Viral Content Bee Review: Alternatives to Viral Content Bee(2021)

Viral Content Bee Review and Alternatives

Whenever you launch a new product, upload a new blog post, or create a new website feature, your first instinct as a brand, is to create a buzz about it among your followers, or prospective target audience, before it runs out of steam.

This is where social media becomes significant. It not only allows you to share your content with millions of people around the world but also enables brands to connect in a more personalized way with their followers.

Building an authentic and engaged follower base through social media promotions and marketing can help brands significantly in terms of reach, recognition and engagement, and popularity. Subsequently, it can help businesses to increase sales, generate revenue and expand in scope.  

 About Viral Content Bee 

Social media promotions platforms like Viral Content Bee offer a wide array of tools for marketing your brand across social media platforms. Be it Facebook or Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest or LinkedIn, Viral Content Bee has marketing and editorial solutions for several social networks for you to choose from.  

Unlike other platforms offering automated social media promotions through bots, Viral Content Bee utilizes a crowdsourcing model to facilitate the generation of 100% real “social buzz” on high-quality content. This basically means that at Viral Content Bee, likes, followers, tweets, shares etc.. are delivered through an exchange model. When you like a particular post from an account, you earn a credit with which you can have other social media users hit a like on yours.  

Viral Content Bee allows you to get likes on Facebook and tweets on Twitter, from established and genuine social media accounts that are primarily outside of your social media channels. This keeps the sharing and promotions organic and gives your content realistic representation. Through this, you can get more eyeballs on your content and also, rank higher in the Google search algorithm. This type of organic sharing gives your content its best chance to go trending or viral! 


First things first, social media promotions through Viral Content Bee are free of cost; this can be reason enough for you to try out their free services. Besides, this social media marketing platform has plenty of other features that can help your brand scale the heights of success on social media.

Some of these are listed below: 

  •  Generate High-Quality Traffic

Their free social media promotions are proven to increase your website or social channel’s traffic by 200% and there can be no better testament to why you should immediately check their services out. Their inbuilt network of influencers and content creators are all eager social media users. So, you can be assured about zero spamming!  

  • Grow Social Media Authority

When real, authentic people share your content, it is more likely to multiply organically in reach. At Viral Content Bee, this is exactly what you can expect. Just like you, other social media influencers share your content with their social communities and both of you increase in reach through a collaborative process.  

  • Keep Your Social Media Accounts Active

When it comes to social media, consistency is the key. If you do not post regularly, your brand may soon vanish among the drops in the ocean. To avoid doing so, you can also make use of Viral Content Bee’s editorial platform to post super quality content on your social media channels on a regular basis. This will keep your audience engaged and your brand in the limelight.  

  • How Does Viral Content Bee Work? 

At Viral Content Bee, there are several unique services that make this platform different from other sites offering social media promotions. What makes it even more unique is that they only accept good quality, substantial and rich content – their community consists of real social media users, who moderate all the projects before making them available for social media promotions.  

They simply do not guarantee a huge boost in traffic or lots of shares because virality is impossible to predict. Since all the work here is done by real people, how trending your content becomes depends purely on its quality. Instead, Viral Bee Content simply puts your content in front of social media influencers for them to share and if your content is good, it will pick up more and more re-shares giving you organic benefits.  

What makes this platform highly authentic is that, when you find and share a piece of content that you like, you will earn sharing credits. The more influence your social media accounts have, the more credits you will earn whenever you use them to share. You can then use these credits that you earned to submit your own pieces of great content through Viral Content Buzz and get them shared through the social networks of other Viral Content Bee members who like what you submitted. That’s it – no spamming at all.  

Alternatives of Viral Content Bee:

If you are quite convinced about this platform and interested in social media promotions, then you would probably also be interested in other social media marketing platforms like Viral Content Bee. If so, read on to know more about some alternatives of Viral Content Bee.  

The Social Press Kit 

The Social Press Kit, simplify and streamline social media promotions in one go. With this platform, there is no hassle on either end when it comes to promoting content on social media. Easily package your approved social media posts and campaign content such as Facebook Posts, Tweets, Instagram photos among other assets. Now, with a single custom URL, you can share your package with supporters, partners, and influencers for them to access the most up-to-date and accurate content.  

With just a single click, your brand’s advocates will instantly and consistently distribute your content to their personal networks and activate new supporters, thereby growing your reach. Now all you need to do is sit back and watch your account grow. Plus, you can also get real-time analytics that provides insights into who is sharing your content and how many people are being reached. 



Kicksta is the most reliable alternative to Viral Content Bee for Instagram marketing service providers. When you sign up with Kicksta, instead of buying a plan, you will be asked to provide a list of target Instagram accounts that have the kinds of followers you want to attract to your own profile. (Pro Tip: At this step, you should look up to your competitors, influencers in your niche, and complementary brands to generate a more nuanced list). 

Then, Kicksta’s AI-powered software will “like” one or two photos from all the users that are following the target accounts of your list. Those users will receive a notification that you liked their photo, and will naturally be intrigued to take a look at your profile. Because you are targeting accounts similar to yours, it is highly likely that those users will also like your brand and will perchance begin to follow you. 

While many other social media growth platforms offer additional services, such as following users and commenting on your behalf, scheduling content in advance, and even sending direct messages to people, Kicksta does not do anything more than liking posts on your behalf. 


This platform for social media promotions is extremely easy to use and a fun one at that. With hassle-free services, users here can set up a customizable promo page within minutes. Each Promo Page comes with a shareable link, which can easily be shared by you and your fans as a post or paid advertisement.  

Also, built-in lead capture and tracking features let you track and evaluate the success of your Promo Pages as you watch your traffic, leads generation, and sales growth. It offers plenty of other features such as designing and customizing Promo-Pages for digital courses, hangouts, sweepstakes, podcasts, etc.. and you can also integrate it with your social media channels like Instagram or YouTube for ease of access. 22Social is also available as a mobile app.  


Like Viral Content Bee, this social media Auto Posting and Scheduling Plugin for WordPress blogs allow social media promotions through cross-promoting the content. You can automatically publish posts through all your social media channels and customize it according to the specific qualities of your followers, based on preferences, demographics, and so on.  

Besides, Blog2Social converts your posts into a readable one-page preview that further allows you to optionally customize each post for cross-promotions, sharing, re-sharing or re-posting with individual comments, hashtags, or mentions as per your preferences. Other features offered here include social media post scheduling, post formatting, social media reporting, custom sharing, and scheduling, and many more.  


Triberr is one of the best and most sought after alternatives to Viral Content Bee. This platform lets users amplify their brand’s content and social reach through the power of “tribes” which are basically social media communities who would be interested in your content. If you are a professional blogger, influencer, or content creator, then Triberr is your one-stop destination for social media promotions.  

With Triberr, you can identify key influencers and establish professional, collaborative relationships with them to promote both of your content with their personal followers base. Like Viral Content Bee, here also, the more you engage with the posts and social media of others, the same engagement you will get on your channel.   

Engage Social 

This is one of the best alternatives of Viral Content Bee, that, just like its name suggests is focused on building user engagement. For doing so, they provide solutions for publishing your content through social media influencers, special interest groups etc.. that take and distribute your content across to larger communities on your behalf.  

With this platform, you get access to additional features such as analytics, social media promotions and marketing solutions for bigger organizations. Also, you can get an overview of how your content is engaging on a particular social network, find out which content is performing better, identify and rank top influencers who share your content and even browse shared content and visitor comments as and when they are being shared.  


Through a simple process of exchange and earning credits by liking and sharing others’ posts, Viral Content Bee can be a great platform for authentic and genuine social media promotions. So if you think your content has an edge to it, then you should not think twice before using this platform for marketing, for here are no fake bots behind the screen, but only real people who love social media. 

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