to handle all incoming feedback and notifications from all of your Facebook accounts in one location.

The other two features — Client Control and White Label Analytics PDFs — are aimed at organizations. You should look up the pricing page of Social Pilot for a complete set of functionality for each program.


Social Pilot has been around since 2014 but they are still commonly regarded in the SMM industry as a new team. After their inception they have spent the time wisely, creating a product that is completely designed, interactive, and extremely simple to use.

If they can create enough noise this year to create consumers’ care, they’ll potentially bring over many potential buyers who are sick of overpaid for competitive goods. There are also a few items to address/brought up to date, most importantly the absence of Instagram support in the app.

Although you can connect your Facebook profiles to the site and plan stuff over it, what you get is the opportunity to show what you’re doing amid everyone else on Facebook.

That’s something they have in the works, but for advertisers and SM administrators who deal with Instagram every day, that is a concern. Nevertheless, Social Pilot would be a nice change of scenery for smaller companies and any company or organization that operates popular Facebook accounts.

Add to the fact that it promotes Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, Google+, and LinkedIn, and all this renders the site very powerful. Social Pilot will be on the shortlist of sites to try on with any company trying to get serious about social network strategy, or companies seeking to properly handle their various customers.

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