Top 20 Trending Snapchat Influencer’s You Must Follow (2021)

Snapchat Influencer's

Snapchat first achieved attention as a social networking network for teens where they could hang out without caring about making their parents spy on their profiles.

They were able to create a video picture, and give it to mates. Since the advent of Instagram posts, and a new controversial update of style, it has lost some of its lusters.

Both Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian also made major statements this year to quit Snapchat, but Khloe Kardashian recently returned from her new baby via Snapchats. Given such complexities, several Generation Z’s already enjoy Snapchat.

When your target audience is the Millenials, then Snapchat is the perfect place to meet them, particularly young people. Snapchat has a fairly simple search feature as opposed to most other social networks.

Following users may be challenging unless you learn their code. There is a blog devoted to offering celebrities’ usernames on Snapchat, because users may be difficult in locating results inside the Snapchat app. Snapchat still has nothing to do with advertising, but it has increasingly begun to offer more knowledge about those it calls influencers.

Here’s a compilation of snap chatter where many of these people have earned their success in certain areas, such as fashion or exercise, but have grown up as snap chatters and want to post pictures and videos of their lives on the net.

Here are the Top and Trending Snapchat Influencers:

Neghar Fonooni

Neghar Fonooni

Neghar Fonooni is a writer and health instructor. She shows her Snapchat exercises (some of which are very grueling), as well as offering personal views into her life, such as her pups, wining, and dining. She maintains a self-titled blog where she shows people how to regain influence and create magic for themselves. She’s working to make people lead richer, healthier, fulfilling lives.

She defines her services as “spiritual life counseling, company advice, client consultancy, tarot readings, and helping people become better authors.”

Chandler Riggs

Chandler Riggs is a popular American TV star and DJ. He’s well known for his award-winning appearance in the horror-drama show The Walking Dead. In a fictional dystopian universe his hero, Carl Grimes, battles zombies. For this role, Riggs has received the Saturn Award three times.

The teen star performs DJ-ing under the Eclipse stage name. Riggs has appeared in other horror thrillers including Compassion and Just after fleeing from The Living Dead.

Riggs’ fan base comprises mainly young girls and boys who idolatry his role on the television. He regularly shares snippets from his shows and appearances on stage.


Chino typically takes the pop culture from his Snapchat creations. He primarily posts modified pictures from famous TV shows or films that he modifies to fit his profile. He also makes a cartoon image of a favorite series, his face placed over the end.

One photo Chino has posted reveals a “lit” image of the Geordie Shore characters in a hot tub, the head of Chino is replacing one of the show’s men. He’s created a picture with the four key characters from The Inbetweeners in another illustration but with Chino’s as Well.


Elizabeth Koshy

Elizabeth, alias Liza Koshy, is an American actress and YouTuber who started on Vine on her internet path. She uploaded a six-second comic video that immediately went viral. Her best performance up to now has been in Freakish, the Hulu horror show. Liza is the main character of the sitcom show YouTube, Liza on Call.

Liza has a huge Snapchat and YouTube follower list. She was listed on the Web in 2019 on Time’s Most Influential Women. With a comical spin and noisy facial gestures, Liza poses severe social issues. Koshy’s fans love her videos’ swift speed and absurd setups.

Andrea Russett

Andrea Russet is an American actress on YouTube and Snapchat, with a massive fan base. In 2009, she returned to the limelight when she took part in a challenge to meet Justin Bieber. Her entrance to the contest went viral and she became an instant teen phenomenon.

Russet’s appeared in films including Sickhouse and Lovesick. She also launched her brand of clothes, FLAWD Fashion, that is now discontinued. Andrea generated quite a stir in 2018 when she came out as a bisexual and announced it via Twitter. Thanks to her free-spirited nature this Snapchat influencer is a role model for young people.

Ricky Banks

His alias, FaZe Banks, best as Ricky Banks started his YouTube channel as a vlogger in 2011. He used to share brief videos about the shots and strategies of video game tricks. He also formed the FaZe Clan, an organization specialized in hosting competitions for video gameplay. Ricky later went under the name, FaZe Banks.

Banks hold other famous vloggers and fellow members of the clan including Rice Gum and Alissa Violet in service. He lives with them at Clout House where he makes vlogs and podcasts for the group.

Benji Krol

Benji Krol is a filmmaker from Canada and a YouTuber. He’s also known for his humorous videos and comedic expressions on TikTok and Instagram too. Krol has more than a half-million Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat subscribers.

Benji became involved in a scandal in August 2019, after hackers shared private material from his memories on Snapchat. The leaked videos trended in seconds, and Benji was met with much humiliation. Benji is gay and is already dating the star of Spanish TikTok, Jorge Garay.

Baby Ariel

Ariel Martin, or Baby Ariel, started her career in social networking from the short video website, TikTok. She already has 29.9 million fans on the web. She already has a wide number of followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

The account of Baby Ariel has several fans who admire her firm stance on such topics as twitter trolling and bullying. Ariel launched an anti-bullying movement in 2015 which she called #ArielMovement. 

People media also praised Ariel’s commitment to the #HackHarassment campaign targeting Web offensive messages. As an actor and rapper, Ariel has had popular stints too. She recently revealed she would be starring as the heroine, Wynter, in the Disney movie, Zombies 2.

Jordyn Jones

Jordyn Jones is a Canadian Snapchat influencer. She is a rapper, model, and actress. YouTube channel Jordyn has more than 50 million impressions and 1.9 million viewers.

Jones’ singing journey started with the teen flick, Dance Camp, where she performed her first hit, I’m Dappin. She’s featured along with stars like Demi Lovato and DNCE in the opening acts. The Snapchatter has been modeling high-end labels like Wonder and Steve Madden. Jordyn and her name-sake, Jordan Beau, are fellow YouTubers dating.

Hailey Orona (@mrs.werido3005)

Hailey Orona Snapchat

Hailey Orona is one of the biggest influencers Snapchat has to sell. She is a role model for young girls and boys lapping up images of her lifestyle. Hailey enthralls fans with her sexy selfies and costumes.

Orona who goes by the nickname, Mrs.weirdo3005, shares vignettes of her own lip-synching and dancing to famous songs on Snapchat. Instagram leaders of Hailey ‘s party name themselves “Onagang.” The net worth of Hailey Orona is valued at around $400 million.

Ingrid Nilsen

In the fashion and makeup room, Snapchat influencer Ingrid Nilsen is beautiful. She is recognized on YouTube as “Miss Glamorazzi,” a high-profile modeling vlogger, and was previously a participant on Project Runway Threads and the first confirmed Glambassador of Covergirl.

Since she started on YouTube in 2014 to 3.6 million followers she did not miss a move in terms of success, and it’s fair to assume that her impact doesn’t go anywhere.


Vanessa Workman

Vanessa Workman

Vanessa Workman is a blogger, journalist, and nature lover, raised in Florida. Her blog The Island Drum investigates tropical Malaysian places. Vanessa’s account Snapchat is called after the islandrum. This includes the Malaysian nation, Langkawi, local gatherings, traditions, and complexities.

Thanks to its offbeat and original material, this Snapchat influencer has built a huge following. Vanessa speaks in her Snapchat stories about forest safaris, food, and sights in the south-eastern parts of Asia where she lives.

Sam Sheffer

Sam Sheffer is a technology enthusiast who’s well known on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat for his software posts and artistic material. He was a technical director at Mashable previously and collaborated for companies like the Verge and Engadget. He is operating separately.

Sam is alive and breathing science. He continues to be fascinated with devices and gizmos since his youth. Besides video games, smartphones, and laptops, Sam has a knack for improving boarding too. He also posts photos of him driving around New York ‘s suburbs on his powered seat.

Carlos Gil

Carlos Gil is an accomplished social media expert, bestselling journalist, and motivational speaker from around the globe. His Snapchat page is full of convincing numerical reports on a range of subjects. His communication skills and techniques of messaging have won him a stupendous follower count on most media networks.

Gil is an influencer in Snapchat with Latin origins. Among American youth, his content has unbeatable scope and penetration. Gil’s trademark design consists of abstract ideas condensed with pleasing captions and video links.

Nicol Concilio

Nicol Concilio is a Twitter influencer who still has outstanding YouTube and Instagram fan numbers. She has 874K YouTube subscribers and 1.2 million Instagram fans. She is a makeup artist who frequently shares vlogs and videos for her young fans.

The Star Central website named her as the Month’s YouTube Artist three times. Her videos gained wide praise for their original material and appealing appearance. Nicol who chose singing during high school as a job choice is now a full-time blogger and snapchatter.


Sommer Ray

Sommer Ray is an American lifestyle blogger who has tallied up 18 million fans on Twitter, Vine, and Snapchat. This influencer from Snapchat publishes fitness videos that attract multiple views, reviews, and shares in a matter of minutes.

Ray was previously a part of the Clout Community, a collective of popular YouTubers residing together in a million-dollar LA home. She also collaborates with leaders of the group to make enjoyable videos that can inspire others to work out to get healthy.

Casey Neistat


Take the time out of the day for a nice lesson on social network humor, and enjoy those Casey Neistat posts if you don’t already recognize him. If you are, you may realize that he is the person who revealed “iPod’s Dirty Secret” in a three-minute video and then went on to produce a TV show bought from Manhattan through HBO and snowboard. He is one of the biggest influencers in Snapchat since he can share a lie.

Jean-Serge Gagnon

Jean-Serge Gagnon is a Canadian DevOps Evangelist who is a famous influencer on Snapchat. His blogs deal primarily with advice on market growth, education, and family life. He is a parent of four girls whose activities he speaks about frequently in his blog.

Gagnon’s followers test the action-based guidance he provides out of his website. He discusses how you should use patterns in Snapchat marketing to improve your organic interaction. Young content creators love the success ideas that Gagnon and its marketing recommendations spread.

Paul Darbos

Paul Darbos is a French-born Snapchat influencer. He gained social renown by sharing amazing articles and quotes from his Twitter page. His follower count on Twitter is reportedly 376.3K.

Paul diversified into other social media including Instagram and Snapchat over eight years. He entered the ranks of prominent YouTubers recently by bringing his channel into the web. He places mainly in French.

Krishna De

Krishna De is amongst Europe’s best producers of social network content. She hosts podcasts to teach viewers how to do live streaming and sell social media material. De offers Snapchat marketing tricks and exploits in her weekly live show called, “The Live Stream Insiders.”

Krishna tells advertisers on the latest Snapchat devices. Her no-nonsense, actionable perspective into modern networking has earned her a respected influencer on Snapchat. Her creative distribution approaches conform to best practices on social media. Her material is visual often fun-filled, often presented in bite-sized vignettes.


With these Snapchat influencers, you will hear a lot about content creation, curation, and promotion. Interact with these seasoned digital marketers if you plan to become an influencer. And if the goal is to bring exposure and momentum to your tweets, certain influencers will significantly benefit you.

Have we skipped some of your favorite influencers at Snapchat? Please remind us of them in the comments section below.

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