YTmonster Review: Site For YouTube Marketing

YTmonster Review

Whether you are trying to create a YouTube channel, if you already have an active channel, you realize that the more views and exposure you receive, the better the probability of making money out of it. That’s why a lot of YouTubers are trying their utmost to raise their channel views, subscribers, reviews, etc. to gain more revenue. 

Yet like any YouTuber would inform you it is a very difficult challenge to accomplish that goal. It would also require a lot of work to accomplish this aim and some patience. That is where a YTMonster-like platform steps in, which I will analyze in this post.

The platform is designed to include the YouTube video for free with likes, clicks, and more. To get the free views for your video you just need to do some stuff. Yet is the chance real or is it a scam?

What is YTmonster?

YTmosnter - about YTmonster

YTMonster, released in 2013, promises to send you free downloads, rewards, shares, reviews, and more to your YouTube channels. To receive the credits you can use to get free traffic for your YouTube posts, you’ll only need to do a basic job. It is obvious from my initial work on the business that it is a reputable organization that truly does what it claims it does. Upon performing the basic tasks, you will really gain likes for your images.

So, if you’re using the credits for your video shares, favorites, reviews, and so forth, you’ll finally have them. Yet, there are problems here and the concerns aren’t anything you should ignore. The main problem is that a lot of the company’s views, reviews, thoughts, etc. that you receive are false. 

Pros and cons of YTmonster

Now that we know what YTMonster is, and what they are selling, it’s time to think about the stuff we enjoyed. The first thing we noticed about YTMonster is they offer you the opportunity to allow free use of their services.

This suggests they aren’t just seeking your money as they provide free opportunities to produce the views for your YouTube posts. It’s also nice because YTMonster has a way to earn money with its partner network. But you can always use the app, even though you don’t have a channel on YouTube or you don’t want to create one.

Of course, there is the stuff that we didn’t like about YTMonster, which is mentioned here:

The first aspect we didn’t like about YTMonster is that some of the traffic they deliver to your video on YouTube is false. Perhaps not all of them are fakes, but it seems as though the business is having a rough time producing the expected amount of hits users are making use of.

One aspect we don’t appreciate about YTMonster is that it’s a little difficult to translate their credit expenditure to YouTube video hits. When the proportion was only 1 is to 1 it will actually be better, instead of the specific amount.

What is the cost of YTmonster?

YTmonster services

So there are two forms in which the organization can supply you with these items, one is to pay for them and the other is to receive points which you will redeem for the service they provide. The company has various payment choices on the programs it provides. When you like videos, it’ll cost $3 per 1,000 images, while reshares pay $6 per 1,000 views.

Likes, friends, and preferences can cost you $14 per 1,000, and the most lucrative is Dislikes, charging you $20 per 1,000. Even if you don’t want to pay money on their product, you can receive credits and use them to allow the use of the service offered by the organization. You just need to access, reply, or subscribe to the videos of other YTM members to receive credits.

Only use the application, and let it run automatically. With any video played and viewed you’ll receive credits. The application is essentially the site’s program where you can automatically view, share, or comment on YouTube images. So you have to receive credits to do that content. Additionally, YTMonster has regular rewards and a rating feature enabling you to gain more credits you can use. Now it’s quick and fast to reclaim your points of view.

Only launch a campaign, take out the URL of the YouTube video you’ll be using with the campaign, then select the sort of service you’ll be redeeming. The credits you’ll need can differ based on the service you’ll get. YTMonster may have a form of software with it. The conversion rate they have is 40 percent for a free card. This is the correlation between receiving and spending credits that they have.

By what I understand it implies that if you redeem it for songs, 1 gained credit is worth 0.4. Now, as already mentioned, being a member is easy. Yet the platform has always charged subscription, $14 a month for the Standard, and $20 a month for the Pro. The rewards of updating the account include prioritizing promotions and increasing exchange levels of 60% and 80% respectively.


Upon hearing all about YTMonster and the kind of opportunities they provide, it really sounds like it’s a strong website to suggest, particularly if you’re a YouTube channel owner. However, the organization also has opportunities to make some income, because anyone can use this platform and not just those who have YouTube channels or anyone who want to create one.

Unfortunately, utilizing fake traffic is something that can not be ignored, particularly because it may have big implications for your channel on YouTube. Also, their offerings have been a huge support to other YouTubers seeking to maximize the views on their posts. Yet as Google and YouTube start to update their infrastructure to become better, they are now becoming a challenge to their services.

Google doesn’t want people attempting to cheat their way into a top rating, and they’re prosecuting them appropriately. So we don’t believe that attempting to check the shortcomings of Google’s software is necessarily a smart idea. When you get captured, the penalty Google imposes on your video will affect your site. The easiest way to seek through the rankings is also to continue and produce views for the YouTube post.

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