Top 3 TikTok Scheduling Tools (+ How to Schedule TikTok Posts in 2020)

Best TikTok Scheduling Tools

TikTok is the next big thing. Launched only in 2016, this social media platform has over 800 million active users making it one of the most popular apps in today’s times. If there ever was an app where you could spend hours with it feeling like minutes, then it’s TikTok.

This is the one app that will never bore you – fashion, cooking, skits, trends, and amazing music. This app has it all and there is no dearth of creativity on this forum. What makes the app even more interesting is that – every video is for a minute or lesser – and while that’s amusing to the audience, it can be quite a chore for the creator.

Behind-the-scene each of these tiny videos has seen hours of hard-work and endless creativity. Now, what with all the hours of work, it so often happens that you forget to plan and manage your videos. This is where TikTok scheduling tools come to your aid.

What is TikTok scheduling?


A TikTok scheduler is basically a social management app that will help you plan ahead. With the help of such apps, you can organize your videos and schedule them for timely uploads.

Once your videos are scheduled you can focus on what really matters to you i.e. content creation. TikTok scheduling is the social media manager you always knew you needed.

Benefits of TikTok scheduling:

It may not seem like much at first glance, but TikTok scheduling apps help you in more ways than one. Here are some of its top benefits:

  • Now You Never Have To Miss Posting A Video On-Time:
    Every creator on TikTok knows what their specific peak time for posting a video is – a time when most of their followers are online and scouring the platform for their favorite content creators.But it’s almost impossible to keep tabs on the time every day of the year – especially when you are busy coming up with your next hit video idea. With the help of a TikTok scheduler, you will always be able to keep up with your strategic method of posting. One small act that will continue to bolster your TikTok success.
  • Manage Multiple Accounts At Once:
    When managing one account can be a hassle you can only imagine the kind of work that would go into managing multiple accounts. Small businesses and agencies often have a few accounts to their name but sooner or later they begin to lose audience interest all because of the haphazard posting patterns.With TikTok schedulers, you can efficiently manage all your accounts seamlessly and post videos at the correct timings to expand user engagement.
  • The Perfect Visual Planner:
    The beauty of these TikTok scheduling tools is that when you sit down to plan your video posts, you get to see the bigger picture. The app helps you understand how you want to your feed to look and what image you want to present to your audience.Once you have chalked it all out, it becomes all the more simple to edit, reschedule and make tiny changes here and there.
  • No Scope For Errors:What’s worse than forgetting to post a video? Posting a video that is riddled with errors. Maybe you post the part 2 before you even post part 1, or you forget to add the correct music or forget to incorporate the last minute changes – when you’re video is of 1 minute, you best believe your audience expects the best out of you.

    So, a post full of errors is literally the worst that could happen to you. But with TikTok scheduling tools, you can rest assured that everything has been planned to perfection beforehand and is scheduled to become your next top viewed video.

How To Schedule Videos?

Create a TikTok video by working your usual magic and proceed to save it. Once the video is saved, edit, trim, add effects, filters and music as per your desire, and you’re happy with the results you can go ahead and post the finished video.

But wait, you already know that and the whole reason you’re here is that you want to schedule your videos and since TikTok in itself does not have the feature to schedule your videos, you will have to employ the use of a TikTok scheduling tool. Don’t worry though, it’s no rocket science and the whole process is as simple as it gets.

All you have to do is connect your chosen TikTok automation tool to your TikTok account with the help of your username. Once you’re in, visit your scheduling tool’s dashboard and click new post or add post which will then import your chosen TikTok video, proceed to set the basics like the date and time of your video, the apps you want to share the video to, hashtags, captions etc. And Voila! You’re done scheduling your first video. It will only be a smooth ride here on forth.

Now that you know the whats, whys, and hows of these TikTok scheduling tools, let us talk about the ones that are worth investing your money in.

The Top Best Tiktok Scheduling Tools in the Game:


SocialPilot is the go-to TikTok scheduling tool for almost every content creator out there. Not only does it help users schedule posts for publishing or help maintain a content planner calendar but it also has a whole host of cool features that are sure to help your account flourish.

Why should I choose SocialPilot?

  • Simple interface: The automation tool is so simple that you know your way around the app from the very first log in. Their motto is to make things simpler for you and that is evident from the very beginning – there are chat bubbles to direct you around the app, all their features are transparent and doesn’t take eons for you to chance upon and in the off-chance, you do find yourself in a pickle – they are always eager to help you out.
  • New and improved features: There’s just so much you can achieve with SocialPilot. Other than the obvious scheduling posts feature you also may shorten those ugly URLs that are constantly ruining the whole aesthetic of a video, manage your list of clientele, discover trending topics relevant and customized as per your account, avail browser extension services and check how your published videos have fared.
  • A fan-favorite among digital marketing teams: Over 115,000 businesses have employed the services provided by SocialPilot for themselves and have only good things to say about the app. The features, the customer-driven approach and the reasonable prices are some of the things that make SocialPilot “the” automation tool to trust. They also have a free trial which does not even ask for your card information.

The Pricing: The starter package for SocialPilot begins at $30 monthly.


With as adorable as an interface as its name, Loomly works for some of the biggest names in the industry from Porsche, L’ORÉAL, Havas to BMW. And if that isn’t enough to convince you to give Loomly a chance maybe its innovative features will.

Loomly doesn’t just help you schedule posts, but more precisely acts as somewhat of your social media manager. Once you have appointed Loomly for your help you might as well just kick back and enjoy.

Why should I choose Loomly?

  • Gets your team together: If you are a small business or agency, Loomly is a godsend. The tool helps get all your teammates in one place which makes collaboration on projects so very simple. You also get instant notifications whenever the team is in action.
  • Relentless innovation and creation: Being a content creator you will always be in the need of creativity and Loomly strives to bring out the best in you. The app offers you post ideas based on trending topics, holidays, events, and celebrations. It’s an excellent way to stay ahead of everybody in the social scene.
  • Calendar of Productivity: Loomly helps you create a calendar and stick to the social media routine you’ve made for yourself. While the calendar does an excellent job at keeping you motivated, the app also has various sections dedicated to your TikTok posts to make your process of publishing easy. The overview section consists of: draft, pending approval, required edits, approved, scheduled and published columns to constantly keep you up-to-date of your social media happenings.

The pricing: The pricing at Loomly starts at $25/monthly.


Crowdfire takes pride in being your trusty social manager and “super-smart marketing sidekick”. The key to more engagement is well, engaging content obviously but also timely posts and strategic marketing campaigns. Crowdfire researches your target audience, your competitors and your niche to help you create the content that will lure in followers.

Why should I choose CrowdFire?

  • Multi-task your way through: CrowdFire lets you plan and co-ordinate activities for all your social accounts. It’s easy, hassle-free and helps you make the best out of your social media experience.
  • Bulk scheduling for all your accounts: With CrowdFire you can schedule posts for all your accounts according to your specified time to maximize engagement.
  • Place of Inspiration: The app sends a constant flood of relevant articles and images your way which can help you create your next viral hit.

The pricing: CrowdFire’s monthly plan begins for only $7.48.


Now that you are well-versed with TikTok scheduling tools, you only have to choose the correct app for yourself. But are you still plagued with the question of, what is the best TikTok scheduling tool? To be fairly honest, all of the aforementioned ones are exemplary at their job, you need only select the app that best aligns with your interests.

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