10 Best TikTok Growth Services to Use in 2021

Best TikTok Growth Services

In this era of digital media, every person is busy doing one or the other thing on social media. One activity that has been gaining fame across the globe is the growth of online videos. Yes, we’re talking about none other than TikTok.

This game requires a strategic approach. Owing to this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best TikTok Growth Services currently available in the market.

These are the agencies that specialize in providing TikTok marketing and include all elements such as likes, comments, etc. This article is written after a thorough analysis of various factors such as price, security, etc. Read the article to explore more about the intriguing world of online video sharing and its promotion.   

Here are the Best TikTok Growth Services:


This prominent service gets you, real followers. In just three steps, you can grow your followers. Ensure that you stay true to your niche to get the best results. Get maximum exposure without the use of fake bots. Engage with your target audience via liking and following. Salient features include Advanced Targeting, Whitelist, Blacklist, 100% safe, etc.

The team constantly optimizes your profile for getting the largest potential growth in followers. Apart from this, you’ll get an account manager for superior support.

This service assists individuals, businesses, or influencers. Moreover, growth is set to Autopilot mode. This implies that you can enjoy creating the content while the Tokupgrade team is busy managing your growth on TikTok.

Your security concerns will get eliminated as the agency offers encryption of information via 256-bit SSL encryption. If you want organic engagement at an affordable price, then you should give this service a shot. Get started today to include yourself in the list of satisfied clients.


Like the previous one, TokSocial does not encourage bots, spam & fake followers. Features include advanced filters, dedicated account manager, 24-7 Support, amongst others. The company provides real targeted organic growth which is driven by the most advanced technology. It has a straightforward setup and cancellation is possible anytime.

If you want to grow genuine followers who are actually interested in your TikTok shoutouts and videos, then you can benefit from this service. The company claims that it provides only the best services to its customers.

Grow and retain a real fan-base for a long time with TokSocial. Further, you can set up filter results for a result that is targeted at the niche segment or blacklist anything that does not convince you.

Well, who knows that your content may go viral too? Coming to the pricing, there is a regular and pro plan which can be chosen according to the requirement. You’ll get support for both of them but the only difference is the level of growth and hence the variation in price.    



Do you want to boost the performance of your profile? Then you should consider this agency that provides the highest quality social signals to its clients. Mediamister provides an extensive range of promotional products and packages of high quality.

The team claims that it personally verifies the quality and authenticity of every TikTok fan and follower that they provide. In simple words, all re human-owned accounts rather than bots. You can even achieve the target of 10,000 TikTok followers in just under 20 working days. The same duration goes for likes as well as views.

Views are required owing to the high count of users globally. These views help you to stand out in the crowd. This is what makes you exceptional.

What sets them apart from other agencies is their unique approach and manual strategy to source quality social signals from authentic accounts. Authenticity is of utmost importance and accounts should be active. Take advantage of the organic delivery method to boost your TikTok profile and get more followers.  


Highlights of this service include speedy delivery, affordability, genuine followers, etc. This is a highly popular tool that can be used to grow your TikTok presence. For a nominal price, you can choose the number of followers that you desire.

You are free to select the package according to your specific requirements. The company ensures that it has a robust mechanism for delivering results. So, you’ll receive your followers in a few hours (12 hours).

Along with that, you’ll get follow-up support to sustain your new followers. Clients get 24/7 email support. For long-term social fame, Socialviral is recommended. Increase your brand visibility and increase your profits in an unbelievably short amount of time. The biggest advantage is that no password is required. 


Get a score of fans with this amazing service. It does not require a password and the approach is intuitive. Buy genuine followers and unlock access to an infinite stream of prospective followers. Packages include likes, views and of course fans.

Get yourself featured by having higher account metrics which is only possible if you have a large number of followers and likes. This service does wonders and you’ll be amazed at the incoming traffic to your profile.

Subscribe today and grow your account in an organic way. Owing to the money-back guarantee, you can easily claim a refund. Secure your privacy and personal information. Besides this, a dedicated support team is there to assist you round the clock.  


This tool/service is made for those account holders who want wider exposure and visible organic growth all in one package. The hallmark of this agency is that it provides the lowest price on the market.

You can get 1000 views for a few dollars. But your biggest bargain will be lifetime packages with a guaranteed refill. There is also a loyalty program for regular customers. Users will get an optimum number of TikTok fans, likes, and views.

You are eligible for a discount while choosing your optimized bundle. The prices are quite reasonable and you can even consult the agency’s personal assistant to assist you regarding this. You can easily pay via a secured payment portal.

You have to follow a series of three steps to get started. Again, the advantages offered by the service are fast delivery of orders, organic growth, quality service, privacy, etc. Further, you will be able to establish brand awareness. Get this tool today to effectively plan TikTok account promotion.


Although it is made primarily for Instagram, it is quite useful for TikTok also. This is a human simulation tool to let you multiply your audience. This service will definitely assist you in boosting fans and likes.

For achieving this feat, it uses a unique technique that is distinct from the traditional approach of following, unfollowing, and liking. Unlike the above agencies on this list, this service implements a bot to attract the attention of users to the profile.  This TikTok marketing assistant will keep you in touch with your target audience 24 hours of a day and 7 days a week.

Make your dashboard ready in just 3 simple steps. It is a web-based application that lowers the need for downloading. Moreover, there is strict Security & Compliance owing to which data is safe and always available.

Also, expert support is available to you, so do let the real experts know your issues so that they can solve them in real-time. Besides this, the company has a precise targeting program that narrows down the most related audience for your business or brand. Recognize your performance and enhance it accordingly. Select the right plan or package for your brand.


This growth service tool will get you innumerable followers, views, and engagement. For starters, it has a 3-day free trial. This service is a bot in reality that performs the follow/unfollow method.

This will eventually lead to massive, organic increases in followers, views, and engagement. The bot restricts to the maximum safe amount of actions per day. Its working is mainly based on targeted TikTok followers.

You can choose which target accounts and geographic regions are ideal for you and automated activity would be set upon these only. According to the company, you can skyrocket your growth in a matter of weeks. And this growth will be effortless. You will not need to download anything to initiate the service.

Although the pricing is a little high in the initial stages, it decreases as you add new accounts. Further, the perks provided by the agency such as interactive dashboard, intelligent automation, free high-quality proxy, and analytics tracking justify the cost.

In case you become unhappy with the service, you are free to cancel at any time. They even have a blog that comprises relevant information.


 SocialBoss is a reliable company with extensive experience in TikTok marketing. It has effective marketing strategies and a wide choice of service packages.

You will get your followers usually between one and three days. effectively promote your account and boost your rating to gain attention on this social platform. Choose the appropriate package, provide order details, and receive your order.

You will be able to gain as many fans as you want if you follow a systematic approach. Reflect the relevance of your content to get more fans. You don’t need to worry as the service is of high-quality.

Let’s have a glance at the major highlights- 100% risk-free process, assured privacy & discretion, 24-hour working customer support, two weeks guarantee, etc.

The agency consistently improves their service. The team executes customers’ orders perfectly. Other than fans or followers, you also need to focus on TikTok views. Forget all your worries and buy views and followers for gaining presence in the market.  


The major benefit of this service is that it is secure, fast, and reliable. You can follow unique strategies to get more fans on TikTok. The remarkable characteristics of the bot include easy usage, unique filter, real followers and support.

You’ll find innovative features in the dashboard that will promote your profile to a great extent. You can also start a 3-day trial if you want to test the software. Instazood software will let you send direct messages automatically. It works by following other accounts on TikTok and sending them legit direct messages.

Auto liker, auto comment and auto unfollow will keep a balance in your profile. The more the views, more people are likely to engage with your posts. You can select the users according to a specific criterion that includes locations, interests, and activities.

Remember that specific hashtags will save the day most of the times. You can target someone’s follower list or hashtag users. You will get easy follow backs.

Captivate people with the help of powerful tools and grow genuine followers. This whole process is completely free of spam. You’ll get all TikTok actions in one place which is an added advantage. Subscribe today and increase the conversion rate.


 These were the top 10 TikTok growth agencies. For best results, we recommend a deep thought before actually going for any service. The market is indeed flooded with youngsters who want people to acknowledge them.

Whether you’re a brand or an influencer, the above services will suffice. Choose the best after a careful analysis of factors various including price, service bundle, delivery time, security amongst others. Do remember to read the reviews for gaining an insight into the background of a company. That’s it for now! Become a star on TikTok today!

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