Top 5 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2021

Travel Instagram Accounts

Great vacations have a thing about them – they are like a halt button to life, using which one actually learns to live life in the moment. Be it soaking the sun on the calm stretches of Caribbean beaches, or trekking in the Alps; be it trotting the culturally authentic streets of Abu Dhabi or walking the bold boulevards of the fashion capital Paris; be it experiencing the spiritually rich culture of India, or satiating yourself with delectable cuisines in Italy – traveling to the best corners of the world is an absolutely eclectic experience.

It acquaints us with new people, cultures, languages, rituals, and lifestyles and also, about the history of the places that we are traveling to. Traveling is adventurous and full of healing powers, by putting into the backdrop, the hassles of routine life.  

While traveling all 365 days of the year may not be on the cards for all of us, especially with the ongoing pandemic, one can resort to globe-trotting influencers and travel bloggers on Instagram to do justice to their wanderlust.

Owing to the popularity of Instagram, the past few years have seen a sudden boost in travel accounts on Instagram. On these travel accounts, one is likely to find hidden secret corners in the world’s farthest places, popular traveling destinations and their cultures and food traditions, personal travel stories and experiences or even narrated guides on how to spend a vacation in the best possible way.  

If you are passionate about travel and all things related, the following are some of the best Instagram travel accounts that you should definitely follow to explore the unknown that is there in the world.  

 Here are the Best Travel Instagram Accounts You Should Follow in 2021:

Alex Strohl 

One of the most famous travel bloggers, Alex Strohl’s Instagram channel is among the most followed travel accounts on Instagram, with the current following of over 2 million.

The caption on his profile claims that his traveling captures the ‘Quiet Moments of Adventure’ and indeed, his travel photography captures some of the most hidden, blissful landscapes in the world.  

From calm sceneries to authentic locales and majestic mountain midways, travel photography on this Instagram account is a classic example of perfection.

Plus, if you admire his photography, you may also follow him across the multiple channels that he operates on including @wildistco and @strohl. Besides being a traveler and photographer, Alex Strohl is also a teacher and filmmaker.  

On this Instagram profile, you will see –  

Remotest destinations of the world, photography that perfectly translates the wilderness of natural landscapes into the shots, live journeys on the road, and virtual tours of destinations.  

Carley’s Camera 

This is the Instagram channel of Carley Rudd – a Los Angeles based traveler and photographer. Her Instagram handle is the hub of the world’s most brilliant, drop-dead amazing locations and landscapes, hotels and apparel, and cuisines. With over 106 thousand followers, this is one of the Instagram travel accounts that is sure to awaken a sense of wanderlust within you.  

Carley Rudd travels internationally, from India and Sri Lanka to California and Mozambique. Also, her travel stories have featured in top travel publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, Suitcase Magazine, Tiny Atlas Quarterly, etc.

From her profile, you may also purchase travel stock photos from her collection of stock photography that covers everything from Californian summer to Australian coastlines, deserts, mountains, and many more landscapes and perspectives.  

 On this Instagram profile, you will see –  

Breezy photography styles that induce a sense of escapism, interior design stills, airy and lighted large landscapes, unique perspective stills inside hotels and resorts, apparel and fashion across cultures.  


CultureTrip is the world’s largest travel company that inspires travel enthusiasts to go beyond their cultural boundaries and experience what makes a place, its people and culture, unique and meaningful. This award-winning global travel company has been featured in the Forbes magazines, and their Instagram travel content is one of the finest in the industry.  

CultureTrip is an ideal Instagram travel account to follow for culturally curious travelers, passionate about knowing the world inside out. Here, you will also find travel stories, testimonials, memorable experiences, city spotlights and insider guides to make the best of your vacation.

With CultureTrip, you can also book trips, long vacations, and travel packages even to the remotest locations of the world. Download it as a mobile app for Android and iOS 

On this Instagram profile, you will see –  

World’s most sophisticated travel photography, locations less traveled by, cultures and cuisines, unique traditions and lifestyles of the people over the world, virtual journeys along unexpected trails.  

DoYouTravel by Jack Morris 

If you are looking for some of the most impressive travel feeds, then Jack Morris’ Instagram travel account is where you should immediately head to. With a massive following of over 2.7 million people, DoYouTravel boasts off a colorful travel photo collection, giving insider-peeks into the world’s greatest locations. These include India, Budapest, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Bali, and many more.  

Currently living in Bali, Jack Morris spends the majority of his time photographing and filmmaking and of course, traveling the world with his other half – also a famous travel influencer @gypsea_lust 

Interested users may also purchase presets from the collection of travel photography that he offers or for a more personalized feed, you can follow him on this other vertical @jackmorrisfilm 

 On this Instagram profile, you will see –  

Authentic locales, streets, and markets, insider-peeks at a destination’s people, culture and festivals, interiors of hotels, resorts and villas, personalized feed.  

Murad Osmann and Nataly Osmann 

Get ready to invoke the travel bugs inside you with these greatest Instagram travel influencers, who are co-founders of the FollowMeTo travel project. The couple travels all over the world, capturing some of its best sites, monuments, landscapes, and locales.

Their Instagram channel also features live stories from their travels across India, Jordan, Moscow, Egypt, Paris, Kazakhstan, Bali, and many more travel destinations.  

While Nataly’s Instagram feed mostly consists of personal stories and experiences, you can find jaw-dropping imagery and the best curations in local designer fashion, which they use to style their iconic shots.

Also, the one thing that you will find most on their cutesy feed is the iconic hand-holding pose. It gives the Instagram channel a more authentic and real appeal.  

On this Instagram profile, you will see –  

Local architectures, unique forms of design across the world, the iconic hand-holding pose features, people stills and photography, world’s greatest monuments and buildings, creative graphic designs blended with personal photos.  


Honestly, there is no end to the immensity of Instagram travel accounts. However, the aforementioned travel accounts on Instagram are the most unique and also diverse when it comes to travel influencing.

Here, you will find serene landscapes, authentic street cultures, and also get to know about the people from different parts of the world and the kinds of cultures and traditions they follow.

So, head to these wonderful accounts on Instagram for some very creative and interesting travel feed – and definitely, this will give you the perfect reason for escaping into wanderlust for a long, long time!

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