10 Best & Unique Ways to Use Gifs On Instagram Stories (2021)

Ways to Use Gifs On Instagram Stories

For many generations, the phrase “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” has literally been spoon-fed to us by our elders. With the transition of our world into a digital space, the phrase embodied a more definite meaning for social media creators. Instagram has moreover become a platform for virtual storytelling.

Every post, story, or reel requires a necessary aesthetic to stand out. While uploading posts is a rather simple task but when it comes to stories, one has to make them pop and fixate in the brains of the viewers after merely seeing it for 5-15 seconds. Research has revealed that 39% of Instagram users have shown far more fascination in a product or brand after seeing it in Instagram Stories.

Other than being highly admirable, looping video clips, GIFs are a language of their own. Incorporating GIFs to your Instagram Stories not merely adds more character to your content but also retains your audience’s attention while you have some fun with it.

Brands and businesses use them as part of their Instagram marketing strategy as it is a unique feature to build a catchier and captivating online presence. GIFs are a new way for millennials to communicate emotions without having to use any words, which at times is rather tedious.

Everyone communicates through GIFs and often incorporates them in their stories but the question about what makes a few stories more enchanting than the rest still lingers. We would like to share our unique tips and tricks to give your rather mundane and monotonous stories a facelift.

Here is the list of unconventional ways you can use Instagram GIFs on stories:

Engage your inner bob the builder 

In 2018, Instagram collaborated with Giphy and created a labyrinth of stickers for users. Apart from the preloaded GIFs, Instagram also allows you to create your own custom GIFs. Numerous brands have jumped onto this bandwagon as it is a great feature for promotional and recreational purposes, for example, brands like Starbucks UK, Gucci, H&M etc. all have Giphy accounts.

Hence, whether you are an influencer or a major brand on Instagram, It is a creative and innovative way to engage and virtually connect with your audience. In addition, having your own GIFs on Instagram would not only add value and credibility to your page but also draw more audience to your page.

When in doubt, just add glitter 

Want to give life to your rather simplistic story? GIFs allow you to add various animations to your static pictures. This feature allows you to reach out to your inner storyteller.

Think about the magic a few flickering lights, smoke, confetti, fireworks, etc. could create. Imagination and creativity are key here and Instagram provides you with all the tools for that. You can resize the GIFs as your wish to either get a minimalistic form or a version of it stretched across the phone screen

Make yourself heard

Be it on social media or in real life, do not suppress yourself; go out there and make yourself heard. After continuous ignorant tapping through the stories, the user stops only when something grasps their attention beyond comparison. What better way to get people’s attention on social media than with the use of innovative GIFs.

Adding GIFs to highlight and enhance your texts removes the factor of boring your audience. Rather they would make your text more personalized and captivating which would furthermore be beneficial for your brand’s online presence. Search keywords like “highlight”, “text bubble”, “polaroid” or simply  “effects” in the GIF search bar and get creative with your text.

Virtual tour guide 

A rather simple hack for all your marketing troubles is the use of GIFs on stories. You may wonder how GIFs can help in marketing but do not forget that marketing is mostly glamorous pop-ups and virtual presentation of the brand.

Make actions like “swipe up” or “link in bio” more enticing by simply using GIFs instead of a normal text. Add arrows or stickers to make a more concise and attractive point in your story.  Basic human behavior attracts them to catchy animations and pop of color and hence GIFs go a long way in attracting an additional audience to your stories.

Raise those fists 

Whether it’s a virtual campaign or an actual protest, do not hesitate to show your support. GIFs are updated in real-time, hence they are filled with stickers and animations related to all the campaigns happening across the globe.

From something earth cracking like the black lives matter movement to something political like an upcoming election, you can find GIFs related to every ongoing campaign. Now be opinionated and do not hesitate in raising your voice and those fists for every campaign you support in a creative and unique manner.

Add a little pizzazz 

Worried about not having a strong selfie game on Instagram? GIFs are a perfect solution for that. Have fun and get silly with your selfies. Add props like hats, bunny ears, or glasses to your selfie. In addition, you can add effects to make the picture pop.

Other than that, you can glam up your ordinary landscape pictures by adding interactive GIFs that would compliment and highlight your pictures. Although, sometimes the minimalistic use of GIFs enhances the essence of the story more than adding a good load of animated distracting GIFs.

Netflix and chill 

Nobody is beyond posting obsessively about their favorite TV-series and movies on their stories. This is honestly the best conversation starter out there but let’s focus on how to make your story more appealing and interesting.

GIF has a vast range of genres to choose from and one of them is televised media. You can choose GIFs related to your favorite TV shows like Friends, Big Bang Theory, Stranger Things, etc. and make your stories more creative and personalized. From core props used in the show to your favorite characters, everything is available.

Set the mood 

GIFs are a rather simple form of non-verbal communication and help in setting the mood and the tone of your story. Feeling festive or enjoying a long drawn vacay or feeling rather down and hopeless about Mondays? Use GIFs to communicate with ease with your audience. Location-based GIFs can glam up your vacation pictures.

Just search the name of the place in the GIF search bar for example. Paris, Hawaii, India etc. and you’ll see specially curated GIFs that are perfectly symbolic of the place. During festivals, like Christmas, Diwali or Easter, add GIFs related to it on your pictures to have a more festive vibe.

Let’s pin more than our hopes 

Pictures can easily be glammed up on your stories; it’s the videos that give trouble. GIF on a video looks rather odd and out of place and distracts the audience from the actual essence. An unconventional and interesting way to place GIFs in videos is to pin it to specific moments in the video that you wish to emphasize or highlight.

This is a rather strategic but a very user-friendly feature. All one has to do is keep pressing down on the GIF until an option to pin appears on the screen. The ended results of this are rather spectacular if done properly.

Don’t repress yourself 

One is repeatedly told to be the best version of themselves and to thoroughly express themselves. In the real world, it’s simpler but expressing yourself online is a rather tedious task. Whether you are an influencer or a brand, your followers need to be able to relate to you on a personal level.

Use GIFs to express your feelings towards the weather or a particular fashion trend or some life event. Search words like “boho”, “spring”, “angry” or any particular word that defines your innate personality. This would help you create more personalized and rather intuitive stories and will increase your engagement rate because your followers will connect with you better.

We hope our write-up helped you gain new insights! Share your feedback.

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