10 Best Stores like PacSun With Better Quality & Cheap Prices in 2021

Pacsun Alternatives

PacSun is a retail clothing brand and is one of those stores which understands the needs of teens and people in their 20s. The company is rooted in the youth-oriented culture and lifestyle of California. PacSun, which stands for Pacific Sunwear, offers various products from clothing to beauty and wellness products, accessories to shoes, and from home decor to lifestyle items. And the best part is that they offer all that at affordable prices, without compromising on the quality of the product. But they are not the only brand that offers all that.

Hence here we have a list of the 10 best stores that are very much similar to PacSun in terms of collection, style, rates, and feel. So next time when you go shopping you’ll have tons of choices.

Hollister Co.

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Let’s start with the #1 store like PacSun and that is none other than Hollister, Just like PacSun Hollister is also an original California lifestyle brand. Whose collection is inspired by California’s laid back attitude, so if you are looking for something that will make you look cool effortlessly then you should definitely check them out. Hollister is a global teen and young adult retail brand which is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Hollister features clothing and accessories for men and women in their online and offline stores. They offer clothing, Cologne, body care products, accessories, shoes, and much more.

Hollister Co. was launched in July 2000, and today they have over 200 stores. But unlike PacSun, Hollister does not go after the core surf market as they are more about inspiration and lifestyle. In 2019, Piper Jaffray ranked Hollister in their top five clothing brands. Hollister also has an intimate brand under them named Gilly Hicks, it offers intimate, sleepwear, and loungewear, While Hollister Co. is owned by Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

Other than that they also do their part for the community, through their Hollister confidence project by offering grants to non-profit programs that are focused on mental health, equity, and sustainability. In 2020, they committed their long term partnership & $200,000 donation with The Academy Group.


vans - best stores like PanSun

Next, we have Vans (which of course you all must have heard of) which just like PacSun, known for selling athletic lifestyle apparel. Vans is one of the biggest American manufacturers of shoes and other apparel including shirts, tanks, hoodies, dresses, pants, backpacks, hats, and so much more. From 1966 to 2021, this internationally recognized brand has grown a lot and created authentic goodwill.

It’s true that Vans are known worldwide for their skateboard shoes, but I’m sure once you check their other apparel you will agree that they deserve the same attention. They offer a huge collection of clothing and fashion accessories for men and women that follow the American youth culture. In March 1966, Paul Van Doren (who worked for a few years at Randy’s, shoe manufacturer) and his brother James Van Doren and Gordon C. Lee opened their first Vans store (originally named The Van Doren Rubber Company). And on the very first day, they sold 12 Vans shoes, since then they have grown a lot.

Ah! They also let their customers customize shoes and backpacks in terms of design and colors. Other than that, Vans is also a part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition hence the materials that they use in their products are eco-friendly. They analyze their packaging materials and try to make them as sustainable as they can. Plus, they also partner with various non-profits organizations that support art, music, and other action sports. But the best thing about them is their reasonable prices, you can get clothing, accessories, and shoes in the range of $30-$100.


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Boohoo sounds like a brand related to kids (because of the sound of it) but of course as you all must already know it’s an online retailer that offers a wide collection of clothing and accessories that targets teens, young adults, and people in their late 20’s.

Founded in 2006 under the leadership of Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane, the company is based in the United Kingdom. They started their journey with just a humble shop but today they have grown a lot that they own 7 other huge fashion brands namely Pretty little things, Nasty Girl, BoohooMan, Miss Pap, Karen Miller, and Coast. I’m sure if you love shopping you must be aware of them, as they all are quite known.

With Boohoo you can find nearly 27000 styles of clothes for both men and women; those awesome styles are split into various categories like Clothing, Stay Home, Activewear, Tops, Dresses, and coats; But of course just like Pacsun Boohoo isn’t just limited to clothing they also offer shoes, beauty products, Valentine’s day specials products, and much more. And you won’t believe that you can find some of the sexiest styles for as low as $17! Plus, they frequently bring out sales where you can get up to 50% discount or even 70% discount.

I know lately Boohoo is facing a lot of backlash and negative reviews due to the quality of their clothes and their Lancaster factories, but as someone who has purchased their products on many occasions, I think one shouldn’t complain about the quality since the quality is on par and they let you spend way less than you normally would. It was just once when I received a defective product, I asked for a refund and received the product and also got to keep the defective product. And for their factory issues, I sincerely hope they quickly resolve them.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters - best stores like PanSun.jpg

Urban Outfitters, a multinational lifestyle retailer specializes in selling apparel, clothing accessories, beauty products, and home furniture and decor. Just like PacSun, Urban Outfitters also targets teens and young adults through their creativity, unique products, and cultural understanding. I’m sure you’ll definitely love their collection, as it is really fun checking out their unique collection.

Urban Outfitters (originally named Free People) was founded in 1970 as a project for an entrepreneurship class at the University of Pennsylvania, by Richard Hayne, Judy Wicks, and Scott Belair. Later on, in 1976, it was incorporated and renamed “Urban Outfitters”. And today Urban Outfitters has over 200 stores, over time they expanded product offering and added various other elements. If you are a creative person then you should definitely check them out, as they are offering their own designs and other branded products.

Urban Outfitters offers a perfect mix of premium basics and on-trend fashion, as you can find vintage-inspired clothing, graphics on different apparel, boho dresses, and much more. It carries multiple stores within its brand, including Free People, Anthropologie, Terrain, BHLDN, and the Vetri Family restaurant group so you can have a wide variety of choices.

Also check Stores like Ross


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 On #5 We have Asos, which you must already know about since they can roast other online fashion shopping brands pretty well (the Boohoo socks incident). But of course, that’s not the only reason why we have them on our list, other than roasting other brands and Asos boasts a variety of clothing and accessories on their platform which is very much similar to PacSun in terms of feel and style. So if you are looking for the latest and trendy clothing be it suits, jeans, tops, lingerie/ swimsuits, or shoes, you can easily find them on the Asos platform.

This online fashion retailer follows a hybrid business model that provides both third-party labels and private labels; now one might think that these third party labels would be some super cheap brands, but that’s completely incorrect as Asos isn’t a brand that compromises on quality and the third-party labels that Asos provides include many of the big names like Hugo Boss, Nike, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, and so on. And if you’re thinking that they must be super expensive, then do note that Asos sells those big named brands at huge discounts, for instance: if a Nike Hoodie costs €108, after discount you can get it for as low as €86!

This UK based brand was founded on 3rd June 2000 under the leadership of Nick Robertson, Quintin Griffiths, Deborah Thorpe, and Andrew Regan. In just a few years they have grown a lot and are already competing with well-established brands, Today ASOS offers products from around 850 different brands and also makes its own in-house labels (as mentioned earlier).

Plus, ASOS also has a marketplace, where you can sell your clothes.

According to multiple reviews from customers and with my own experience, I can say that ASOS has the best shoes and coats available but the only negative things are that they have a pretty frustrating shipping time, customer service, and product exchange facilities so make sure to think twice before buying. Well, of course, there ain’t any single online fashion brand out there without any faults so we can cut some slack for ASOS.

American Eagle Outfitters.

American Eagle - best stores like PanSun

American Eagle is my personal favorite since it’s one of my go-to stores, and I must say that I love their collection. They always have that vintage (yet trendy) and aesthetic vibes in their clothing designs plus their high quality, soft and comfortable material seals the deal. American Eagle’s collection is about a certain feel and look, if it suits your style then you should definitely go for them as their price range and high quality are very much similar to PacSun.

As its name suggests, American Eagle is an American lifestyle-based clothing brand, founded in 1977. And just like PacSun they too target male and female teens and college-going students even though older adults also wear their brand. Currently, they have over 900 stores worldwide. Their jeans, polo shirts, graphic T-shirts, boxers, outerwear, and swimwear are some of the popular products. American Eagle is also a parent company of Aerie, an intimate apparel and lifestyle retailer. Ah! And btw if you ever had difficulty in finding the right jeans that compliment your style and are trendy, then your hunt is over as I’m sure whichever kind of jeans you are looking for you will definitely find it in their collection.

They offer trendy yet comfortable clothing, accessories, and personal care products under its American Eagle and Aerie. American Eagle is an optimistic, inclusive, and empowering company that celebrates and encourages the individuality of its customers.

Abercrombie & Fitch

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Next, we have Abercrombie & Fitch, another awesome brand like PacSun which focuses on casual wear. But their collection is more towards elegance, style, and high quality, hence their collection is a bit expensive if compared to PacSun. Abercrombie & Fitch was born in 1892 (maybe the oldest one on our list) in Manhattan Borough of New York City by David T. Abercrombie. At that time, the company was an elite outfitter for outside activities. With their purpose to make everyone feel confident, comfortable, and stress-free, they grew into a well-known brand.

They offer a huge collection of clothes, accessories, shoes, Cologne, and body care products. You might not find trendy clothes but you’ll definitely find something classic, elegant, comfortable, and durable.

Abercrombie & Fitch also operates three different brands under them namely Abercrombie Kids, Hollister Co., Gilly Hicks. And we already have Hollister Co. at the top of our list because of its affordable prices and its similarity with PacSun. Abercrombie Kids is a children’s clothing brand, targeted at consumers aged 7-14. And Hollister Co. as you might have already read on the first point targets teen and young adults. While Gilly Hicks offers women’s intimates and loungewear.

Abercrombie & Fitch partnered with a various non-profit organization that supports equality, suicide prevention, literacy programs and many more.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic

Banana Republic, a well-known brand owned by the American multinational corporation Gap Inc. This American clothing and accessories brand was founded in 1978 by Mel and Patricia Ziegler and they originally named it “Banana Republic Travel & Safari Clothing Company”. But when Gap purchased this company in 1983, it changed its name to just “Banana Republic” and to upscale their brand image they rebranded the stores.

Mel and Patricia Ziegler opened the company with a concept to sell items that fit a safari theme, they traveled far and near in the search for the finest materials and fabric innovations. Their motive was to provide their customers a world of possibilities with no boundaries.

Banana Republic clothing and accessories will add a modern and refined look to your wardrobe. Their collection is a bit expensive if compared with PacSun, but you’ll get free shipping if your order is above $50. Plus, they frequently bring sale where you can easily find up to 50-60% off on products.

Banana Republic made sure that they stay ethical and hence they are committed to making better decisions when it comes to their product and practices. They take steps to integrate sustainability in their designs and manufacturing practices to reduce the impact on nature. Their goal is to use 100% sustainable cotton, 50% sustainable fibers, and more sustainable jeans, and they achieved more than half of their goals.



Next, we have Zumiez, which is known for its unique, sporty style, and colorful collection. It is an American-based multinational specialty clothing brand, which offers action sports-related apparel, hardgoods, accessories, footwear, and equipment, for both men and women. Their action based lifestyle is centered around sports like surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and bicycle motocross. So if you are a sporty person and looking for footwear, shirts, pants, or even sporting equipment then you should definitely check them out. Sporting equipment that they offer includes BMX bikes, surfboards, and skateboards.

Zumiez was launched in 1978 originally named “Above the Belt”, their collection got a lot of traction and they grew quickly through the early 1980s. Today they are one of the known brands with over 698 physical stores, and if you ever visited their store then you must be knowing how much they know about teens’ lifestyle as they have designed their stores on an “organized chaos” theme. Plus, their stores are stocked with video games and couches.

They also do their part for society through their charitable foundation, by donating clothes to those in need. In 2012, They had donated over 180,000 items to more than 180 organizations.

Ah! Another great thing about them is their “Zumiez Stash”, which allows customers to sign up so that they can earn points on each purchase (in-store or online). And those points can be redeemed for rewards and items that are available for purchase only with stash points.



For our final store like PacSun, we have Tillys, which is also very much similar to Zumiez. Tillys is a leading American retail clothing brand that sells casual apparel, footwear, and accessories for young adults and teens. Shaked and Tilly Levine opened their first store in 1982, and today they have over 200 stores operating in 33 states.

Their collection is based on sports like, active, and social lifestyles and hence popular among people who like to stay trendy and are sporty. Other than their house brand, there are many other brands that are sold there which include Adidas, DC Shoes, Vans, Levi’s, Billabong, Fox, and many more.

Just like PacSun, Tillys too is a California based company that operates through both physical and online stores. Other than that their clothing collections are similar too, as they also make sure that they don’t compromise on the quality, comfortability, and breathability of the clothing. They are a bit on the expensive side, although they frequently launch clearance sales where you can easily find 50% off. Plus, you’ll be charged just $1 for shipping if your orders are over $49.

Author’s Word

This was all guys, thank-you for taking your time and going through this article. I hope these stores will help you find something that compliments your style and make you feel more confident, without emptying your wallet. Ah! These 10 stores aren’t the only ones that are similar to PacSun and sell great quality clothes online. One of those sites would be Amazon, as they too offer great styles of clothes and accessories at a low cost that is similar to that of PacSun. The stores in this list are subject to changes, so if you find an even better store similar to PacSun, do leave us a comment.

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