How to Deactivate Your Snapchat Account in 3 Easy Steps?


Snapchat is unlike any other social networking device because, in only a few seconds, the images vanish. And with all of its enjoyable apps, such as funny selfies, real-time life alerts, and dog filters, the photo-sharing site is simple to get carried away with. Yet if you decide to take a break from Snapchat, what should you do? Maybe just absolutely rid yourself of it?

Whether you get rid of Snapchat in favor of Instagram Stories, because you dislike the Snap app, or just because you don’t like it, it just takes a couple of minutes to uninstall or disable your account. Snapchat’s website states, “Once your account becomes deactivated, your friends would not be able to message or communicate with you on Snapchat.

Your account would be completely removed after 30 days, implying your username, account settings, contacts, videos, messages, post, app data, and location data would be stored in our primary user archive.”

How to Erase Your Snapchat Account from the Computer?

  •  Go to there site, sign in, and then click Delete My Account. 

You may also reach this page by heading to, descending to the bottom of the page, and clicking “Help.” Then go to “My Account & Protection” and click on “Account Details.”

  •   Type the account’s username and password you want to remove.
  • Continue to click and Snapchat would delete your account for 30 days. This will be completely removed after this period expires.

You also have 30 days to reactivate your account after the Snapchat is deactivated. To do so, just sign in with your username and password in the Snapchat app during these 30 days. You have to be careful because reactivating an account often requires up to 24 hours.

How to delete your Snapchat account from the phone?

  1. Go to the site for Snapchat users and type the account’s username, or email address, and password.
  2. Tap on Remove My Account click.
  3. Confirm your preference by clicking “Start” (if they aren’t saved to autofill, you will even need to re-enter your username and password).

When you have finished the delete phase, your friends at Snapchat would not be able to reach you through your account. If you decide to stay in touch you would need to make sure you have any other contact details saved for them. 

If you want to reactivate your account before 30 days have passed, you will do so by using your username and password to sign back into your account. Your account can require up to 24 hours to reactivate. Upon deactivation, you won’t be allowed to adjust the password so make sure to recall whether you decide to reactivate the account.

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